Beautiful React Threejs Fiber Configurator Design Code

Learn to create a 3D configurator using Three.js, React Three Fiber, Valtio and Framer Motion.
Beautiful React Threejs Fiber Configurator Design Code
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Beautiful React Threejs Fiber Configurator Design Code

What you’ll learn

How to create a design concept for a configurator
Optimize the model in Blender to use in the experiment
Implement the configurator using React, React Three Fiber and Valtio
Create super easy UI animations with Framer Motion

Beautiful React Threejs Fiber Configurator Design Code


Prior knowledge of React is required and also in using online code tools like Code Sandbox. This is not a basic React Three Fiber course, so it is important that you are already familiar with the library before enrolling. Knowledge of building tools is also recommended.


This course will explore creating a beautiful configurator using Three.js and React Three Fiber. We will see how I make my designs for applications, I will understand how to optimize the model in Blender and export it to use in the experiment. Next, let’s dive into react three fiber and implement the entire project, from a simple scene to load the model, creating the color variations, covering state management concepts, and using Framer Motion to animate the interface.This is a dynamic course and very focused on the final product. You can find the link to the final project in the introductory class or on my Twitter profile.Each class has a link to resources that contain the source code for the specific lesson. That way, you can use the video as a guide through each lesson and see the codes provided to build your project. Or you can follow the instructions in the video and code along with me as you go. You choose the best way and format that you like to learn the most.This course is suitable for people familiar with the React Environment, who already know a bit about React Three Fiber, and who have prior knowledge of using online code tools like CodeSandBox.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What we will be creating?

Lecture 2 How does this course works?

Section 2: Design

Lecture 3 How to plan your designs for three.js / R3F experiences

Section 3: 3D Optimization

Lecture 4 Optimizing the model

Lecture 5 Baking the lightmaps on Blender

Lecture 6 Exporting the model to use in React Three Fiber Configurator

Section 4: React Three Fiber Development

Lecture 7 Environment setup using CodeSandBox

Lecture 8 Creating the basic React Three Fiber Scene

Lecture 9 Load the blender Model

Lecture 10 Make the model follows the mouse position

Lecture 11 Create the Intro overlay

Lecture 12 Create the Customizer overlay

Lecture 13 Implementing Valtio for state management

Lecture 14 Implementing the colors configurator

Lecture 15 Implementing the decals selector

Lecture 16 Download button and Mobile adjustments

Lecture 17 Animate the interface with framer motion

Lecture 18 Conclusion

For those who already know Threejs or React Three Fiber and want to learn how to create and manipulate the interface of their applications using React Three Fiber together with Valtio and Framer Motion

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 36m | 2.74 GB
Created by: Anderson Mancini

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