Become a Facebook Ads Pro 2022 Top 1 Facebook Advertising

Groundbreaking Facebook Ads for Generating Leads & Customers | Learn from a Fortune 100 Facebook Ads Pro & #1 MBA
Become a Facebook Ads Pro 2022 Top 1 Facebook Advertising
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Dekker Fraser, MBA


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Become a Facebook Ads Pro 2022 Top 1 Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Ads
Facebook Advertising
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B2C Advertising & B2B Marketing
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Social Media Advertising
B2C Facebook Ads
B2B Facebook Ads

Become a Facebook Ads Pro 2022 Top 1 Facebook Advertising




Welcome to the ultimate course on Facebook ads! Become a top 1% Facebook ads pro in just a few hours. Your instructor mastered Facebook ads for over a decade & served as a VP of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup & as a Global Marketing Manager for Sony PlayStation. Learn how to generate leads, acquire customers, and produce massive growth with stellar profits. He helped countless companies–large & small–with Facebook ads and social media advertising. He also taught college-level digital marketing & received his MBA from the #1 marketing school–the Kellogg School of Management. This is where the father of marketing himself, Philip Kotler, teaches.Some of the key things you’re going to learn in this groundbreaking Facebook ads course:What separates the top 1% of Facebook ads marketers from the bottom 99%?Advanced Facebook targeting using LeadEnforce (to target followers of certain pages, influencers, competitors, etc & use LinkedIn targeting criteria within Facebook ads!)A deep understanding of how awareness ads work at scale. Most Facebook ads “gurus” ignore this objective completely because they don’t understand how large-scale Facebook ads work and how to spend budgets wisely.How to run & optimize complex B2B & B2C Facebook ads funnels for both short-term profit and long-term growth–simultaneously!How to generate leads and convert those leads into paying customers – using highly targeted Facebook adsHow to run a massive campaign like a Fortune 500 advertiser (without a big budget!)How to run a proper B2B & consumer awareness campaign that reaches customers based on how informed they areHow to measure success using key B2B & B2C benchmarks and Facebook advertising KPIsHow to combine Facebook ads with other channels like LinkedIn, Google & YouTubeHow to set up retargeting and sophisticated Facebook marketing funnelsHow to build custom, highly targeted lists for Facebook adsHow to create and promote content for each stage of the Facebook ads marketing funnelLead generation best practicesHow to build Facebook ads that will make people buy your product now and long into the futureSECTION 1: B2B Facebook Ads (Business-to-Business Ads)SECTION 2: B2C Facebook Ads (Business-to-Consumer Ads)This course is for anyone involved in digital marketing & Facebook ads, including advertising consultants, marketing managers, brand managers, social media managers, and entrepreneurs. Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction to Facebook Ads

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Broad B2C Facebook Consumer Advertising

Lecture 2 Introduction to Facebook Ads for Consumer Marketing

Lecture 3 How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Awareness Campaign to Maximize Reach

Lecture 4 What Is Broad Facebook Advertising

Lecture 5 Reach as a Facebook Ads Goal

Lecture 6 Awareness Objective: People Need to Hear about You to Buy You!

Lecture 7 Memory as an Advertising Objective

Lecture 8 Advertising Old Brands & New Brands

Lecture 9 How Advertising Really Works

Lecture 10 Dangers of Relying on Facebook Click Data [Example]

Lecture 11 Profit Growth

Lecture 12 Low Frequency for Facebook Ads

Lecture 13 Optimization & Distinctiveness

Lecture 14 Facebook Ads Targeting Is Not Accurate

Lecture 15 Fixing Inaccuracies with Facebook Ads

Lecture 16 Asymmetric Advantages

Lecture 17 Auditing Reach Awareness Campaigns within the Facebook Ads Interface

Lecture 18 Fixing Problematic Targeting

Lecture 19 Facebook Reach Maximization Challenge

Lecture 20 Avoid Junk Inventory Placements

Lecture 21 Attention Metrics

Lecture 22 Can You Trust Facebook’s Data?

