Beginner to Pro In Midjouney Earn Passive Income

Deep understanding about Midjourney AI Image,Animations,Talking Avatars And Earn Passive Income
Beginner to Pro In Midjouney Earn Passive Income
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Bakhtiar Hussain


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Beginner to Pro In Midjouney Earn Passive Income

What you’ll learn

Deep understanding about AI Image creation and access of Midjourney in Discord to start creating AI Images
Deep understanding to create all type of images using all the styles and features of Midjouney
Deep understang to Sell your AI Art or provide your Service to Earn Passtive Income – Step by Step
Learn to add motion and animations into AI Images
Convert Midjourney Art Into Talking Avatars with multiple ways
You will learn all the things step by step with examples so any one can understand easily even if you are a very new on Midjourney

Beginner to Pro In Midjouney Earn Passive Income


No experience required you will learn everything you need to know
A Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone
You will need a basic subscription of Midjourney to ( Sell Your Art )


Are you want to EARN and LEARN each and everything about the Midjourney AI Art, add Animations, and create talking Avatars using the AI-generated images from the Midjouney? If so, then this course is for you!With Midjourney, you’ll learn how to create impressive AI art in seconds.You will learn all of these things about the midjourney in this courseLearn all the basic things to create and connect to start to generate AI images using the midjourneyLearn to create many types of AI ARTLearn every feature about the midjourneyLearn to add motion and animation into the images which we generate from midjourneyLearn to convert character AI images into Talking Avatars in multiple waysLearn to create many types of logo’sLearn to create the best prompt using the advanced techniques and idea’sLearn to EARN passive income by selling AI ART and by providing your servicesLearn about the new updates whenever midjourney create. Whether you’re a graphic designer, artist, or complete beginner, this course will give you the skills to learn new things about AI Art and earn money from it.This course takes you step-by-step with examples so anyone can understand each and everything. So what are you waiting for?Sign up today and start to LEARN After that EARN from AI ART.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Setting Up Discord

Lecture 3 Setup Midjourney Into Discord And Create Private Server

Section 2: Midjourney Basic Fundamentals

Lecture 4 Create Your First AI ART – Variations, Upscalling, Rerolling

Lecture 5 Midjourney Image Scaling and Differences

Lecture 6 Generate images using Different Aspect Ratio

Lecture 7 Account & Credit Information

Lecture 8 Purchase Plan

Lecture 9 Magic of Keywords

Section 3: Midjourney Settings

Lecture 10 Midjourney Versions & Differences

Lecture 11 Niji Mode

Lecture 12 Image Quality Setting

Lecture 13 Style Setting

Lecture 14 Light upscale & Beta upscale

Lecture 15 Stealth Mode

Lecture 16 Remix mode

Lecture 17 Fast And Relax Mode

Section 4: Midjourney Art Optimization

Lecture 18 Decade Styles Art

Lecture 19 Camera Position

Lecture 20 Lighting

Lecture 21 Coloring

Lecture 22 Merge Multiple Images & Generate new Art

Lecture 23 Re art Single Image

Section 5: Midjourney Special Aft

Lecture 24 Create Perfect Stickers

Lecture 25 Different Types of Painting Style’s

Lecture 26 Create Bages with Different Style’s

Lecture 27 Wood Carving with Multiple Ways

Lecture 28 Generate Beautiful Paper Cut Art

Lecture 29 Drawing Art with Different Style’s

Lecture 30 Coloring Book Pages and Idea’s

Lecture 31 Generate Different type of Tattoos

Lecture 32 Create Movie Posters

Lecture 33 Voxel Art

Lecture 34 Sketech Art

Lecture 35 Emoji to Image Art

Lecture 36 Create Beautiful Icons

Section 6: Create High Quality Logos

Lecture 37 Letter Mark Logos

Lecture 38 Create Emblem Logos

Lecture 39 Create Classy Logos

Lecture 40 Create 2D Logos

Section 7: Change Look of your Images

Lecture 41 Your Image Into different character

Lecture 42 Convert your Image into Cartoon

Lecture 43 Merge Multiple Images And Create New Character

Lecture 44 Combine Image And Emoji – Magic

Section 8: Animate Midjourney Art

Lecture 45 Setting Up – Method #1

Lecture 46 Create AI Talking Avatar

Lecture 47 Convert Midjourney Character Into Talking Avatar

Lecture 48 Add your Voice into Talking Avatar

Lecture 49 Setting Up – Method #2

Lecture 50 Create Talking Avatar – Method #2

Lecture 51 Add Motion in any Image – Multiple Ways

Lecture 52 Add Animation Into Any Midjourney Art

Section 9: Sell Your Art & Earn Passive Income

Lecture 53 Understandings about the copyright

Lecture 54 Earn Passive Income – Method #1

Lecture 55 Earn Passive Income – Method #2

Lecture 56 Earn Passive Income – Method #3

Lecture 57 Earn Passive Income – Method #4

Lecture 58 Earn Passive Income – Method #5

Lecture 59 About This Section

Section 10: Resources & Advance Idea’s To Create Best Prompt

Lecture 60 Midjourney Community

Lecture 61 Extra Best Resources

Lecture 62 Setup Midjourney On Your Phone

Section 11: Wrapping Up

Lecture 63 Thank You !

Beginners to learn everything about the Midjourney AI ART,Expert to learn new techniques and ideas about the Midjourney AI ART,Everyone who loves the AI and want to learn and earn

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 1m | 2.86 GB
Created by: Bakhtiar Hussain

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