Best Netsuite Course for Novices and Professionals

Become an expert in NetSuite by learning the fundamentals of ERP and accounting.
Best Netsuite Course for Novices and Professionals
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Best Netsuite Course for Novices and Professionals

What you’ll learn

Netsuite Overview
Reports, Saved Transaction Search, Financial Reports
Roles Customization, Permissions
WorkFlow, Department, Location
Procurement Process(purchase orders , Vendor return Authorization
Item Fulfilment, .Sales and pricing
Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing preferences
Sales Order, Commitment, Customize Forms

Best Netsuite Course for Novices and Professionals


What is NetSuite and its Background
NetSuite Basics, Basic Accounting, ERP Knowledge


This course’s primary goal is to teach participants the foundations of Netsuite Overview. Utilizing NetSuite Reports, Utilizing Saved Searches, Customizing the Dashboard, Reports, Saved Transaction Search, Financial Reports, Customizing Roles, Permissions, WorkFlow , Department, Location, and Procurement Process (Purchase Orders, Vendor return Authorization, Item Fulfilment, etc.). Pricing and sales, project management, time tracking, preferred methods for billing, sales orders, commitments, and customised forms.Your career as a Functional Consultant, Accountant Professional, Financial Professional, NetSuite Auditor, and Report Specialist will advance thanks to this course.This course will assist you in becoming a certified accountant, a NetSuite auditor, and a functional consultant if you are an IT expert with experience in the ERP industry, a business analyst, a system administrator, or a recent graduate.This course covers the numerous tasks the accountant performs to keep the accounts current as well as how to set up the framework for useful reporting.You may identify and categorise records in your NetSuite account using Departments, Classes, and Locations.By developing bespoke segments, you can define classifications according to the requirements of your organisation. You can use classifications to better organise your data and maintain accuracy. ​You must first enable the functionality and then build up records in order to use each classification. You can use classification records to identify other records in your NetSuite account once you’ve created them. ​Topics CoveredNetsuite OverviewShipping and Receiving,ItemsWorkFlowEmployee payroll,commissions,CRMMarketing,partner,suitecloudAccount ReceivableRoles CustomizationPermissionsResource Management, currency exchange rate integration, Inline EditingLocationDepartment


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Netsuite Overview

Lecture 2 Netsuite help

Lecture 3 My Dashboard, Personalize Dashboard

Lecture 4 Activities, Subsidiary Navigator

Lecture 5 Set Preferences

Lecture 6 Classification(Subsidiary of parent and child)

Lecture 7 Department

Lecture 8 Accounting(Revenue recognition)

Lecture 9 Chart Of Accounts

Lecture 10 Employee list,subordinates,commission

Lecture 11 Entities(customer,vendor,Financial)

Lecture 12 File Cabinet,Ip Address Rules

Lecture 13 Items(Inventory,non-inventory)

Lecture 14 Location

Lecture 15 Multiple units of measure

Lecture 16 Procurement Process(purchase orders)

Lecture 17 Resource Management, Currency exchange rate, Integration, Inline editing

Lecture 18 Sales Process, store pickup fulfilment

Lecture 19 Taxes(Advanced Taxes)

Lecture 20 Transactions(Estimates,Request for quote,sales

Lecture 21 Vendor return Authorization

Lecture 22 Shipping and Receiving,Items

Lecture 23 Employee payroll,commissions, CRM

Lecture 24 Marketing,Upsell,partner,suitecloud

Lecture 25 Account Receivable

Lecture 26 Sales and pricing

Lecture 27 Costing Methods(FIFO,LIFO)

Lecture 28 Accounting Preferences

Lecture 29 Item Fulfilment

Lecture 30 Drop Shipments and Special Order

Lecture 31 Project Management,Time Tracking

Lecture 32 Invoicing preferences

Lecture 33 Sales Order,Commitment

Lecture 34 Customization Manager(List,custom Lists)

Lecture 35 Transaction Body Field

Lecture 36 Custom Segment

Lecture 37 Customize Forms

Lecture 38 Screen Fields

Lecture 39 Roles Customization

Lecture 40 Permissions

Lecture 41 Reports,Saved Transaction Search,Financial Reports

Lecture 42 WorkFlow

Lecture 43 Import CSV File11

This course will assist you in becoming a NetSuite Professional if you are a Software Engineer, IT Professional,Cloud Developer, ERP specialist, Business Analyst, or Fresher.

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Udemy | English | 11h 0m | 4.29 GB
Created by: Sushant Tekawade

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