Become a Top Banker with Complete Retail Banking Training

Become an analytics-minded retail banker with a fully online course from a top ranked banking powerhouse
Become a Top Banker with Complete Retail Banking Training
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Become a Top Banker with Complete Retail Banking Training

What you’ll learn

Detailed Coverage of Complete Global Banking Products and Operations
Start a Career in Banking, NBFCs and FINTECH
Pass Banking Interviews Confidently
Become Banking Interview ready in just 20 Days
Deposit Based Products like CASA, Term Deposits, NRI Products
Branch Banking, Teller and Relationship Management,
Credit Officer Roles
Branch Officer Profile and daily task
Fee Based Products, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds, Gold Coins
Alternate Channels of Banking, ATMs, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking, NetBanking
Payment Card Operations and Technology : Debit and Credit Cards
Digital Banking : ECS, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS
Retail Credit Assessment : An Introduction
General Credit Assessment of Retail Credit Products
Retail Bank Credit Analysis : Home Loan
Retail Bank Credit Analysis : Vehicle Loan
Job Readiness : Resume Building, Interview Preparation HR & Domain Specific
Passed any Banking Entrance Exam Confidently
Lots of content for JAIIB and CAIIB
Lots of content for IBPS Bank PO and SBI Bank PO Entrance Exam in India
To build a strong background in Banking and Finance
To Learn Credit Analysis in a simple step by step manner
Banking and Finance
Banking Fundamental
Upgrade your banking knowledge
Skill enhancement
Enrich your CV and LinkedIn profile

Become a Top Banker with Complete Retail Banking Training


No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics


Banking Career & Domain Training Series: Retail Banking with New updates for 2022 on Global Retail BankingIf you’re trying to prepare for a great career in Banking but are clueless about how to start, The Complete Retail Banking Training Course will provide you with all the necessary skills to successfully start your career in no time.And you can add these practical skill sets to your cv and proudly shows them to your present and future employer. It will certainly enhance your employability to a great extent.But how can you do that?If you are an aspiring banker and a banking job is your dream, but you don’t know much about the sector or job profiles and roles of a retail banker or feel that you lack the right training, do not worry anymore.We are here to help you.The Complete Retail Banking Training Course is the most practical and easy-learn course you will find online.It covers almost every topic which you need to launch a new career in Banking, NBFCs, or Fintech in Just 20 Days.Here’s how it works…Enroll in this course andStart to build your Technical Skills for Banking  Prepare for HR Round of Interview Prepare for Domain/Role-Specific Round of Interview Write a Winning ResumeApply Confidently.As you can see, this is a complete package that ensures you will receive the right training for each important aspect.What makes this course different from the rest of the banking courses out there?High quality of production: Explain the Banking Concepts & Operations through a series of impactful HD videos and animations (No boring sessions anymore!)Content developed by a research team consisting of seasoned bankers and industry veteransComplete training: We will cover all major topics and skills you need to become a top bankerLearning through micro studies and a lot of examples on each topicExcellent support: If you don’t understand a concept, just raise your query. We will resolve this within1-3 business days.Crisp and to the point: Our Content is developed by a research team consisting of seasoned bankers and industry veterans, hence it is Crisp and to the point. Instead of beating around the bush, we provide the information which is relevant for your role and enhances your understanding.Why should you consider a career as a Banker?Salary. A Retail Banker Job usually leads to a very well-paid careerPromotions. The career path and hierarchy in a bank are clearly defined and objective. Dedication and the right skill sets lead to fast promotions.Security. Bankers’ jobs are comparatively more secure than other sectorsGrowth. Banking Industry is the backbone of every economy and provides immense growth opportunities.Please remember that the course comes with Udemy’s 30-day unconditional, money-back-in-full guarantee. So you can enroll without any risk.So why are you waiting for? Subscribe to this course! And start learning.


Section 1: Welcome ! Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome Banking Aspirants!

Lecture 2 What Does the Course Cover?

Section 2: Banking Basics (A Global Perspective)

Lecture 3 An Introduction To Global Banking

Lecture 4 Banking Business : Basics-I

Lecture 5 Banking Business-:Basics-II

Section 3: Global Retail Banking :Organization Structure

Lecture 6 Organization Structure of a Global Retail Bank

Lecture 7 Request for feedback: Your thoughts on the course progress so far

Section 4: Global Retail Banking : The Customer (Business Structure)

Lecture 8 Why is classifying businesses into different forms crucial?

