Beginner to Marketo Certified Professional

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Beginner to Marketo Certified Professional
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Beginner to Marketo Certified Professional

What you’ll learn

Understand what Marketing Automation is why companies invest in tools like Marketo
Review the knowledge requirements to become a Marketo Certified Professional
Become comfortable navigating through and understanding the different parts of the Marketo platform
Master all-things Building & Managing Programs (section 1 of 4 in the Marketo Certified Professional syllabus)
Master all-things Building Assets (section 2 of 4 in the Marketo Certified Professional syllabus)
Master all-things Defining & Targeting Audiences (section 3 of 4 in the Marketo Certified Professional syllabus)
Master all-things Analyzing & Building Reports (section 4 of 4 in the Marketo Certified Professional syllabus)
Feel ready to take the Marketo Certified Professional exam with tips and a mock test walkthrough
Optional bonus content with other best practices, such as the application of a Program Folder Structure, Naming Conventions and a Lead Scoring Model

Beginner to Marketo Certified Professional


No experience is required but access to a Marketo instance is strongly recommended to practice what’s covered in this course


Are you looking to learn how to use Marketo?This course was designed and recorded in 2023 with the objective of getting you Marketo Certified Professional exam-ready, without assuming any prior knowledge of Marketo.Therefore, whether you’re brand new to Marketo and have barely logged in, or you think you’re just about ready to book or sit your exam and want to fill any knowledge gaps, this course is designed for you. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to learn to use Marketo without then taking the certification, the course does this just as well.The course is designed to follow the same roadmap as the exam, is split out into the same sections as the exam and covers all the content Marketo sets out to make you a competent user of the tool. It concludes with some pre-exam tips and mock questions to help with your final preparations if you are looking to become certified.As an experienced Marketo user of 9 years, the trainer is keen to tie in applied experiences to help share best practices throughout the course and balance the use of slides to simplify concepts and as revision-worthy summations, with as much time possible focused on live demonstrations in Marketo.Please Note: The exam content covered in this course is for the ‘Certified Professional’ and DOES NOT cover everything for the more advanced ‘Certified Expert’ exam.Adobe also recommends six months hands-on experience in Marketo prior to taking any certification exam.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 About The Course

Lecture 3 Course Roadmap

Lecture 4 About The Trainer

Lecture 5 Marketo Certifications Explained

Lecture 6 About The Exam

Section 2: Marketing Automation Concepts

Lecture 7 What is Marketo?

Section 3: Marketo Walkthrough

Lecture 8 Section Introduction

Lecture 9 My Marketo

Lecture 10 Marketing Activities

Lecture 11 Design Studio

Lecture 12 Database

Lecture 13 Analytics

Lecture 14 Admin

Lecture 15 Remaining Tiles

Section 4: Building & Managing Programs

Lecture 16 Section Introduction & Objectives

Lecture 17 Programs Overview

Lecture 18 Event Program

Lecture 19 Email Program (& A/B Testing)

Lecture 20 Engagement Program

Lecture 21 Default Program

Lecture 22 Recipient Time Zone

Lecture 23 Head Start

Lecture 24 Channels & Tags

Lecture 25 Period Costs

Lecture 26 Person Scoring

Lecture 27 Communication Limits

Lecture 28 Program Membership & Acquisition

Lecture 29 Customer Communication Preferences

Lecture 30 Objective Recap

Section 5: Building Assets

Lecture 31 Section Introduction & Objectives

Lecture 32 Uploading Images & Files

Lecture 33 Forms

Lecture 34 Emails

Lecture 35 Landing Pages

Lecture 36 [Optional] Landing Page Element: Social Button

Lecture 37 [Optional] Landing Page Element: Poll

Lecture 38 Snippets

Lecture 39 Draft vs Approved Assets

Lecture 40 Local vs Global Assets

Lecture 41 Tokens

Lecture 42 Objective Recap

Section 6: Defining & Targeting Audiences

Lecture 43 Section Introduction & Objectives

Lecture 44 Lists vs Smart Lists

Lecture 45 Lists

Lecture 46 Smart Lists

Lecture 47 Segmentations

Lecture 48 Smart Campaigns

Lecture 49 Batch Smart Campaign Demo

Lecture 50 Trigger Smart Campaign Demo

Lecture 51 System Smart Lists

Lecture 52 Privacy Settings

Lecture 53 What Can Be Cloned?

Lecture 54 Objective Recap

Section 7: Analyzing & Building Reports

Lecture 55 Section Introduction & Objectives

Lecture 56 Report Types

Lecture 57 Email Performance Report

Lecture 58 Email Link Performance Report

Lecture 59 Landing Page Performance Report

Lecture 60 Web Page Activity Report

Lecture 61 Company Web Page Activity Report

Lecture 62 Campaign Activity Report

Lecture 63 Campaign Email Performance Report

Lecture 64 Program Performance Report

Lecture 65 People/Group By Status Report

Lecture 66 People Performance Report

Lecture 67 Sales Insight Email Performance Report

Lecture 68 Engagement Stream Performance Report

Lecture 69 Social Influence Report

Lecture 70 Email Insights

Lecture 71 Email Program Dashboard

Lecture 72 Engagement Program Dashboard

Lecture 73 Objective Recap

Section 8: Additional Content

Lecture 74 [Optional] Best Practice Program Build

Lecture 75 [Optional] Example Lead/Person Scoring Program

Section 9: Exam Tips & Mock Questions

Lecture 76 Exam Tips

Lecture 77 Mock Questions & Answer Walkthrough

Lecture 78 Closing

Anyone who wants to start a career as a day-to-day Marketo user,Existing Marketo users who want to upskill to achieve Marketo Certified Professional status,Users of other Marketing Automation tools (e.g. Pardot, Eloqua) who want to broaden their skills to also use Marketo,Marketing managers working for a company that uses Marketo who want to further understand the tool’s capabilities

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 58m | 3.26 GB
Created by: Tom Oakley

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