Beginner Crochet Crochet an Infinity Granny Square Blanket

Learn the basics of making a beautiful infinity granny square blanket and create your own blanket quickly and easily.
Beginner Crochet Crochet an Infinity Granny Square Blanket
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Beginner Crochet Crochet an Infinity Granny Square Blanket

What you’ll learn

How to crochet an easy and beautiful beginner friendly blanket.
How to identify and count various crochet stitches.
How to add yarn and weave in the ends.
How to sew on a crochet appliqué.
Learn to have fun while creating something beautiful.

Beginner Crochet Crochet an Infinity Granny Square Blanket


No real experience necessary… having very basic knowledge will be an advantage
You will need:
Yarn: 2 colors, I am using Premier Yarn Anti-Pilling in the colors linen and bark. I used 3 full balls of linen and a little of a 4th. Only 1 ball of bark.
5.5mm crochet hook. However, if you use a different yarn the size may differ. Please look at your specific yarn for details.
A pair of scissors
A yarn needle
A crochet appliqué if wanted… either bought or made (not necessary for completion of blanket).


This course is about learning how to make a simple yet beautiful infinity granny square blanket. This course will take you through the steps needed to start the blanket. Then learn the needed patterns to continue the blanket and even how to finish the blanket. You will learn the shell stitch to create a simple yet pretty border for your blanket and also learn how to weave in the tails when the blanket is finished. As an option you will be able to learn how to apply an appliqué onto your blanket if you feel like you want to add that detail to your own blanket. I will also have a video lesson that is solely based on the materials you will need and the materials that I used to create this simple and beautiful infinity granny square blanket. This course is great for crochet beginners who want to learn a few simple stitches while still creating something tangible to showcase their new skills. This blanket can do that for you and also give you a great way to practice your new crochet abilities. I hope you consider the class and I hope you enjoy making your own infinity granny square blanket. This is great to make because while it gives the timeless look of the granny square it does not require any joining methods and does not have multiple tiny squares to join together, it is all one piece.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction- Learning The Stitches For The Blanket

Lecture 2 Materials

Section 2: The Beginning of the Blanket

Lecture 3 Round 1

Lecture 4 Round 2

Lecture 5 Round 3- The Repeat Round For The Blanket

Lecture 6 Joining More Yarn

Section 3: The Border

Lecture 7 Starting The Border

Lecture 8 The Shell Border

Lecture 9 Finishing The Border

Section 4: Finishing the Blanket

Lecture 10 Weaving In Tails

Lecture 11 Additional Technique- Sewing On An Appliqué

This course will teach you how to make a beautiful and easy handmade blanket.,I will show you how to start the blanket and tell you the few simple stitches needed to complete the blanket.,You will learn how to make a beautiful and easy shell border… all while using the same simple stitches from the blanket.,Finally, you will see how I sew the appliqué onto the blanket. You can also leave the blanket as is and have something to show off as your own handiwork.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 0h 51m | 1.10 GB
Created by: Cierra Thornton

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