Become a Leader Development Course Leadership Development

2023 Leadership Development from an MBA with Fortune 100 Experience & Ivy League Leadership Training | Become a Leader!
Become a Leader Development Course Leadership Development
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Dekker Fraser, MBA


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Become a Leader Development Course Leadership Development

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Leadership Development
Leadership Skills
Management Training
Team Leadership & Management
Soft Skills & Influence Skills
Communoication Skills

Become a Leader Development Course Leadership Development




Much leadership development is flat-out wrong. Feel-good principles such as “authenticity” make for good motivational talks, but aren’t grounded in reality. This leadership development course, however, relies on data, and my leadership training at elite schools such Columbia Business School and the Kellogg School of Management. I was a Vice President for a Google-accelerator startup, a Division Director in Toastmasters, and a Global Manager for PlayStation. I also held numerous leadership positions for startups of varying sizes.This leadership course pulls from my direct experience and solid academic and expert sources such as a leading leadership researcher at Stanford Business School.Key leadership topics:Executive Presence with GravitasTeam Management for Maximum EffectivenessTeam Leadership SkillsSoft Skills & People SkillsCommunication Skills for PersuasionChange Management ProcessData-Driven Leader Development Business Communication TechniquesEffective Communication Management Training People ManagementManagement SkillsNew Manager TrainingManager DevelopmentBusiness ManagementMBA Leadership TrainingInfluence & PersuasionBusiness PsychologyNegotiation Techniques to Get What You WantTime ManagementPersonal BrandingPower & Politics in OrganizationsGetting Promoted & Earning More MoneyBecome a highly effective and successful leader using proven leadership principles! Learn how to rise the corporate ladder, build effective teams, get promoted, gain power, and lead organizations in 2022. Buy this leadership development & management training course today. “One of the best leadership development courses”Strategies, tactics, and execution for managers, leaders, and those aspiring for leadership positions in organizations large and small. Dekker Fraser, Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University &Leadership Essentials at Columbia Business School in New York City


Section 1: Team Leadership & Executive Presence

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Team Management

Lecture 3 Executive Presence for Leaders – Part 1

Lecture 4 Executive Presence for Leaders – Part 2

Lecture 5 OPTIONAL Executive Presence Video

Lecture 6 Lead Leadership

Section 2: Leadership Development Tips

Lecture 7 Leadership Tips

Section 3: Toastmasters Leadership Development

Lecture 8 Toastmasters Leadership Advice

Section 4: Leadership Priniciples & Myths

Lecture 9 Leadership Principles & Myths 1

Lecture 10 Leadership Principles & Myths 2

Lecture 11 Leadership Principles & Myths 3

Lecture 12 Leadership Principles & Myths 4

Lecture 13 Leadership Principles & Myths 5

Section 5: Collaboration

Lecture 14 Collaboration Leadership

Section 6: Getting people to do what you want

Lecture 15 How people evaluate you

Lecture 16 Commitments

Lecture 17 How to persuade others

Lecture 18 Principles of Persuasion – Video [link]

Lecture 19 Candor

Lecture 20 Negotiating deals

Lecture 21 Note on commitment

Section 7: Power – gaining it and understanding its role in leadership

Lecture 22 Gaining power

Lecture 23 Powerful people

Lecture 24 Video on Power from a Stanford professor

Lecture 25 When should leaders own a decision and when should they delegate?

Section 8: Personalities

Lecture 26 Task-oriented vs people-oriented

Lecture 27 12-minute personality test

Lecture 28 Belbin team roles

Section 9: Body language

Lecture 29 Eye contact in the workplace

Lecture 30 Body language

Section 10: Email and phone communications

Lecture 31 Writing emails within a company – part 1

Lecture 32 Writing emails within a company – part 2

Lecture 33 Phone calls

Section 11: Communicating in person

Lecture 34 5 interpersonal skills and 3 communication barriers

Lecture 35 Don’t send mixed signals

Lecture 36 Addressing problems assertively

Lecture 37 Praise publicly and chastise privately

Lecture 38 Giving critical feedback

Lecture 39 Encourage all personalities to talk

Lecture 40 Engaging with new people

Section 12: Stress management

Lecture 41 How do you respond in stressful situations

Lecture 42 Dealing with stressful conversations

Section 13: Good habits for leadership

Lecture 43 Communicate frequently

Lecture 44 Be generous

Lecture 45 Listen

Lecture 46 Be silent

Lecture 47 Ask open-ended questions

Lecture 48 Tips

Section 14: Personal Branding

Lecture 49 Rule #1 of Personal Branding

Lecture 50 Assignment

Lecture 51 What LinkedIn Teaches Us about Branding

Lecture 52 More on Personal Branding

Lecture 53 Assignment

Lecture 54 Personal Branding 3

Lecture 55 Fashion Matters

Lecture 56 Iconic Fashion for Building a Personal Brand

Lecture 57 Assignment

Lecture 58 When Branding Matters More

Lecture 59 Life Coach Case Study + Psychology & Influence

Lecture 60 Your Comphrensive Personal Branding Plan

Lecture 61 Personal Branding CASE STUDY

Lecture 62 Strong Point of View

Lecture 63 Influencer Outreach

Lecture 64 Assignment


Lecture 66 Being the Best Does Not Matter

Lecture 67 The FASTEST Way to Raise Your Brand Awareness

Lecture 68 Assignment

Lecture 69 How to Be More Likeable

Lecture 70 Shark Tank

Lecture 71 Assignment

Lecture 72 11 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand [Harvard Business Review]

Lecture 73 Professional Service Personal Branding

Lecture 74 Assignment

Lecture 75 Dan Lok

Lecture 76 Appendix

Section 15: Interview Skills

Lecture 77 4 Product Marketing Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lecture 78 Quick Product Marketing Interview Prep

Lecture 79 Print out description

Lecture 80 Bring a pen and paper

Lecture 81 Pause before you speak

Lecture 82 Interview in the morning

Lecture 83 1-on-1 Interviews

Lecture 84 Accept food or drink

Lecture 85 Be likeable

Lecture 86 Be very careful when asked your opinion

Lecture 87 Bring a calculator

Lecture 88 Don’t be too energetic

Lecture 89 Don’t try to impress them

Lecture 90 Don’t be cocky

Lecture 91 Don’t bother bringing your resume

Lecture 92 Don’t frown

Lecture 93 Sit still and upright

Lecture 94 Don’t lie

Lecture 95 Don’t interrupt

Lecture 96 Don’t speak slowly

Lecture 97 Energy levels

Lecture 98 Expect changes

Lecture 99 Eye contact differences between the sexes

Lecture 100 Follow the interviewer’s lead

Lecture 101 Glassdoor

Lecture 102 Hand gestures

Lecture 103 Interview process

Lecture 104 The Interviewer is on your side

Lecture 105 Laughing

Lecture 106 Remember names

Lecture 107 Practice

Lecture 108 Wear a dress shirt

Lecture 109 Speak little

Lecture 110 Speak hypothetically

Lecture 111 The interviewer matters more

Lecture 112 Some interviews are pointless

Lecture 113 Tie your answers back to the company

Lecture 114 Toastmasters

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Created by: Dekker Fraser, MBA

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