Best WordPress Plugins

Install and configure a recommended list of plugins to extend the basic core features of Wordpress.
Best Wordpress Plugins
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Best WordPress Plugins

What you’ll learn

Install and configure a range of “essential” WordPress plugins that add features not found in the core WordPress installation.
Confidently search, install, activate and configure a range of WordPress plugins for just about any feature you want to add to your site.

Best WordPress Plugins


Students will need a WordPress website to get the most out of this course.
Students should have a working knowledge of WordPress and how it works.


WordPress is a great site building tool but doesn’t come with all of the features you need to create a vibrant, safe and search engine ready website.  Fortunately, WordPress was created in a special way, allowing third party programmers to create and integrate their own features in the form of WordPress plugins.
The course covers my top 10 plugin recommendations, as well as some of the innovative plugins I use on special projects.
The top 10 plugins will cover the important aspects of your site:
Search engine optimization – get your site visible in the search engines.Site security – stop hackers breaking into your website.Comments Spam – how to stop spammers so you don’t even see their rubbish.Contact forms – giving your visitors a way to contact you.Page load speed – making your site faster so pages load more quickly.  Visitors love fast loading pages, and so do the search engines.Backups – How to backup your website so that you can restore it if anything goes wrong.Advertizing – How to insert adverts into your site, just about anywhere you want them. Related posts – to keep visitors on your site longer, and spread the link juice around your site with valuable internal links.Image lightbox – to help showcase the images embedded in your content.Scheduling posts – using a drag-and-drop calendar to schedule your posts for automatic publishing in the future.
Besides these 10 essential plugins, I’ll be including a number of innovative plugins that I use on some websites. These plugins will help with a wide range of tasks from internal page linking, adding a Google map to customizing the CSS of your site using a point and click plugin.
I have been building WordPress websites for over a decade.  During that time, I’ve refined my list of recommended plugins for features that all of my sites really need.  This course will help you install, activate and configure these must-have plugins on your own website.


Section 1: Introductions

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What are Plugins and why are they necessary?

Lecture 3 What can plugins do?

Lecture 4 Pre-Course Question

Lecture 5 About this course

Section 2: Top 10 Essentials

Lecture 6 Search Engine Optimization

Lecture 7 Site Security

Lecture 8 Stopping Comment Spam

Lecture 9 Contact Us Forms

Lecture 10 Speeding up your Site

Lecture 11 Image Optimization

Lecture 12 Backing Up your Site

Lecture 13 Advertising on your Site

Lecture 14 Adding Related Posts

Lecture 15 Adding an Image Lightbox

Section 3: Top Innovative Plugins

Lecture 16 Planning Post Publication

Lecture 17 Managing & Tracking Links

Lecture 18 Posting Links on Social Media

Lecture 19 Always Visible Sidebar Widget

Lecture 20 Post “Injections”

Lecture 21 Only Show Widgets Where You Want Them

Lecture 22 Adding A Google Map

Section 4: Favourite Paid Plugins

Lecture 23 Automated Internal Linking

Lecture 24 Customize CSS of any Theme

Section 5: In Closing…

Lecture 25 Post-course question

Lecture 26 Bonus Lecture

If you are looking to extend the basic features offered by WordPress using plugins, then this course is for you.,This course is also for you if you want to learn about innovative, exciting plugins that can take your WordPress website to the next level.

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Created by: Andrew Williams

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