Beginning Oracle WebLogic for Administrators

Introductory course to Oracle WebLogic 12c. Learn how to download, install, and create WebLogic domains.
Beginning Oracle WebLogic for Administrators
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Beginning Oracle WebLogic for Administrators

What you’ll learn

Understand Basic WebLogic Concepts
Install WebLogic
Create a WebLogic Domain
Access the WebLogic Admin Console

Beginning Oracle WebLogic for Administrators


A basic understanding of web development and application servers.
A computer capable of installing and running Oracle WebLogic
Oracle WebLogic 12c Installer


This course introduces the student to Oracle WebLogic 12c. Students will learn skills necessary to understand basic WebLogic concepts and administrative tasks. At the end of this course the student will learn how to install WebLogic, create WebLogic domains, and administer WebLogic. This course is geared toward administrators, developers, or architects who are looking to understand fundamental WebLogic concepts and how to spin up a WebLogic environment quickly. Screencasts will be used so the student can follow along at home. There will also be lab exercises and a quiz that can be done by the student offline to further develop their skills.


Section 1: Welcome to Learning Oracle WebLogic 12c Essentials

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Section 2: WebLogic Overview

Lecture 2 Product Overview

Lecture 3 Understanding WebLogic Concepts

Section 3: Getting off the Ground with WebLogic

Lecture 4 Installing Java

Lecture 5 Installing Oracle WebLogic 12c

Lecture 6 Creating a WebLogic Domain

Lecture 7 Conclusion and Next Steps

Section 4: Running WebLogic on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Lecture 8 Bonus: Running Oracle WebLogic on OCI

This course is meant for developers, administrators, or architects looking to gain a basic understanding of WebLogic from installation of WebLogic to creating a WebLogic domain.,This course is not intended for those experienced with Oracle WebLogic 12c.

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Created by: Chris Parent

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