Beginner Full Stack Web Development HTML CSS React Node

Learn web development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, ES6 React and Node
Beginner Full Stack Web Development HTML CSS React Node
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Mark Wahlbeck


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Beginner Full Stack Web Development HTML CSS React Node

What you’ll learn

Build websites with HTML & CSS
Build backend servers & APIs with Node and Express
Work with NoSQL databases like MongoDB
Build full-stack web apps with Facebook’s React Framework
Build mobile-friendly websites with Bootstrap 4 & CSS

Beginner Full Stack Web Development HTML CSS React Node


You should have a PC or Mac and know how to turn it on!
Have an Internet connection


Welcome to the Ultimate Web Developer Bootcamp. This is your one-stop-shop to learn front-end AND back-end development.
We’ll take you from absolute beginner to competent full-stack web developer in a matter of weeks.
Anyone who is curious about programmingEntrepreneursThose looking for a career changeSerious coders & hobbyistsStudents & teenagersAnyone who wants to learn web development
HTML5CSS3JavascriptBootstrap 4DOM ManipulationNPMNodeMongoDBRESTExpressES6React

Devslopes has taught over 100,000 students how to code. Using our exciting, hands-on teaching style you are sure to master the principles AND have fun at the same time.
We also have a free chat community with over 50,000 students where you can interact and get help from others.
See you on the inside!
– Mark Price


Section 1: Intro to Web Development

Lecture 1 Intro to Web Development

Lecture 2 Join Our Free Student Group

Lecture 3 What is web development?

Lecture 4 Where should I start as a beginner?

Lecture 5 HTML: Building Your First Website

Lecture 6 What you can do as a web developer

Lecture 7 Frontend vs Backend development

Lecture 8 Installing an IDE

Section 2: Getting Started With HTML

Lecture 9 Intro to HTML, HEAD, BODY, and HEADER

Lecture 10 HTML: Lists, Paragraphs, and Text Styling

Lecture 11 HTML: Displaying Data With Tables

Lecture 12 HTML: Images & Forms

Section 3: Introduction to CSS

Lecture 13 What is CSS?

Lecture 14 How to use Inline, Internal and External CSS

Lecture 15 CSS: Element, ID & Class Selectors

Lecture 16 CSS: Colors

Lecture 17 CSS: Backgrounds & Borders

Lecture 18 Using browser inspector tools

Lecture 19 CSS: Combinators

Lecture 20 CSS: Grouping

Lecture 21 CSS: Specificity

Section 4: Intermediate CSS

Lecture 22 CSS: Text Styling & Formatting

Lecture 23 CSS: Google Fonts

Lecture 24 CSS: Images

Lecture 25 CSS: Padding & Margin

Lecture 26 CSS: Rows & Columns

Section 5: Advanced CSS: Building and styling website

Lecture 27 CSS: Intro to building your first Website!

Lecture 28 CSS: Building the Navbar

Lecture 29 CSS: Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive – Part 1

Lecture 30 CSS: Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive – Part 2

Lecture 31 CSS: Creating the Form Group

Lecture 32 CSS: Working with iframes

Lecture 33 CSS: Working with images and box shadows

Lecture 34 CSS: Working with text and image spacing

Lecture 35 CSS: Building the footer

Section 6: Computers & Code

Lecture 36 How Computers Work

Lecture 37 Understanding Binary

Lecture 38 How code works

Lecture 39 Heap vs Stack

Lecture 40 Understanding hexadecimal

Lecture 41 Variables & storage capacity

Section 7: Learning to Code With Javascript

Lecture 42 Time to Javascript

Lecture 43 Javascript Reference

Lecture 44 Javascript: Comments & How to Link Scripts

Lecture 45 Javascript: Variables & Strings

Lecture 46 Javascript: Numbers

Lecture 47 Javascript: Comparison Operators

Lecture 48 Javascript: Logical Operators

Lecture 49 Javascript: Arrays

Lecture 50 Javascript: Loops

Lecture 51 Javascript: Functions

Lecture 52 Javascript: Objects

Lecture 53 Javascript: Bind

Lecture 54 Percentage Calculator – Setting Up the Form

Lecture 55 Percentage Calculator – Grabbing Elements With Javascript

Lecture 56 Percentage Calculator – Using Event Listeners

Lecture 57 Percentage Calculator – Algorithm & Prevent Default

Section 8: Version Control With Git

Lecture 58 How Version Control Works

Lecture 59 macOS Terminal Basics

Lecture 60 Git Basics

Lecture 61 Setting up Github on macOS

Lecture 62 Github vs Bitbucket

Lecture 63 Local & Remote Repositories

Lecture 64 Working Through Git Merge Conflicts

Section 9: Introduction to Bootstrap 4

Lecture 65 What is Bootstrap 4?

