Be a Professional Oracle Card Reader

Oracle Card Reading Course – BE-MAGIC.
Be a Professional Oracle Card Reader
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Be a Professional Oracle Card Reader

What you’ll learn

Will learn about Oracle cards, how to use them and guide others.
Clearing, Shuffling and Connecting to the Cards
Different Card Spreads
How to do differnt type of readings

Be a Professional Oracle Card Reader


Interest and Trust


Be a Professional Oracle Card Reader.In this course you will learn about Oracle cards, how to use them and guide others.Learn about Oracle card reading in detail and how to use them and get benefits for self and others.Learn about what are Oracle Cards.How Oracle Cards are different from Tarot Cards.Learn about clearing the Card DecksLearn about card ShufflesLearn about connecting to the CardsLearn Different Card SpreadsArchangel PrayersCrystals and Oracle Card ReadingsImproving the SensesA Easy and practical way to bring in cards as your intuitive tool to help and guide you through your journey.Connect with your cards and the universe. Get your desired goal in life accomplished. Help yourself and others.Try experiencing what you learn in the course,Learning and Knowing this course is like a bliss to other healing modalities.The course has been designed in a easy and simpler way to understand and use them in your day to day life. Once you have learnt this, you can combine with any other modality to get faster results. More is your creativity, to what extend you take it in use. It can be used in any areas of your life.Let the DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW.BE-MAGIC.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What are Oracle Cards

Lecture 2 What are Oracle Cards and how are they different from Tarot cards

Section 3: How to use Oracle card Decks

Lecture 3 How to use Oracle card Decks

Section 4: Deck Clearing

Lecture 4 Deck Clearing

Section 5: Connect with your deck

Lecture 5 Connect with your deck

Section 6: Archangel Prayer

Lecture 6 Archangel Prayer

Section 7: Shuffle the cards

Lecture 7 Shuffle the cards

Section 8: Choose the Card

Lecture 8 Choose the Card

Section 9: Card Spreads

Lecture 9 Card Spreads

Section 10: One card reading

Lecture 10 One card reading

Section 11: Three card spread

Lecture 11 Three card spread

Section 12: Five card spread

Lecture 12 Five card spread

Section 13: Celtic cross card spread

Lecture 13 Celtic cross card spread

Section 14: Twelve card spread

Lecture 14 Twelve card spread

Section 15: Multiple card decks

Lecture 15 Multiple card decks

Section 16: Card Readings

Lecture 16 Card Readings

Lecture 17 Example Card

Section 17: The senses

Lecture 18 The senses

Section 18: Crystals and Card Readings

Lecture 19 Crystals and Card Readings

Section 19: Common Questions come for reading

Lecture 20 Best way to start giving readings

Lecture 21 Important points during readings

Section 20: Life purpose Readings

Lecture 22 Life purpose Readings

Section 21: Relationship Readings

Lecture 23 Relationship Readings

Lecture 24 Relationship Spread

Section 22: Health readings

Lecture 25 Health readings

Lecture 26 Health Card Spread

Section 23: Career Readings

Lecture 27 Career Readings

Section 24: Plan B Spread

Lecture 28 Plan B Spread

Section 25: Remote Readings

Lecture 29 Remote Readings

Section 26: Working with right question

Lecture 30 Working with right question

Lecture 31 Some example questions

Section 27: Indigo Children

Lecture 32 Indigo Children

Any one who is interested in exploring more to life.,Anyone who wants to learn Card readings as a Profession,Healers and Therapists,Any one who believes in the science of energy,Anyone who feels has some intutiveness and gets 6th sense

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Udemy | English | 1h 14m | 1.63 GB
Created by: Jyoti B

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