BEST Spoken English Vocabulary Course 2023

DISCOVER new English vocabulary, phrasal verbs & idioms so you can speak English like a native (Includes PDFs)
BEST Spoken English Vocabulary Course 2023
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BEST Spoken English Vocabulary Course 2023

What you’ll learn

Vocabulary that native speakers use
How to use this vocabulary correctly with the correct prepositions
Collocations (when some words are only used with other words)
Expand your vocabulary and understanding of English
How to correctly use mainly advanced nouns, verbs, adjectives and phrasal verbs

BEST Spoken English Vocabulary Course 2023


Intermediate level of English
You must want to improve your vocabulary


In this course you will learn vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms that native speakers use in spoken English and daily life.The vocabulary is separated into 30 topics including activities, money, work, food and describing people.By the end of the course you will be able to speak English more fluently and confidently because you will know and understand common vocab, expressions and idioms. This also includes learning how to use phrasal verbs, common phrases, collocations and which prepositions are used with which words.This will help you to understand English easier as well if you’re watching a movie, watching the news or just speaking to a native English speaker for example.This course is EXTREMELY useful for students who are taking IELTS, TOEFL or any other English test as it will help you to use less common vocab and idioms.The course includesMore than 16 hours of content;30 topics;Downloadable Word documents for EVERY topic so you don’t have to write down the meanings of every word;Quizzes for EVERY topic;Analysis of the difference between common expressions and words;Which prepositions to use with each phrase/word;Collocations (this means which words are used with other words. For example we say have a drink, not do a drink.);Common mistakes YOU may be making.So if you’re ready to improve your vocabulary and start sounding like a native speaker, I’ll see you inside the course.Who am I?I’m Shane, an award winning English teacher who has been helping students learn English for more than eight years. Over these 8 years I have seen what works and what doesn’t work for students learning English so now I want to share it with you so you can start speaking a language fluently and stop struggling and saying language learning is hard.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Better Vocab Starts TODAY!

Section 2: Activities

Lecture 2 Activities Part 1

Lecture 3 Activities Part 2

Section 3: Animals and Habitats

Lecture 4 Animals And Habitats Part 1

Lecture 5 Animals And Habitats Part 2

Lecture 6 Animals And Habitats Part 3

Section 4: Banking

Lecture 7 Banking Vocabulary

Section 5: Books

Lecture 8 Books Part 1

Lecture 9 Books Part 2

Section 6: Cities

Lecture 10 Cities Part 1

Lecture 11 Cities Part 2

Section 7: Clothes

Lecture 12 Clothes Basics

Lecture 13 Clothes Part 1

Lecture 14 Clothes Part 2

Section 8: Colours

Lecture 15 Basic Colours

Lecture 16 Colours

Section 9: Describing People

Lecture 17 Describing People Part 1

Lecture 18 Describing People Part 2

Lecture 19 Describing People Part 3

Section 10: Doctors And Health

Lecture 20 Doctors And Health Part 1

Lecture 21 Doctors And Health Part 2

Lecture 22 Doctors And Health Part 3

Lecture 23 Doctors And Health Part 4

Lecture 24 Doctors And Health Part 5

Section 11: Driving

Lecture 25 Driving Vocab

Section 12: The Environment

Lecture 26 The Environment Vocab

Section 13: Family

Lecture 27 Family Part 1

Lecture 28 Family Part 2

Section 14: Feelings

Lecture 29 Feelings Part 1

Lecture 30 Feelings Part 2

Lecture 31 Feelings Part 3

Section 15: Food, Drink And Cooking

Lecture 32 Food

Lecture 33 Drinks

Lecture 34 Cooking

Section 16: Furniture

Lecture 35 Furniture Part 1

Lecture 36 Furniture Part 2

Section 17: Houses

Lecture 37 Houses Part 1

Lecture 38 Houses Part 2

Section 18: Law And Crime

Lecture 39 Law And Crime Part 1

Lecture 40 Law And Crime Part 2

Lecture 41 Law And Crime Part 3

Lecture 42 Law And Crime Part 4

Section 19: Money

Lecture 43 Money Part 1

Lecture 44 Money Part 2

Section 20: News

Lecture 45 News Part 1

Lecture 46 News Part 2

Section 21: Pets

Lecture 47 Pets Vocab

Section 22: Politics

Lecture 48 Politics Part 1

Lecture 49 Politics Part 2

Section 23: Problems

Lecture 50 Problems Part 1

Lecture 51 Problems Part 2

Section 24: School And Education

Lecture 52 School And Education Part 1

Lecture 53 School And Education Part 2

Lecture 54 School And Education Part 3

Section 25: Shopping

Lecture 55 Shopping Part 1

Lecture 56 Shopping Part 2

Section 26: Space

Lecture 57 Space Vocab

Section 27: Sport

Lecture 58 Sport Part 1

Lecture 59 Sport Part 2

Section 28: Technology

Lecture 60 Technology Part 1

Lecture 61 Technology Part 2

Section 29: Travel And Transport

Lecture 62 Travel And Transport Part 1

Lecture 63 Travel And Transport Part 2

Lecture 64 Travel And Transport Part 3

Section 30: Weather

Lecture 65 Weather Part 1

Lecture 66 Weather Part 2

Section 31: Work

Lecture 67 Work Part 1

Lecture 68 Work Part 2

Lecture 69 Work Part 3

Lecture 70 Work Part 4

Students who want to improve their vocabulary and sound more like a native English speaker

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Created by: English Understood

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