Lecture 23 Broad Marketing Overview

Section 3: B2B Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads)

Lecture 24 Objectives 1 – Facebook Ads

Lecture 25 Objectives 2 – Facebook Ads

Lecture 26 Objectives 3 – Facebook Ads

Lecture 27 Lead Gen Targeting 1 – Facebook Ads

Lecture 28 Advanced Facebook Targeting with LeadEnforce – Facebook Ads

Lecture 29 Lead Gen Forms with Facebook Ads

Lecture 30 Streamlined Lead Gen Form Example

Lecture 31 Downloading Leads from Facebook Ads

Lecture 32 Facebook Lead Issue

Lecture 33 Automatic Lead Nurturing – Facebook Ads

Lecture 34 Typical Nurture Sequence

Lecture 35 Message Conversation Ads on Facebook

Lecture 36 OPTIONAL: 30% increase in revenue by marketing to customers with WhatsApp

Lecture 37 Look Alike Targeting for Facebook Ads

Lecture 38 “Best practices for building B2B Lookalike audiences”

Lecture 39 Native Targeting & Instagram

Lecture 40 Facebook Native Targeting B2B

Lecture 41 B2B Facebook Native Targeting Examples

Lecture 42 Native Facebook Ads Targeting Issues

Lecture 43 Two Lead Gen Facebook Ads

Lecture 44 3 Things to Test in Direct Response

Lecture 45 Testing & Copy

Lecture 46 Offers Based on Levels of Awareness

Lecture 47 Hard Offer Ads – Facebook Ads

Lecture 48 Medium Offers

Lecture 49 Group Demos

Lecture 50 Form Incompletes

Lecture 51 Measuring the Success of Facebook Ads

Lecture 52 Retargeting Facebook Ads

Lecture 53 Retargeting 2

Lecture 54 Facebook Ads Pixel

Lecture 55 Funnel Content

Lecture 56 Out of Market Buyers

Lecture 57 Clickup Example

Lecture 58 Video Campaigns for Facebook Ads

Lecture 59 Brand Marketing Shift in KPIs

Lecture 60 Facebook Benchmarks

Lecture 61 More Benchmarks for Facebook Ads

Lecture 62 A Million Impressions Campaign Example

Lecture 63 Facebook Awareness

Lecture 64 Successful Ads Examples

Lecture 65 B2B Brand Creative

Lecture 66 B2B Mascots & Emotions

Lecture 67 Make Your B2B Brand FAMOUS

Lecture 68 Spying on a Competitor’s Ads

Lecture 69 Other Lessons from the B2B Institute

Lecture 70 Sales Conversations

Lecture 71 How to Win the Ad Auction

Lecture 72 Choosing How to Get Charged

Lecture 73 Custom Rules, Notifications, and Integrations

Lecture 74 Real World Case Study

Lecture 75 Analyzing with “Ads Reporting”

Lecture 76 Case Study: “How used custom creative to win over realtors”

Lecture 77 Limitations of Native Facebook Targeting

Lecture 78 A/B Testing

Lecture 79 Frequency Capping

Section 4: Narrow B2C Facebook Consumer Advertising

Lecture 80 Narrow Facebook Ads Introduction

Lecture 81 Retargeting 1

Lecture 82 Setting Up a Lead Generation Campaign with Standard Targeting

Lecture 83 Setting Up Lookalike Lead Generation Campaigns

Lecture 84 Retargeting 2

Lecture 85 Setting Up a Retargeting Campaign with Facebook Ads

Lecture 86 Other In-Market Targeting

Lecture 87 Dan Lok Example

Lecture 88 Narrow Ad Formula

Lecture 89 Facebook Audience Management 1 – Customer List

Lecture 90 Facebook Audience Management 2 – Lookalikes

Lecture 91 Audience Management 3 – LeadEnforce

Lecture 92 Instant Experiences Advantages with Facebook Ads

Lecture 93 Instant Experience Example

Lecture 94 Creating Instant Experiences

Lecture 95 Creating Instant Experiences – Templates

Lecture 96 Facebook Dynamic Creative

Lecture 97 Narrow Advertising Overview

Lecture 98 Appendix / Bonus Section

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Udemy | English | 7h 8m | 3.60 GB
Created by: Dekker Fraser, MBA

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