Better Business Writing Skills

Learn the skills, tips and tricks of persuasive writing from a professional speechwriter.
Better Business Writing Skills
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Mark Morris


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Better Business Writing Skills

What you’ll learn

How to write clear, concise and persuasive words that will achieve your objectives
The tricks I use to be a productive writer, to enter a state of flow and never suffer from writer’s block
The Big Questions you need to ask before you put pen to paper
How being a persuasive writer will help you achieve your objectives at work
The ancient secrets of persuasive writing
Why being a good writer is vital to the success of your career or your business
How to polish your words with powerful editing techniques
How to test your work to make sure it does what you want it to
How to structure your work for maximum impact
How to use ChatGPT as an effective business writing tool

Better Business Writing Skills


A basic understanding of the English language
A pen and notebook
A desire to put these lessons into practice


*** Free 32-page book with exercises and printable resources ***UPDATE – MAY 2023! New ‘Writing with ChatGPT’ section.This course will teach you how to use the power of words to change the way people think, feel and act. Writing well is a vital part of any successful career or business. If you want to thrive at work you need to thrive at writing. By the end of this course, you will have developed writing skills that will propel your career to the next level.5 STAR REVIEW – “This is such an amazing well structured, clear/concise course with immense value for anyone who needs to write articles and content of any nature.” A.P.My name is Mark Morris. I’m an award-winning professional speechwriter with more than fifteen years of experience writing for senior politicians in the United Kingdom and internationally – including for two former Prime Ministers. During my career I’ve written thousands of speeches to audiences across Europe and North America.I’ve written countless debates in the British Parliament. I’ve written articles for newspapers including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, La Repubblica, El Pais, The Times and Die Welt. I’ve also written for magazines including Wired and Newsweek. I even had the honour of writing an historic and award-winning speech to a joint meeting of the United States Congress. In this course, I’ll give you the full benefit of my years of experience and expertise to set you on the path to writing success.5 STAR REVIEW – “I really enjoyed the course. Each lesson was interesting and full of examples. Mark is a real specialist in his field and it’s clear that he is passionate about his work. You are not only listening to empty words but learning from someone’s experience – which for me is the best way. Even now, writing this review, I am trying to implement what I have learnt – which is a good proof of this course being a 5 stars one.” A.A.This is not a technical course full of complex grammar. It focusses on the timeless principles that you can use to produce clear, powerful, persuasive writing. It now also includes a section on how you can use ChatGPT as a powerful tool for your business writing.The course starts by looking at what good writing is and at the evidence as to why writing well is so important. The course is then divided into three main sections: before you write (planning), while you write (writing), and after you write (editing).Part One: Planning: In this section, I’ll show you what you need to do before you put pen to paper. We’ll ask the big questions you need to answer for everything you write:What is your objective? If you don’t know what you want, you’re unlikely to get it.Who is your reader? Only by understanding your reader and consciously writing for them can you achieve your objectives.What is your voice? Who or what do your words represent? Yourself, your boss, your company? Only by having a clear and consistent voice can you achieve your objectives.I’ll then show you how to plan and structure your work to lead your reader from where they are to where you want them to be.5 STAR REVIEW – “Loved this course! Mark gives you what you need to write in clear English. He goes directly to the point with his ideas, examples, and summaries. After doing this course, I started to see that my writing has improved. My sentences are shorter, cleaner, and more direct. I can’t wait to continue to practice all learned in the course. Here’s fresh news! Mark remastered the videos recently. Now, it’s much more pleasant to watch and to listen. Go for it that you won’t regret.” B.B.Part Two: Writing: In this second section, I’ll guide you through the building blocks of writing: words, sentences, paragraphs and the whole piece. I’ll show you how to choose the right words and put them in the best order so you can achieve your objectives.In this section you’ll learn techniques both ancient and modern that will turn your words into a powerful engine for achieving your goals. We’ll look at the logic and emotion of your words and at establishing credibility with your reader. I’ll also take you through many of the most common mistakes that people make in their writing, and how to avoid them.5 STAR REVIEW – “I loved the way he explained things, simple yet profound. Easy to understand; he lives up to his words. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.” BPart Three: Editing: In this section you’ll learn the vital art of editing. I’ll show you how to sharpen and smooth your first draft into something you can be truly proud of. I’ll show you how to test your words to see if they are clear, understandable and – most important – achieve your objectives.5 STAR REVIEW – “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was fully comprehensive and packed with valuable tips to improve any type of writing. The tutor obviously had a lot of writing experience and didn’t hold back in sharing his knowledge. I liked the way he explained how to deal with writer’s block as it sounds very effective. I’ll definitely use it the next time my head feels empty.” S.M.Part Four: Writing with ChatGPT: In this section, I’ll show you how you can use ChatGPT to enhance your business writing. Artificial Intelligence has huge potential benefits, but it also comes with significant limitations. If you are to make the most of this powerful new technology, you need to understand both.You’ll learn how to use ChatGPT, how it can help you write both simple and complex documents, how you can train it to mimic your own style or that of your company, how it can summarise and simplify text, and how you can use it to generate an endless stream of ideas for you and your company.Finally, I’ll share some of the techniques I use to be a productive and successful writer. I’ll show you how you can enter a ‘State of Flow’, where excellent writing comes easily, and how you can avoid ever suffering from writer’s block.In each section, I’ll take you step-by-step through the techniques, tricks and habits that can transform your writing.If you want to promote your business, excel in your career, and feel proud of your writing, Better Business Writing is the course for you.So join tens of thousands of people already improving their writing skills and enroll now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Better Business Writing

