Batch Sky Replacements Photoshop Quick Course

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Batch Sky Replacements Photoshop Quick Course
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Batch Sky Replacements Photoshop Quick Course

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to automate Sky Replacements like a pro!
Learn to create custom brushes in Photoshop
Learn to create Droplets and integrate them into your Export Workflow
Learn how to do a Sky Replacement Without Sky Replacement Tool

Batch Sky Replacements Photoshop Quick Course


Some Photoshop and Lightroom experience is required.


Sky Replacement is a common tool now in Photoshop but it still has its limits and short comings. In this lesson, I will go through how you can create your own Sky Replacement actions and to overcome some of the limitations like having the same sky in every image, having a limited number of sky images to choose from or not being able to simply batch a set of exteriors with one click. I will go through with you on how to create Cloud Brushes from your own images! That’s right – go out and take a picture of a cloud and I will show you how to make that into a brush and then how to use that to create your own sky and automating the entire process so your skies can be added to every photo with just one simple click. Not only that I will show you how you can make your skies look unique and random so that your exteriors don’t all have the same background sky. Lastly you will also get access to my very own Batch Sky Replacement action pack with 8 different cloud brushes, 12 sky relacement presets and 12 Batch Sky Replace Lightroom Exports.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The Batch Sky Replacement Package

Lecture 2 Install the Batch Sky Replacement Package

Section 3: Learn How the Batch Sky Replacement Was Made

Lecture 3 How to Create a Cloud Brush

Lecture 4 Create the Blue Sky Background

Lecture 5 How to Randomize Brush and Intro to Pen tool

Lecture 6 Making it an action

Lecture 7 Creating Droplets and Bringing it back to Lightroom

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Created by: Rob Moroto

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