Becoming a Cloud Expert Microsoft Azure IaaS Level 1

Plan, Deploy and Monitor Cloud Solutions in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service
Becoming a Cloud Expert Microsoft Azure IaaS Level 1
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Becoming a Cloud Expert Microsoft Azure IaaS Level 1

What you’ll learn

Understand the Building Blocks of Azure Infrastructure as a Service
Create Virtual Networks, Subnets, Allocate Private and Public IP Addressees
Plan and Deploy Windows and Linux Virtual Machines
Configure Traffic Filtering using Security Rules
Manage and Attach Virtual Disks to VMs
Create and Manage Storage Accounts
Configure Users and Access Role Assignments
Operate and Monitor VMs Ongoing Tasks

Becoming a Cloud Expert Microsoft Azure IaaS Level 1


General understanding of cloud computing models (“Getting Started with Cloud Computing”)


Are You Looking to Become a Cloud Expert?Cloud computing is one of the biggest technology revolutions in the IT industry spreading at the speed of light all over the world. More and more business companies are looking for ways to migrate their applications into the cloud or to build new web-scale applications from scratch atop a cloud infrastructure. The demand for more skilled people in the area of cloud computing is increasing every day across multiple industries. Starting from IT Expert, DevOps Engineers, Developers, Consultants, Security Experts, and more.This course is part of a larger training program called “Becoming a Cloud Expert” and it is the first important cornerstone for learning how to migrate applications into the cloud while using the Infrastructure As a Service model inside Microsoft Azure. We will learn how to create, set up and manage virtual networks, private/public IPs, storage accounts, virtual machines, virtual disks, security rules, access control, and much more.   Join us and start to pave your way as a Cloud Expert!


Section 1: Getting Started!

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Course Objectives and Structure

Section 2: Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Lecture 3 Section Overview

Lecture 4 Cloud Computing Definition

Lecture 5 Microsoft Azure Cloud

Lecture 6 Global Footprint

Lecture 7 Demo – Azure Portal Overview

Lecture 8 Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Lecture 9 Demo – Azure ARM

Lecture 10 Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Lecture 11 Demo – Azure RBAC

Section 3: Azure IaaS – Networking

Lecture 12 Section Overview

Lecture 13 What is a Virtual Network?

Lecture 14 Virtual Network Setting

Lecture 15 Demo – Creating a Virtual Network (VNet)

Lecture 16 IP Address Types

Lecture 17 VM, NICs and IP Configuration

Lecture 18 Demo – Network Interfaces and IP Configuration

Lecture 19 Network Security Group (NSG)

Lecture 20 Application Security Group (ASG)

Lecture 21 Demo – Configuring NSG and ASG

Section 4: Azure IaaS – Storage

Lecture 22 Section Overview

Lecture 23 The Power of a Cloud Storage

Lecture 24 Types of Cloud Storage Services

Lecture 25 Azure Storage Services

Lecture 26 Storage Accounts

Lecture 27 Storage Replication Options

Lecture 28 Demo – Creating and Managing a Storage Account

Lecture 29 VMs Disks

Lecture 30 Demo – Create, Attach and Detach Data Disks

Lecture 31 Encryption Data at Rest

Section 5: Azure IaaS – Compute

Lecture 32 Section Overview

Lecture 33 Virtualization

Lecture 34 Virtual Machines

Lecture 35 VM Types and Sizes

Lecture 36 Demo – Creating a VMs

Lecture 37 Demo – VMs Settings

Lecture 38 Demo – VMs Operations

Lecture 39 Demo – VMs Monitoring

Section 6: Mission is Possible! – Your Project Assignment

Lecture 40 Mission Briefing

Lecture 41 Download Your Mission

Section 7: Course Summary

Lecture 42 Let’s Summarize

Lecture 43 What Next?

Lecture 44 ** BONUS **

IT and Cloud Experts,Cloud Administrators,DevOps Engineers,Anyone preparing for Azure certification exams

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 13m | 1.20 GB
Created by: Idan Gabrieli

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