Lecture 66 Downloading Bootstrap 4

Lecture 67 Bootstrap 4: Project Setup

Lecture 68 Bootstrap 4: Overview of Bootstraps Components

Lecture 69 Bootstrap 4: Understanding Bootstraps Classes

Lecture 70 Bootstrap 4: Using the Grid System

Section 10: Bootstrap 4: Creating a Login Portal

Lecture 71 Bootstrap 4 Cards: Creating the Sign-in Portal Box

Lecture 72 Bootstrap 4 Forms: Adding the input fields

Lecture 73 Bootstrap 4 Buttons: Adding the Sign In button and Labels

Lecture 74 Bootstrap 4 Grids – Finishing Mobile Compatibility

Section 11: Bootstrap 4: Skate or Die Website

Lecture 75 Bootstrap 4: Skate or Die Intro

Lecture 76 Bootstrap 4: Working with Navbars

Lecture 77 Bootstrap 4: Using Carousels

Lecture 78 Bootstrap 4: Nesting rows and columns

Lecture 79 Bootstrap 4: Modals

Lecture 80 Bootstrap 4: Adding images and buttons

Lecture 81 Bootstrap 4: Sizing Modals

Lecture 82 Bootstrap 4: Building the Footer

Lecture 83 Bootstrap 4: Working with Font Awesome Favicons

Section 12: Intro to Flexbox

Lecture 84 What is flexbox?

Lecture 85 Flexbox fundamentals

Lecture 86 Intro to flexbox landing page

Lecture 87 Building the navbar: Part 1

Lecture 88 Building the navbar: Part 2

Lecture 89 Making the dropdown menu functional

Lecture 90 Designing the navbar for mobile

Lecture 91 Creating the landing page header

Lecture 92 Building the Services section

Lecture 93 Creating the first Media Object

Lecture 94 Flexbox ordering

Lecture 95 Adding the Quote button

Lecture 96 Designing the portfolio object

Lecture 97 Making the portfolio object mobile compatible

Lecture 98 Making Media Objects mobile compatible

Lecture 99 Creating the contact form

Lecture 100 Making the contact form mobile compatible

Section 13: CSS Grids

Lecture 101 Grid Layout Containers

Lecture 102 Grid Layout Items

Lecture 103 Exercise: Rows and Columns

Lecture 104 Gird Layout Areas

Lecture 105 Grid Layouts Website: Part 1

Lecture 106 Grid Layouts Website: Part 2

Lecture 107 Exercise: Masonry Gallery Layout

Section 14: Beginner Sass

Lecture 108 Intro to Sass

Lecture 109 What is Sass?

Lecture 110 How to install Sass and compile it to CSS

Lecture 111 Your FIRST Sass Website!

Lecture 112 Different tools to compile Sass

Lecture 113 How to structure your Sass

Lecture 114 Sass Partials: Maintainable Styles Rules

Lecture 115 Sass Variables and Imports: Create a clean Scalable Stylesheet

Lecture 116 Sass Mixins: Save time & recycle styles

Lecture 117 Sass Extends: Share style properties between other selectors

Lecture 118 Final Project: Intro to our Landing Page

Lecture 119 Final Project: Setting up our Variables

Lecture 120 Final Project: Styling our Navbar with Sass

Lecture 121 Final Project: Creating the Banner Container

Lecture 122 Final Project: Adding Content to our Banner Container

Lecture 123 Final Project: Doing some quick cleanup in our Sass files

Lecture 124 Final Project: Using the Extend method

Lecture 125 Final Project: Styling a section splitter with Sass

Lecture 126 Final Project: Using advanced Mixins

Lecture 127 Final Project: Styling the next Container with Sass

Lecture 128 Final Project: Finishing our Landing Page, Congrats!

Section 15: How to Set Up Hosting For Your Web Apps

Lecture 129 Web Hosting

Lecture 130 Creating a server

Lecture 131 Accessing your server

Lecture 132 Installing Nginx

Lecture 133 Creating server SSH Keys

Lecture 134 Uploading files to your server

Lecture 135 Setting up a domain

Lecture 136 Final Step: Configuring Nginx

Section 16: Intro to Node, Mongo, & REST APIs

Lecture 137 Understanding Web Requests

Lecture 138 Installing Node on macOS

Lecture 139 All About JSON

Lecture 140 Basics of Node

Lecture 141 Node Modules

Lecture 142 Building Your First API

Lecture 143 Postman, GET & POST Requests

Lecture 144 URL Parameters & Delete Requests

Lecture 145 Installing MongoDB on macOS

Lecture 146 Working With the Mongo Shell

Lecture 147 Searching for Documents

Lecture 148 Deletions & Documentation

Lecture 149 Swag Shop API: Project Creation

Lecture 150 Swag Shop API: Creating the Models

Lecture 151 Swag Shop API: Posting Products

Lecture 152 Swag Shop API: Fetching Products

Lecture 153 Swag Shop API: Populating Data

Section 17: Intro to React

Lecture 154 Swag Shop: Setting Up React Tooling

Lecture 155 Swag Shop: Installing Bootstrap

Lecture 156 Swag Shop: Setting Up the API

Lecture 157 Swag Shop: Creating a HTTP Service

Lecture 158 Swag Shop: Promises With ES6 & React

Lecture 159 Swag Shop: Components in React – Website Product

Lecture 160 Swag Shop: Props in React

Lecture 161 Swag Shop: Working With State in React

Lecture 162 Swag Shop: Creating a WishList Component

Lecture 163 Swag Shop: Building a Singleton Data Service

Lecture 164 Swag Shop: Creating a Notification Service

Lecture 165 Swag Shop: Posting Notifications to React Components

Lecture 166 Swag Shop: Observing Notifications in React

Lecture 167 Swag Shop: Finishing Our Full Stack React App

Section 18: Bonus

Lecture 168 Final Bonus

This course is for beginners – no prior experience is required,This course is for entrepreneurs & hobbyists,This course is for those looking for a career change,This course is for anyone who wants to learn front-end and backend development,This course is for students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 31h 27m | 22.32 GB
Created by: Mark Wahlbeck

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