Belly Dance Level 1 Beginners Course

Learn to Belly Dance in a short time and have fun working out whilst learning a new skill!
Belly Dance Level 1 Beginners Course
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Anita Makwana


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Published 12/2022



Belly Dance Level 1 Beginners Course

What you’ll learn

Discover the basic level 1 moves and go through the beginner’s belly dancing syllabus, build core strength, learn isolations, drills and techniques
Learn different variations of hip, shoulder and chest movements and shimmy lots in this course!
Skills to put all learnt movements into dance combinations, and simply enjoy dancing to the music
Lose weight, improve mobility, heart-rate, fitness, tone, flexibility , alignment, body awareness, work abs, glutes, thighs and posture
Improve health, dive into your graceful divine feminine and loosen a tight body helping with PMS, Menopause and pre-pregnancy, strengthening the pelvic floor
Become more confident and comfortable with your body. Release shame, guilt and trauma all held at a cellular level within the hip and pelvic floor areas

Belly Dance Level 1 Beginners Course


No dance or fitness experience necessary – Just the willingness to have fun!
Comfortable clothing. Water. Hip scarf or shimmy belt optional


An introduction to the addictive art of belly dance. Discover the basic level 1 moves and go through the beginner’s belly dancing syllabus, build core strength, improve posture, learn isolations, tone, learn different variations of hip, should and chest movements and shimmy lots in this class! A fun and varied class where your movements, technique, memory and isolations will be worked on. Come to this class if you are looking for fun and fitness whilst learning the beautiful art of belly dance. All levels welcome.By working on specific techniques, posture, movements, styling, musicality and combinations, you will have the ability to grace the dance style with confidence and presence.Guidance and support will be provided throughout the duration of the course and therefore you will see yourself grow into a dancer as well as get more fit. It is an extremely highly rewarding undertaking, especially if this means getting out of your comfort zone and facing any fears or apprehensions you may have.The course covers the following:- Introduction- Warmup- Posture- 10 Hip Movements- 4 Chest Movements- Shoulder and fluid Body Movements- A variety of Travelling Steps- Shimmies- 2 x Combination routines over 5 videos- Arm Work- Cool Down- Outro


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Belly Dance

Lecture 2 Warm up

Lecture 3 Dance Posture

Section 2: Belly Dance Hips Movements

Lecture 4 Knee Drops

Lecture 5 Pelvic Tuck

Lecture 6 Hip Slides and Hip Hits

Lecture 7 Hip Drops

Lecture 8 Hip Drops Faster Speed

Lecture 9 Hip Lifts

Lecture 10 Hip Twists

Lecture 11 Figure of Eight’s and Hip Twists

Lecture 12 Hip Circles

Lecture 13 Hip Shimmies

Section 3: Belly Dance Chest Movements

Lecture 14 Chest Lifts

Lecture 15 Chest Drops

Lecture 16 Chest Slides into Chest Boxes

Lecture 17 Chest Circles – Horizontal and Vertical

Section 4: Shoulder Movements and Belly Dance Undulation/Camel

Lecture 18 Shoulder Hits into Shoulder Shimmies

Lecture 19 Downward Undulations/Camels

Section 5: Travelling Steps

Lecture 20 Knee Drop Walks

Lecture 21 Hip Lift Walks

Lecture 22 Pelvic Tuck Walks

Lecture 23 Hip Circle Walks

Lecture 24 Upper Body Travelling: Walking Shoulder Shimmies, Chest Lifts and Chest Drops

Lecture 25 Forward Taps, Quasi-Step, Grapevine steps

Section 6: Combination Dance Section Part 1

Lecture 26 Combination Routine Video 1

Lecture 27 Combination Routine Video 2

Lecture 28 Combination Routine with Music Video 3

Section 7: Combination Dance Section – Part 2

Lecture 29 Combination Routine Video 1

Lecture 30 Combination Routine with Music Video 2

Section 8: Arm Work Movements

Lecture 31 Arm Work

Section 9: Cool Down

Lecture 32 Cool Down

Section 10: Outro

Lecture 33 Outro – Thank you!

Anyone wanting to learn the art of Belly Dancing,Those who want to lose weight, get fit, tone, be more present, improve their core and get their blood flowing,Belly Dancers and continuing students who would like to learn technique from another professional instructor,Growth seekers, personal development, those who want to improve their health, have awareness of their bodies and awaken their spirit and those who love dance and music,Dancers who wants to learn a different dance style of dance

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Udemy | English | 1h 20m | 1.61 GB
Created by: Anita Makwana

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