Becoming an Outstanding Product Owner

Learn how to overcome the inevitable challenges ahead of you and deliver real value
Becoming an Outstanding Product Owner
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Becoming an Outstanding Product Owner

What you’ll learn

Becoming an advanced Product Owner
How to develop a value-driven mindset
How to stand out as a Product Owner
Product Management for Product Owners
Leadership Skills for Product Owners
How to craft successful Roadmaps
How to benefit from Business Models
How to set Objective Key Results
How to scale with Agile
What not to do while scaling with Product Teams
Effective Stakeholder Management
What not to do during your daily activities

Becoming an Outstanding Product Owner


Experience with Product Development for at least a year
Experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager for at least a year
Understand of Scrum Framework


Getting a job as a Product Owner is only the beginning of a journey. To excel in this role, you’ve got to develop a value-driven mindset to lead teams in a meaningful direction.Unfortunately, you will hardly find a well-established environment to deliver value. Misconceptions are the only certainty on your way. Here are some examples:Roadmaps limit teams from focusing on value. Instead, the goal is to deliver features respecting the deadline.No matter what you do, it’s never enough. Stakeholders always pressure you for more, yet an overarching goal is absent.Scaling becomes a nightmare: more people, more complexity, and ultimately sub-optimal result.If any of these points annoy you, no worries, I’ve got you covered. After years hitting the wall several times, I learned the key aspects you need to thrive on your journey, and I want to share them with you. During this course, you will find answers to overcome the most dreadful challenges in your journey. This course summarizes 10 years of experience into 4 hours. Let me share with you what I wish I knew when I started my career as a Product Owner. At the end of this course, you can expect to learn the following:Understand the mindset of outstanding Product OwnersClarity on what not do during your daily activitiesKnow how to craft roadmaps that focus on the outcome instead of outputDevelop the required leadership skills to excel in your roleBe able to scale teams successfully Become a strategic and tactical Product OwnerThis course is for you who is a Product Owner or a Product Manager who wants to strengthen your skillset and knowledge to become an outstanding professional. However, if you are not yet in any of these roles, this course might not be a good choice for you. In this case, the course: How to become a strong Product Owner may suit you better.I hope the content in this course will help you advance in your journey.Join me and the thousands of students who decided to change the product world for better.


Section 1: Top 10 Attitudes of Outstanding Product Owners

Lecture 1 Intro Module 1

Lecture 2 Differentiation

Lecture 3 Focus on Problems Worth Solving

Lecture 4 Strategy versus Roadmap

Lecture 5 Understand the Why

Lecture 6 Speed the Learning Process

Lecture 7 Needs versus Requests

Lecture 8 Priority versus Deadline

Lecture 9 Happiness versus Alignment

Lecture 10 Be Careful with Opinions

Lecture 11 Rational versus Natural

Lecture 12 Exercise Module 1

Section 2: What GREAT Product Owners Don’t Do

Lecture 13 Intro – Module 2

Lecture 14 What not to do with the Backlog Management

Lecture 15 What not to do in the Daily Scrum

Lecture 16 What not to do in the Refinement Session

Lecture 17 What not to do during the Sprint Planning

Lecture 18 What not to do during the Sprint Review

Section 3: The Product Owner as a Leader

Lecture 19 Intro Module 3

Lecture 20 What is Leadership?

Lecture 21 Functional Roles

Lecture 22 What is a Team?

Lecture 23 Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 24 Emotional Intelligence Practice

Lecture 25 Feedback Loops

Lecture 26 Empowerment

Lecture 27 Clarity on What to Pursue

Lecture 28 The Ideal Team Player

Section 4: Effective Stakeholder Management

Lecture 29 Intro Module 4

Lecture 30 Understand Who Your Stakeholders Are

Lecture 31 What NOT to Do

Lecture 32 Consensus versus Commitment

Lecture 33 RACI Matrix

Lecture 34 Stakeholder Matrix

Lecture 35 How to Reach Agreements

Lecture 36 Stakeholder Management Exercise

Section 5: How to Craft Solid Roadmaps

Lecture 37 Introd Module 5

Lecture 38 What is a Roadmap?

Lecture 39 How to Craft a Solid Product Vision

Lecture 40 Product Vision Example

Lecture 41 What NOT to do with Roadmaps

Lecture 42 What makes a Roadmap GREAT

Lecture 43 Objective Key Results

Lecture 44 OKR examples

Lecture 45 What NOT to do with OKRs

Lecture 46 Exercise Module 5

Section 6: How to Scale With Agile

Lecture 47 Intro Module 6

Lecture 48 What are the TRAPS with scaling

Lecture 49 What NOT to do while scaling product teams

Lecture 50 Types of Product Teams

Lecture 51 How to Scale Successfully

Lecture 52 Scrum of Scrums

Lecture 53 LeSS and LeSS Huge

Lecture 54 SAFe

Lecture 55 Agility is Endangedered

Lecture 56 How to Excel with Agile

Section 7: Strategy and Tactics

Lecture 57 Intro Module 7

Lecture 58 Strategy versus Tactics

Lecture 59 Business Model Canvas

Lecture 60 Business Model Canvas Example

Lecture 61 Lean Canvas

Lecture 62 Lean Canvas Example

Lecture 63 Design Thinking

Lecture 64 Double Diamond

Lecture 65 Design Sprint

Section 8: Further Material

Lecture 66 Intro Module 8

Lecture 67 What you should read

Lecture 68 Events

Product Owners,Product Managers,Business Analysts

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Created by: David Pereira

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