Become a Pro in Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis

Become a Pro in Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis
Become a Pro in Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis
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Become a Pro in Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis

What you’ll learn

How to Use Caesar II Software
Creating 3D model of piping system adding piping, components, fittings, supports, etc
Modeling equipment connection in Caesar II
Basics of Pipe Stress Analysis
Load Case Preparation
Analyzing the system and reviewing results

Become a Pro in Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis


No prior skill requirements


Pipe stress analysis is one of the most critical activities in piping engineering. Critical piping routes must be studied with proper details to ensure the piping systems perform their intended work throughout their design life without failure.This course is perfect for any engineer interested to start a career in piping stress analysis. Even piping layout engineers can learn the basics of pipe stress analysis using these step-by-step lectures. Most of the information related to piping stress analysis is organized in this course. This course is designed to guide you through the pipe stress analysis process – using CAESAR II software developed by Hexagon. One practical problem is taken as an example to help the users learn the complete process of caesar ii pipe stress analysis. Some of the theoretical backgrounds are also covered in the online course. The major subjects that are touched upon are:What is Pipe Stress AnalysisWhich Line Needs Pipe Stress AnalysisPreparing Critical Line ListCommon Pipe Support in Caesar IIPipe Stress Analysis WorkflowPipe Stress Analysis Software PackagesCreating New ModelInputs required for AnalysisModeling pipes, elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, valvesAdding Supports (Rests, guides, line stops)Adding Trunnion SupportAdding Spring HangersAdding Wind and SeismicModeling Equipment NozzlesRunning Error CheckerCreating Load Cases for Stress Analysis Reviewing Output Results Code Compliance CheckChecking SaggingChecking Support ForcesChecking Thermal MovementsChecking Occasional MovementsOptimizing SupportsOptimizing Pipe RoutesChecking Nozzle Loads


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Basics of Pipe Stress Analysis

Lecture 2 What is Pipe Stress Analysis?

Lecture 3 Stress Critical Line List

Lecture 4 Inputs Required for Pipe Stress Analysis

Section 3: Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis

Lecture 5 Getting Started with Caesar II

Lecture 6 Modeling and Analysis of a Typical Piping System

Lecture 7 Creating Load Cases for Pipe Stress Analysis

Lecture 8 Wind and Seismic Analysis in Caesar II

Lecture 9 Generating Stress Analysis Reports

Lecture 10 Use of Spring Hangers

Lecture 11 Editing Your Caesar II model

Individuals intending to learn the basics of Caesar 2,Beginner and intermediate-level engineers from pipe stress domain.,Engineers who want to learn 3D piping modeling on CAESAR II software,Beginner pipe stress analysts who want to enhance their knowledge and modeling skills,Engineers in the process and power piping field,Engineers in Petroleum or Oil & Gas field,Engineers in the infrastructure, shipbuilding, water field

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Udemy | English | 5h 4m | 2.89 GB
Created by: Anup Kumar Dey

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