Lecture 2 Exercises and Resources

Lecture 3 Clear Writing: Section Summary

Lecture 4 What is Clear English and why it’s essential for effective communication.

Lecture 5 An Important Message

Lecture 6 The Evidence for using Clear English.

Lecture 7 Literacy Levels

Lecture 8 Section Review

Section 2: PART ONE: Before You Write

Lecture 9 Part One Summary

Lecture 10 Before you write, think about… your objective

Lecture 11 Exercise: Setting Your Objectives

Lecture 12 Before you write, think about… your reader

Lecture 13 Exercise: Identify Your Reader

Lecture 14 Before you write, think about… your voice

Lecture 15 Exercise: Identify Your Voice

Section 3: Structure

Lecture 16 Structure: Summary

Lecture 17 Get Your Ideas Out – Brainstorm ideas for writing you document

Lecture 18 Could, Should & Must – the best way to priorities your information when writing

Lecture 19 Structure: Exercise

Lecture 20 Part One Review

Section 4: PART TWO: Writing

Lecture 21 Part Two Summary

Lecture 22 Building Blocks of Writing: Words

Lecture 23 Building Blocks of Writing: Sentences – 1

Lecture 24 Building Blocks of Writing: Sentences – Padding

Lecture 25 Building Blocks of Writing: Paragraphs

Lecture 26 Building Blocks of Writing: The Whole Thing

Lecture 27 Building Blocks of Writing: Review

Section 5: Principles of Great Writing

Lecture 28 Principles of Great Writing: Logos – The Logical Argument

Lecture 29 Principles of Great Writing: Pathos – The Emotional Connection

Lecture 30 Principles of Great Writing: Ethos – Your Credibility

Section 6: Being Direct

Lecture 31 Being Direct

Lecture 32 The Active Voice – essential for effective writing

Lecture 33 The Passive Voice

Lecture 34 Verbs, Not Nouns – essential for excellent communication

Lecture 35 Taking Responsibility – earn trust through your writing

Lecture 36 Keeping it real – the importance of authentic writing

Lecture 37 Ambiguity – the importance of clear writing

Lecture 38 Being Inclusive – how to avoid alienating your reader

Lecture 39 Management Speak & Cliché

Lecture 40 Part Two Review

Section 7: PART THREE: After You Write

Lecture 41 Part Three Summary

Lecture 42 Editing – Objective Testing

Lecture 43 Editing For Brevity

Lecture 44 Exercise: Editing for brevity

Lecture 45 Editing For Clarity

Lecture 46 Editing – Attention Grabbing

Lecture 47 Exercise: Simplify these sentences

Lecture 48 Editing – Due Diligence

Lecture 49 Editing – Check your words

Lecture 50 Editing – Proof Reading

Lecture 51 Exercise: Proof Reading

Lecture 52 Editing – Read Aloud

Lecture 53 Editing – Hard Data

Lecture 54 Editing Check List

Lecture 55 Wise words from George Orwell

Lecture 56 Part Three Summary

Section 8: PART FOUR: Business Writing with ChatGPT

Lecture 57 Introducing Business Writing using ChatGPT

Lecture 58 Signing up for a ChatGPT account

Lecture 59 Interacting with ChatGPT

Lecture 60 Using ChatGPT to write a document

Lecture 61 ChatGPT as a Business Writing Guide

Lecture 62 How ChatGPT can mimic your own style

Lecture 63 Using ChatGPT to Summarise and Simplify

Lecture 64 Generating ideas with ChatGPT

Section 9: Final Thoughts

Lecture 65 The Practice of Writing: Summary

Lecture 66 Timing – write when you’re at your most productive

Lecture 67 Environment – where you write has a big impact on the quality of your writing

Lecture 68 A State of Flow – how to get the writing magic to happen

Lecture 69 Writer’s Block – never suffer again

Lecture 70 Section Review

Lecture 71 Course Overview

Lecture 72 Learning Points

Lecture 73 BONUS LECTURE: Taking it further

Lecture 74 Photo Credits – Creative Commons attribution

This course is for everyone who writes at work. Whether you write emails, reports, blogs, marketing copy, articles or speeches, this course is for you.,While this course is not designed for fiction writers, many of the principles covered have been used by successful authors for centuries to write beautiful, engaging, dramatic text.

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Created by: Mark Morris

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