Lecture 9 Different forms of business structures

Lecture 10 Sole Proprietorship

Lecture 11 Partnerships

Lecture 12 Limited Partnership

Lecture 13 Limited Liability Partnership

Lecture 14 Incorporated joint venture

Lecture 15 Corporations

Lecture 16 Private company

Lecture 17 Public Company

Lecture 18 Corporation vs. S Corporation

Lecture 19 Limited liability Company

Lecture 20 Professional Corporation and Professional LLC

Lecture 21 Cooperative

Lecture 22 Non-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations

Lecture 23 Franchise

Lecture 24 Article

Section 5: Global Retail Banking (Executive Perspective) : Basic Banking Products

Lecture 25 Product Mix

Lecture 26 Global Retail Banking Products : Based on USA

Lecture 27 Types of Saving Accounts- 1 (USA)

Lecture 28 Types of Saving Accounts- 2 (USA)

Lecture 29 Cash Management Account (USA)

Lecture 30 Premium Checking Account (USA)

Lecture 31 Opening A Bank Account (USA)

Lecture 32 Opening a Joint Bank Account (USA)

Section 6: Global Retail Banking (Managerial Perspective) : Products and Services

Lecture 33 Products and Platforms- Introduction

Lecture 34 Products and Services provided by the bank I

Lecture 35 Products and Services provided by the bank II

Lecture 36 Products and Services provided by the bank III

Lecture 37 Knowing your audience

Lecture 38 Product Development Introduction

Lecture 39 Developing a new product – The Process 1

Lecture 40 Developing a new product -The Process 2

Lecture 41 Innovation Centers

Lecture 42 Intrapreneurship

Lecture 43 Evolution in banking technology

Lecture 44 How AI is benefiting

Lecture 45 Role of banking channels in the digital world

Lecture 46 Customer’s Perspective – Assent Survey

Lecture 47 Customer’s Perspective – Accenture

Lecture 48 Different Personas

Lecture 49 Important factors to customers

Lecture 50 Neobanks

Section 7: Global Retail Banking (Managerial Perspective) : Planning a Market Campaign

Lecture 51 Planning a Market Campaign : Introduction

Lecture 52 Planning a Market Campaign : Practical Task

Section 8: Global Retail Banking (Managerial Perspective): Retail Banking Operations

Lecture 53 Retail Banking Operations : Introduction

Lecture 54 How to simplify the operations

Lecture 55 Steps to achieve zero operations design

Section 9: Global Retail Banking (Managerial Perspective) : Customer Service Quality

Lecture 56 Customer Service Quality in Retail Banking Introduction

Lecture 57 Understanding Customer Behavior to Improve Service Quality

Lecture 58 Gap Model to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Lecture 59 Methods to evaluate Customer Service Quality- SERVQUAL

Lecture 60 Methods to evaluate Customer Service Quality- Net Promoter Score

Lecture 61 Methods to evaluate Customer Service Quality- CSAT Score

Section 10: Global Retail Banking : How do banks lend money?

Lecture 62 How do banks lend money?

Lecture 63 Practical Case 1 : Home Renovation Loan Application

Lecture 64 Practical Case 2 : Top-up Loan Application

Section 11: Global Relationship Banking

Lecture 65 Global Relationship Banking (Article & Resource File)

Lecture 66 What is relationship banking

Lecture 67 The segment of customers

Lecture 68 Benefits of relationship banking for the client

Lecture 69 Some valuable advice for the Relationship Bankers and the banks staff

Lecture 70 What is racing?

Lecture 71 How do we evaluate potential before racing

Lecture 72 Use of data analytics

Lecture 73 The consequences of incorrect racing

Lecture 74 Summary till this point

Lecture 75 Why do banks lose HNI clients, and how can these issues be resolved

Lecture 76 What can a bank do if customers don’t fulfil the Racing criteria

Lecture 77 How to rebuild a relationship

Lecture 78 Portfolio Analysis

Lecture 79 How do you manage portfolios

Lecture 80 Customer To Group Ratio

Lecture 81 Examining the general structure of a portfolio

Lecture 82 Product Holding and Group Income Product Holding (GIPH) ratio

Lecture 83 Catchment scoping

Lecture 84 How to establish relationships with High-Net-worth Individuals (HNIs)

Lecture 85 What activities can be performed in the Catchment Area

Lecture 86 Using social media

Lecture 87 The significance of References

Lecture 88 Generating references

Lecture 89 Managing references

Lecture 90 Income objectives

Lecture 91 Income projections for various product

Lecture 92 What opportunities exist for Relationship Managers outside the portfolio

