Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm Corey Congilio

Rhythm Guitar Lessons: Barre Chords, Shuffle, 12 Bar-Blues, Strumming Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar
Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm Corey Congilio
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Corey Congilio


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Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm Corey Congilio

What you’ll learn

Blues Guitar Rhythm
Chords, Strumming

Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm Corey Congilio


low level guitar/ introductory


So, you just got a guitar and you’re a fan of the blues. Well, this course is a fantastic place to start your journey! In Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar, you’ll learn more than just how to apply chords and rhythms to set you on a path to play the blues. You’ll learn necessary chords and techniques that work for ALL genres and styles of contemporary guitar playing! This is a true Beginner course so, don’t worry if some of the chords, techniques and concepts are new. Many of the examples are at slow tempos so that you can build confidence and make music quickly. We’ll even work on a few songs to add to your repertoire.  I’ll show you how to apply everything necessary to succeed and, prepare you to move on to Intermediate Blues Rhythm Guitar!  Here’s what you’ll get inside this comprehensive beginner blues course: 3.5 hours on-demand video
76 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
Answers to any and all questions you have by myself (Corey) and other students in the programTabs, transcription, and backing tracks are provided for every playing example as well. Best of luck and I look forward to helping you for years to come!Click the “Add To Cart” button to buy now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Use This Course

Lecture 3 12 bar Blues and Dominant 7 Chord Explanation

Lecture 4 Straight and Shuffle Rhythm Explained

Lecture 5 Let’s Talk About Shuffle Rhythm

Section 2: Using Open Dominant 7 Chord Shapes

Lecture 6 Blues Progressions- Using Open Chords – Key of E Straight Rhythm

Lecture 7 A Shuffle

Lecture 8 D Shuffle

Lecture 9 G Straight

Lecture 10 C Straight

Section 3: Power Chords for The Blues!

Lecture 11 Blues Progressions- Open Power Chords – Key of A Shuffle Rhythm

Lecture 12 E5, A5, B5-B7 Straight

Lecture 13 E5-6, A5-6, B7 Straight

Section 4: Moveable Power Chords – Great for Rock Playing too!

Lecture 14 Blues Progressions- Moveable Power Chords – Key of G Straight Rhythm

Lecture 15 D5 Shuffle

Lecture 16 A5 Shuffle

Lecture 17 E5 Straight

Lecture 18 C5 Shuffle

Section 5: Using Dominant 7 Barre Chords!

Lecture 19 Blues Progressions- Using Barre Chords – Key of A Shuffle Rhythm

Lecture 20 D7 Shuffle

Lecture 21 G7 Straight

Lecture 22 C7 Straight

Lecture 23 E7 Straight

Section 6: Combining Power, Barre and Open Dominant 7 Chords!

Lecture 24 Blues Progressions Combining 7th Chord Shapes – Key of E Straight Rhythm

Lecture 25 A7 Shuffle

Lecture 26 D7 Shuffle

Lecture 27 G7 Straight

Lecture 28 C7 Straight

Section 7: Songs and Conclusion

Lecture 29 Big Boss Man

Lecture 30 Sweet Home Chicago

Lecture 31 Conclusion

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 18m | 5.42 GB
Created by: Corey Congilio

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