Become a Senior User Experience UX Design Strategist

Learn A Comprehensive System To Manage UX Projects, Which Includes Templates, Tools And Strategies, Tested In The Field.
Become a Senior User Experience UX Design Strategist
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Mariano Goren


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Become a Senior User Experience UX Design Strategist

What you’ll learn

Manage a UX-related project from the first e-mail to the stakeholder’s presentation meeting
Understand how to create a bullet-proof strategy and lead a development team
Learn a special question that will save you to invest in a prospect that will never become a client
Know the hidden secrets of how to easily create and run a hugely successful UX Project
Substantially increase your earnings per project
Understand why teams and stakeholders would follow your lead as a UX strategist
Increase your work capacity, using lean techniques with digital tools as leverage
Learn how to charge for a proposal
Get access to a complete set of free “tools of the trade” of UX Design to manage your projects as well as your daily routine
Know best practices to interview users and stakeholders
A UX course that tells what colleagues don’t talk about
Become a UX Consultant: productive, accountable and tidy!
Getting buy-in and understanding from executives
Improve collaboration between teams
Clarify requirements

Become a Senior User Experience UX Design Strategist


Non-initiated students should take a UX Design course first


★☆★ IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A LEGACY COURSE  ★☆★★☆★ This course has not been updated since 2017, and even the principles and tips are evergreen, you have to expect the visual design to be outdated  ★☆★*****Tip: Remember to add this course to your wishlist to be in the know of Udemy special promo prices ;)Our fast-growing community include UXers from global IT companies like Globant, Infragistics, Dokko Group, Elementary, DevSpark, Avenida and Ind-ie. Recently, even Microsoft has been recommending it!And there are a lot more things to come…****Come with me on a journey to the UX Consultancy fast-track … in less than 4 hours!I’ve teached about digital business strategy to thousands of students thru LaEscuelaTK, University of Palermo, ITBA (Technology Institute of Buenos Aires) and by my advanced UX Bootcamp: Solutionants. This is the work of my lifetime as an entrepreneur & UX Project Leader. This system provides tested-in-the-field skills of management on product & service design, and also has everything I know about self-management.****Have you heard about the mighty “Senior UX Design Strategist”? The one that everybody admires for being able to understand and manage the client, the team and the product… everything at the same time?I’ve been working in UX-related projects since 2009. Some of them were amazing, others were sh1t. And after all, I came to understand what REALLY works.My experiences have really paid off… and I decided to share them here for the very first time. I worked with a wide range of clients: from local SME’s and StartUps in my hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina to Fortune 500 companies from USA’s Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Israel and Chile. Nowadays, I’m part of the TopTal’s 3% of elite UX Designers.I’ve gone from selling products as a digital marketer in MercadoLibre, to lead a software development team for several of the most important banks in the world. That was before I’ve decided to create the first advanced UX practicum in spanish, Solucionantes.So, I know a way to work it.Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put in place in minutes – and aims to give you instant returns.All my knowledge is shown in the lectures, nothing is kept secret. In this UX course I reveal ALL I know, and as I test new things, those that are successful are added to the course – at no extra cost to you! This is a course that will continue to grow.As well as the Udemy 30-day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted by what you’ll learn in the next 4 hours … and you’ll be shaming yourself if you already are a UX Design Consultant and have been missing out on this fabulous potential.****What this course is not:- This UX course does not cover items that are basic about UX Design. I’ll present you management techniques, strategies and tactics.- I will not make one-on-one coaching or consultancy. I understand that for that, a written response is not enough. – This is not an english class: my english is kinda imperfect. I’m from Argentina, and you’ll notice some errors. But please, don’t let this be a blocker in trying the value of the contents that I share. Remember that you can always ask for a 30-day refund from Udemy, no questions asked.- I barely appear on camera: I like to get “to the meat” when I teach, to get each minute of each video full of value.If you want a complete system to work, crafted in the field- you need to get this course now.You’ll even get a complete listing of all the free “Tools of the trade” that I use in my daily UX work.Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you money…Enroll now!


Lecture 1 Course Roadmap

Section 1: Basics for this UX course

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 How to study this course

Lecture 4 The best free tool to take notes and study

Lecture 5 Some basic advice about Udemy methodology

Section 2: UX Strategy & Vision

Lecture 6 The two realms of action

Lecture 7 UX is Strategy, not Design (Video inside)

Section 3: Self-Development & Productivity for UX Designers

Lecture 8 The Most Important Thing To Become A Ux Design Strategist

Lecture 9 Time Management

Lecture 10 The time-hack: Introducing The Pomodoro Technique

Lecture 11 Timetracking

Lecture 12 UXer! You Should – A Guide For UX Designers About To Start A New Project

Section 4: Communicating the UX Design Strategy / Facilitation skills

Lecture 13 How to ask questions

Lecture 14 How to read people

Lecture 15 How To Communicate With Stakeholders

Lecture 16 Project proposals

Lecture 17 10 questions to start a UX project

Lecture 18 The 10th question: A secret to reduce by 90% the proposal/fail rate

Lecture 19 How to prepare & shield your deals to get paid by all means (Video inside)

Section 5: UX Strategy / Experience Ideation, Planning & Development

Lecture 20 UX Strategy development

Lecture 21 The Design Thinking Process (Video inside)

Lecture 22 Design Thinking Process, applied by Google teams (Video inside)

Lecture 23 Design methods for developing services

Lecture 24 Crash Course on Design Thinking (Stanford Design School) (Video inside)

Lecture 25 How to kickoff an UX project, step by step

Lecture 26 Blueprinting service experiences by Eric Flowers & Megan Miller

Lecture 27 A deliverable template for a design-led project

Section 6: Ongoing oversight and orchestration / UX Team Leadership & Project Management

Lecture 28 Create a “Quick & Dirty Strategy” with Timeboxing

Lecture 29 About the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (Video inside)

Lecture 30 The secret weapon of UX Project Management

Lecture 31 Implementing Kanban with Trello

Lecture 32 How to conduct lightweight meetings

Section 7: User Insights / UX Interviewing

Lecture 33 Basics on UX Interviewing

Lecture 34 Interviewing 1/3: Uncovering Compelling Insight by Steve Portigal (Video inside)

Lecture 35 Interviewing 2/3: Rethink Your User Research Approach (Video inside)

Lecture 36 Interviewing 3/3: Steve Portigal’s Original Guides

Section 8: Bonus: Tools of the trade

Lecture 37 Mariano’s UX Bookmarks

Lecture 38 Congrats & some advice…

Anyone with a User Experience or Service Design background, who want to become consultants and freelancers,Project Managers who work in Software or Hardware development,Founders, Owners and any Entrepreneur that want to lead a team to get the best product

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 318.08 MB
Created by: Mariano Goren

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