Batteries Batteries Batteries

Fun and useful facts about batteries!
Batteries Batteries Batteries
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Batteries Batteries Batteries

What you’ll learn

Know the history of batteries.
Know some fun facts about energy storage.
Learn details about lithium ion batteries.
Learn the basics of how batteries work.

Batteries Batteries Batteries


No prior knowledge needed, just curiosity for how batteries work.
Take a look at some batteries that are around your house. Do you know how they work?


Have you ever wondered why batteries explode? How why we don’t have more electric vehicles? Or just wanted to know how batteries produce electricity? This class will teach you fun and useful facts about batteries that you can use to impress friends and family. If you want to know more, it will also give you a simple but comprehensive overview of how batteries work.
At the end of this class you will be able to:
Understand the basic principles of how batteries work.Be able to understand important concepts in batteries such as current, voltage, and energy density.Describe different types of batteries and their applications.Understand what lithium batteries are and how they differ between them.Know some fun facts and resources to expand your knowledge on batteries.
The class is composed mostly of lectures and videos where I explain interesting facts about battery technologies. The course is designed so that with each section you go deeper and deeper into knowledge. If you are new to the battery world you will start from the very basics. If you have some advanced knowledge of chemistry you can skip some of the initial lectures and go into more advanced sections.
Join the class and improve your knowledge on the technology that powers our world. No previous knowledge required!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Fun Fact #1: Do discharged batteries bounce?

Section 2: Background

Lecture 3 Why do we care about batteries?

Lecture 4 Very brief history of batteries

Lecture 5 Fun Fact #2: Why don’t we have more electric cars?

Section 3: The Basics

Lecture 6 Electrons and ions

Lecture 7 What is electrical current?

Lecture 8 What is voltage?

Lecture 9 Energy density and power density

Lecture 10 Fun fact #3: how to extend the lifetime of your batteries

Section 4: Batteries in General

Lecture 11 How do batteries work?

Lecture 12 Types of batteries

Lecture 13 Applications of batteries

Lecture 14 Fun fact #4: Why is lithium used in batteries?

Section 5: Lithium Ion Batteries

Lecture 15 Cathode materials

Lecture 16 Anode materials

Lecture 17 Electrolytes

Lecture 18 Separators

Lecture 19 Fun fact #5: Why batteries explode

Section 6: Wrapping up

Lecture 20 The future of batteries

Lecture 21 Goodbye and thank you!

Lecture 22 Recommended additional resources

Students that are curious about how their phones and devices are being powered.,Engineers that want facts about batteries.,People with a general background in chemistry or engineering.

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Created by: Fernando Gómez-Baquero

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