Become a pro at 3D product modeling with blender

Learn how to create a 3D model and render from a beauty product.
Become a pro at 3D product modeling with blender
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Become a pro at 3D product modeling with blender

What you’ll learn

3D modeling in blender
Realistic Material creation
Lighting a realistic scene
Rendering your final image
Personalise displacement maps using Canva or any other image editing software.

Become a pro at 3D product modeling with blender


Have blender installed


Creating an entire 3D model and rendering with just a few reference images? Yes, that is possible!In this class, you will learn exactly that!Not only will this knowledge upgrade your 3D skills to the next level. You will also understand the various steps it takes to create amazing lighting and displacement maps for even more realistic materials.Chapter 1: You will learn how to search for good reference images and how to set up blender for the upcoming 3D modeling videos. In this chapter are all the downloadable project files available.Chapter 2: This chapter is all about 3D modeling. As you will learn multiple 3D modeling techniques I use as a professional 3D modeler in my daily life. These techniques may vary from beginner to advanced but all of them are carefully explained.Chapter 3: This is reserved for material creation. Here we dive into realism and displacement maps.Chapter 4: Here you will learn about the rendering pipeline. this means that we dive deeper into the lighting, studio, and camera setting of the render.In order for you to receive feedback for your hard work please send in your Final render and a screenshot of your 3D model. (Make sure you are in edit mode for the screenshot, so I can see your topology)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Project files

Lecture 3 1.1 Reference images

Lecture 4 1.2 Setting up blender

Section 2: 3D Modeling

Lecture 5 2.0 3D modeling – setup

Lecture 6 2.1 3D modeling – the base

Lecture 7 2.2 3D modeling – inside cap

Lecture 8 2.3 3D modeling – lipstick

Lecture 9 2.4 Create a displacement map

Lecture 10 2.5 3D modeling – text

Lecture 11 2.6 3D modeling – text part 2

Section 3: Materials creation

Lecture 12 3.0 Material creation – gold

Lecture 13 3.1 Material creation – lipstick

Section 4: Rendering pipeline

Lecture 14 4.0 Camera + studio

Lecture 15 4.1 Background + lighting

Lecture 16 4.2 Floor + render

Anyone who wants to create professional 3D models.,Beginner blender users who are interested in product rendering.,Blender users who want to give their clients the best possible results.,Students that are willing to learn.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 36m | 1.84 GB
Created by: david Jaasma

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