Become a 10x Product Marketing Manager with AI ChatGPT

Revolutionize Your Product Marketing Strategies with AI & ChatGPT – Master the Future of Go-to-Market Excellence
Become a 10x Product Marketing Manager with AI ChatGPT
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Become a 10x Product Marketing Manager with AI ChatGPT

What you’ll learn

Master the use of ChatGPT for in-depth market research, enabling precise identification and analysis of customer segments and their specific needs.
Skillfully employ AI tools for developing robust product strategies, enhancing both planning and execution phases for market success.
Learn to effectively prioritize product features using AI, ensuring they align with current market trends and customer demands for better engagement.
Create powerful product visions and value propositions, utilizing AI-driven insights to tailor marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience
Design and implement innovative Go-to-Market strategies using AI, optimizing product launch and market penetration for maximum impact and reach.
Gain expertise in optimizing digital content for SEO with advanced AI tools, significantly enhancing online presence and search engine rankings.
Efficiently manage product development cycles using AI for sprint planning and execution, ensuring timely releases and agile response to market changes.
Harness AI to craft personalized customer experiences, including automated, customized emails & AI-generated FAQs, to enhance customer engagement & satisfaction

Become a 10x Product Marketing Manager with AI ChatGPT


No prior experience needed


Embark on an exceptional journey to redefine product marketing with “Become a 10x Product Marketing Manager with AI & ChatGPT.” This course is meticulously tailored for those passionate about integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into their product marketing strategies. Dive deep into the dynamic world of AI, focusing on the practical applications of tools like ChatGPT in transforming your approach to product marketing.Throughout this comprehensive course, you will explore various facets of product marketing in the AI era. Starting with the basics of ChatGPT and other AI tools, you will gain hands-on experience in employing these tools for innovative marketing strategies. The curriculum then delves into the core of AI & Product Strategy, covering crucial topics like Feature Parity, Custom Research, Product Vision, User Personas, and Monetisation strategies.The course also offers an in-depth look at AI & Product Growth, highlighting essential aspects like Growth Analysis, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Go-to-Market Strategy, and SEO Optimised Content Creation. You’ll learn how to harness AI for effective keyword analysis and research, creating long-form content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement. In the AI & Product Execution section, the course covers a range of topics from PRD, release notes, and sprint planning to test case automation using AI tools. You will understand the significance of requirement analysis, SQL, and Python in an AI-enhanced product marketing framework.Furthermore, the AI & Product Experience module focuses on utilizing AI to enhance customer experience. It includes practical lessons on custom research, creating customised emails, AI-generated FAQs, and conducting post-sale customer studies.This course is an ideal blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. Whether you are stepping into the realm of product marketing or aiming to amplify your existing skills, this course equips you with the knowledge to excel. Enroll now and transform into a visionary Product Marketing Manager who effectively leverages AI and ChatGPT for strategic marketing success.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 Discord Community

Lecture 4 Join the newsletter

Section 2: Basics of AI Tools we will use

Lecture 5 (Update) New ChatGPT UI

Lecture 6 ChatGPT Introduction

Lecture 7 GPT-4 vs GPT-3.5

Lecture 8 Download Prompt Document

Section 3: AI & Product Strategy

Lecture 9 Intro to Product Strategy

Lecture 10 Feature Parity

Lecture 11 Customer Study

Lecture 12 Feature Prioritisation

Lecture 13 Product Vision

Lecture 14 User Personas

Lecture 15 Value Proposition

Lecture 16 Monetisation

Section 4: AI & Product Growth

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 Growth Analysis (SEO Analysis)

Lecture 19 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Lecture 20 GTM (Go to Market Strategy)

Lecture 21 Note on Next lectures

Lecture 22 Keyword Analysis

Lecture 23 Keyword Research

Lecture 24 Related Keywords

Lecture 25 SEO Optimised Titles for Blog

Lecture 26 SEO Optimised Content Creation

Lecture 27 Long form Content Creation

Lecture 28 Long form content generation prompt

Lecture 29 Long form content creation using ChatGPT Web

Lecture 30 Submitting on search

Lecture 31 Meta Descriptions

Lecture 32 ALT Text

Lecture 33 Backlinking

Section 5: AI & Product Execution

Lecture 34 Quick Note

Lecture 35 Introduction to AI for Product Execution

Lecture 36 PRD (Product Requirement Documentation)

Lecture 37 Release Notes

Lecture 38 Sprint Planning

Lecture 39 Test Case Generation

Lecture 40 Requirement Analysis

Lecture 41 SQL Queries

Lecture 42 Python Scripts

Section 6: AI & Product Experience

Lecture 43 Introduction

Lecture 44 Customer Research Questions

Lecture 45 Customised Emails

Lecture 46 FAQs

Lecture 47 Post sale Customer Study

Mid-Level Product Managers and Marketers: Individuals already in product management or marketing roles seeking to leverage AI to innovate and improve their strategies.,Aspiring Product Marketing Managers: Those aiming to break into the field of product marketing with a focus on using AI tools effectively.,Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Founders: Business owners looking to integrate AI into their marketing and product development processes for enhanced efficiency and market impact.,Digital Marketing Professionals: Marketers aiming to expand their skill set into AI-powered product marketing and strategy development.,Content Creators in Marketing: Individuals focused on content creation within the marketing domain, looking to enhance their skills using generative AI for more impactful content.,Data Analysts in Marketing Departments: Analysts who want to understand the application of AI in marketing strategies and product development.,Business Development Executives: Professionals responsible for strategic decisions and looking to incorporate AI insights into their product marketing strategies.

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Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 1.11 GB
Created by: Yash Thakker

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