Become A Logo Designer

Logos are all around us. Learn the core skills needed to build a career or business around logo design.
Become A Logo Designer
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Rob Cubbon


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Become A Logo Designer

What you’ll learn

learn how to design a logo
discover the best ways to find good clients
understand the importance of client communication
use my special logo design questionnaire for client communication
download sample proposals and contracts
calculate what to charge the client and find out how to make sure you get paid the right amount
appreciate the fine art of logo design
use your abilities as a logo designer as a passport to providing all sorts of other services and work for clients

Become A Logo Designer


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Adobe Illustrator


Every business, every brand, and every product in the world need a logo. A logo designer has a huge and lucrative clientele.But there’s more! Providing logo design services is a great gateway to forging a successful win-win relationship with a client so that you’re best placed to then offer other design services and do more exciting and creative work. Logo design is the passport to enter a promised land of business opportunity!In this course, you will learn:the theory and art behind creating logoshow to find logo design clientshow to communicate with a client before and after the design process, how to design logos how create logos electronically using mostly Adobe Illustratorthe business of logo designhow and what to charge the client how to ensure a win-win relationship that results in repeat business for you.This course is suitable for beginners in the world of design as well as folks who’ve been working for an agency for a few years and want to branch out there or go it alone!My name’s Rob Cubbon and I’ve been running a web and graphic design business for nearly 10 years. Over that time I’ve designed many logos and identities for many different clients and, time and time again, I’ve found that a successful logo design project is the catalyst for a great business relationship – a business relationship that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business – and great, fun and creative work. Becoming a logo designer is a fantastic and creative way to make a living – it’s also very lucrative.


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Section 2: The Art of Logo Design

Lecture 2 How To Learn Logo Design

Lecture 3 The Four Most Important Logo Design “Rules”

Lecture 4 Logo Design Ideas From Different Logo Types

Lecture 5 Advanced Logo Design Ideas – How To Think Outside The Box

Lecture 6 Conclusion to the Art of Logo Design

Section 3: Communicating With The Client

Lecture 7 Introduction to Client Communication

Lecture 8 Stages of Communication – Get This Right & Everything Else Will Follow

Lecture 9 Understanding the Creative Brief – Getting Inside the Client’s Mind

Lecture 10 Make More Money by Understanding the Extent of the Business Side of the Project

Lecture 11 The Proposal – Making Sure You Understand the Brief

Lecture 12 The Contract – This Solves 99.9% of Client Problems

Lecture 13 Conclusion to Client Communication

Section 4: Designing the Logo

Lecture 14 Introduction to the Design Process

Lecture 15 The Logo Design Process – From Idea To Artwork

Lecture 16 How To Get Great Design Ideas For Logos

Lecture 17 An Introduction To Creating Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 18 Organising Shapes: Coloring, Enlarging, Reducing, Grouping & Ordering Shapes

Lecture 19 Introducing Text, Creating Outlines & Grouping/Ungrouping Objects

Lecture 20 The Difference Between the Selection Tool (V) and the Direct Selection Tool (A)

Lecture 21 Introducing Fonts – Where To Get Great Free Fonts For Your Logos

Lecture 22 More on Fonts – More Help with the Important Font Decision

Lecture 23 What Are Compound Paths in Illustrator? & How To Use Them To Great Effect

Lecture 24 Introducing the Path Tool (P) & Bézier Curves in Illustrator

Lecture 25 How To Trace a Scanned Sketch with the Pen Tool (P)

Lecture 26 Creating Custom Brush Shapes in Illustrator

Lecture 27 Creating a Custom Font by Rounding the Corners of Letters in Illustrator

Lecture 28 Designing a Logo for a Website

Lecture 29 Conclusion to the Design Process

Section 5: The Business of Logo Design

Lecture 30 Introduction to the Business of Logo Design

Lecture 31 The Presentation – The Classic Mistake You’ll Want To Avoid!

Lecture 32 Logo Formats, Color Specifications & Final Delivery of the Logo

Lecture 33 How To Get Clients – The Most Important Subject In Logo Design!

Lecture 34 How To Deal With Clients – Why Not All Clients Are Created Equal

Lecture 35 How Much To Charge For Logo Design?

Lecture 36 How To Make Sure You Get Paid

Lecture 37 Conclusion to the Business of Logo Design

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 38 Conclusion to the Course

Lecture 39 BONUS VIDEO

beginners,folks with some design knowledge and expertise,people who’ve been in design agencies for a few years and want to branch out within that agency or want to go it alone and set up their own design business

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 39m | 1.40 GB
Created by: Rob Cubbon

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