Lecture 93 Joint calling

Lecture 94 The Importance of a Joint Call

Lecture 95 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lecture 96 Data stored in a CRM system

Lecture 97 What data can be captured from a conversation

Lecture 98 Master File

Lecture 99 Services that can be offered to these market segments

Lecture 100 Adding value for customers

Lecture 101 Impact of unawareness

Lecture 102 Interactions with high-net-worth individuals

Section 12: Retail Banking an Introduction : From an Indian Perspective

Lecture 103 Retail Banking an Introduction Part I

Lecture 104 Retail Banking an Introduction Part II

Lecture 105 Retail Banking an Introduction Part III

Section 13: Deposit Based Products : CASA

Lecture 106 CASA Part I

Lecture 107 CASA Part II

Lecture 108 CASA Part III

Section 14: Deposit Based Products : FD & RD

Lecture 109 FD & RD Part I

Lecture 110 FD & RD Part II

Lecture 111 Request for feedback: Your thoughts on the course progress so far

Section 15: Deposit Based Products : The Process

Lecture 112 Deposit Process Part I

Lecture 113 Deposit Process Part II

Lecture 114 Deposit Process Part III

Lecture 115 Deposit Process Part IV

Section 16: Deposit Based Products : NRI Products

Lecture 116 NRI Products Part I

Lecture 117 NRI Products Part II

Lecture 118 NRI Products Part III

Lecture 119 NRI Products Part IV

Section 17: Deposit Based Products : Type of Customers

Lecture 120 Types of Customers Part I

Lecture 121 Types of Customers Part II

Lecture 122 Types of Customers Part III

Lecture 123 Types of Customers Part IV

Section 18: Fee Based Products

Lecture 124 Fee Based Products Part I

Lecture 125 Fee Based Products Part II

Lecture 126 Fee Based Products Part III

Section 19: Cards Operations : Debit & Credit Cards

Lecture 127 Debit & Credit Cards Part I

Lecture 128 Debit & Credit Card Part II

Lecture 129 Debit & Credit Card Part III

Lecture 130 Debit & Credit Card Part IV

Lecture 131 Debit & Credit Card Part V

Lecture 132 Summary

Section 20: Branch Banking & Relationship Management

Lecture 133 Branch Banking Part I

Lecture 134 Branch Banking Part II

Lecture 135 Branch Banking Part III

Lecture 136 Branch Banking Part IV

Section 21: Clearing and Settlement

Lecture 137 Clearing and Settlement Part I

Lecture 138 Clearing and Settlement Part II

Lecture 139 Clearing and Settlement Part III

Section 22: Digital Banking Channel

Lecture 140 Digital Banking Channel Part I

Lecture 141 Digital Banking Channel Part II

Lecture 142 Digital Banking Channel Part III

Lecture 143 Digital Banking Channel Part IV

Section 23: Digital Payment Mechanism : ECS, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS

Lecture 144 Electronic Clearing System Part I

Lecture 145 Electronic Clearing System Part II

Lecture 146 NEFT, RTGS and IMPS Part I

Lecture 147 NEFT, RTGS and IMPS Part II

Lecture 148 NEFT, RTGS and IMPS Part III

Lecture 149 NEFT, RTGS and IMPS Part IV

Section 24: Retail Credit Assessment : An Introduction

Lecture 150 Retail Lending an Introduction Part I

Lecture 151 Retail Lending an Introduction Part II

Section 25: Retail Credit Assessments : General

Lecture 152 General Eligibility and Assessment Criteria for Retail Lending Part I

Lecture 153 General Eligibility and Assessment Criteria for Retail Lending Part II

Section 26: Retail Credit assessment : Home Loan

Lecture 154 Home Loan Part I

Lecture 155 Home Loan Part II

Lecture 156 Home Loan Part III

Lecture 157 Home Loan Part IV

Section 27: Retail Credit Assessment : Vehicle Loan

Lecture 158 Vehicle Loan Part I

Lecture 159 Vehicle Loan Part II

Lecture 160 Vehicle Loan Part III

Section 28: Hands-on training on Interest rates calculation

Lecture 161 Interest Rates : Introduction

Lecture 162 Interest Rates : Types

Lecture 163 Interest Rates- Practical Examples

Lecture 164 Interest Rates- Workout

Section 29: Job Readiness

Lecture 165 Job Readiness I

Lecture 166 Job Readiness II

Lecture 167 Job Readiness III

Lecture 168 Job Readiness IV

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