BIM Revit Architecture Full Course From Zero to Advanced

Master Revit and Become a BIM Expert for Architects and BIM Modelers (Building Information Modeling)
BIM Revit Architecture Full Course From Zero to Advanced
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BIM Revit Architecture Full Course From Zero to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Master the BIM Process and Learn Revit from Zero
Essential Drawing and Editing Tools in Autodesk Revit
Floors, Walls, and Ceilings in Revit
Technical Connections, Insulations, and Details
Executive Stairs and Drawing All Types of Ramps
Curtain Walls and Designing Partitions
Sloped Roofs and Ramp Drawing Techniques
Importing AutoCAD Drawings into Revit
Steel and Concrete Structures in Revit
Integrating Disciplines of Structure, Architecture, and MEP
Topography and Landscaping for Site Planning and Design
Objects and Furniture with Model in Place
Facade Construction with Reveal and Sweep Tools
Annotation, Tagging, and Grouping
Conditional Writing in Meter Tables
Sheets and Print for Professional Presentations
Complex Shells with Mass

BIM Revit Architecture Full Course From Zero to Advanced




Are you looking to learn Revit and become an expert in BIM (Building Information Modeling)?Do you want to gain a competitive edge in your career by learning advanced modeling techniques?Divided into small, easy-to-follow parts, this project-based training will guide you through the BIM process and teach you all the essential drawing and editing tools in Autodesk Revit. You’ll learn how to define floors, draw walls and ceilings, and check technical connections, insulations, and details. You’ll also discover advanced techniques for modeling different types of stairs, curtain walls, partitions, and roofs, as well as steel and concrete structures.But this course is not just about tools and instructions – it’s also about sharing real-world experiences and solutions to common problems. You’ll learn tricks and shortcuts that will give you a competitive advantage in your career, and you’ll have the confidence to take on any project or challenge.Here are just some of the topics covered in this course:The BIM process and its importanceDefining floors and drawing walls and ceilingsModeling different types of stairs and rampsDesigning curtain walls, partitions, and roofsModeling steel and concrete structures, trusses, braces, and rebarsIntegrating disciplines of structure, architecture, and MEPTopography and landscapingCreating special objects and furnitureAnnotation, tagging, and groupingView templates, stair and wet area layouts, and conditional writingModeling complex shells and facadesPlus, you’ll learn about families, how to prepare a dedicated library of required objects, and how to prepare special sheets and prints.With lifetime access to the course, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and revisit topics as needed. And with a dedicated support team, you’ll have the help you need to master Revit and take your career to the next level.Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a Revit expert!


Section 1: BIM

Lecture 1 BIM Introduction

Lecture 2 The Third Dimension

Lecture 3 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D

Lecture 4 Explanation of BIM Benefits

Lecture 5 Explanation of Ar-VR

Section 2: Revit Enviroment

Lecture 6 Familiarization with Tools & Shortcuts

Lecture 7 Drawing Walls and Selection Tools

Lecture 8 Types of Walls

Lecture 9 Editing Tools

Lecture 10 Exercise 1

Lecture 11 Exercise 2

Lecture 12 Exercise 3

Lecture 13 Explanation of Location Line

Section 3: Walls and Floors

Lecture 14 Explanation of Floor Detail

Lecture 15 Explanation of Floor Height

Lecture 16 Exercise: Adding Elevation

Lecture 17 Exercise: Drawing Console

Lecture 18 Drawing Floor and Ceiling

Lecture 19 Floor Notes and Landscaping

Lecture 20 Drawing Doors and Windows

Lecture 21 Creating Custom Templates

Section 4: Wall & Floor Connection

Lecture 22 Explanation of Wall Types

Lecture 23 Explanation of Multi-Layer Walls

Lecture 24 Drawing a 5-Layer Wall

Lecture 25 Explanation of Connections

Lecture 26 Explanation of Wall Grooves

Lecture 27 Adding Architectural Levels

Lecture 28 Hide & Isolate Tools

Lecture 29 Section Box Tool

Lecture 30 Explanation of Stacked Wall

Section 5: Stairs (Part 1)

Lecture 31 Explanation of Stair Specifications

Lecture 32 Editing Automatic Stairs

Lecture 33 Manual Stairs

Lecture 34 Professional Stair

Lecture 35 Stair Notes

Lecture 36 Replicating Stairs

Section 6: Stairs (Part 2)

Lecture 37 Stair Categorization

Lecture 38 Solving Exercise

Lecture 39 Spiral Stairs

Lecture 40 Default Stair Models

Lecture 41 Executive Notes

Lecture 42 Drawing a Ramp

Lecture 43 Editing Ramps

Lecture 44 Helical Ramps

Lecture 45 Continuing Curved Ramps

Lecture 46 Handrails

Section 7: Curtain Wall

Lecture 47 Explanation of Curtain Wall

Lecture 48 Curtain Wall Settings

Lecture 49 Explanation of Exercise

Lecture 50 Solving Exercise

Lecture 51 Custom Curtain Wall Design

Lecture 52 Solving Exercise

Lecture 53 Designing Panels

Lecture 54 Fixing the Problem of Empty Panels

Lecture 55 Door and Window Framing

Lecture 56 Editing Storfront Curtain Walls

Lecture 57 Coloring all Panels

Lecture 58 Duplicate Notes

Lecture 59 Smart Panel Selection

Lecture 60 Partition Exercise

Lecture 61 Corner Mullion and Spider Correction

Lecture 62 Placing CW in Walls

Lecture 63 Edit Profile for Walls

Lecture 64 Creating Combined Partitions

Section 8: Roof Footprint

Lecture 65 Roof Types

Lecture 66 Opening & Join Roof Tools

Lecture 67 Horizontal Cut Ceiling

Lecture 68 Drawing Pagoda Roof

Lecture 69 Slope Arrow

Lecture 70 Example 1

Lecture 71 Example 2

Lecture 72 Slope Glazing

Lecture 73 Drawing Roof by Sub-Element

Lecture 74 Drawing Ramp by Sub-Element

Section 9: Roof Extrution

Lecture 75 Drawing Roof Extrution

Lecture 76 Example

Lecture 77 Cutting and Shaping the Roof Plan

Lecture 78 Skyligh Design

Lecture 79 Adding Dormer

Lecture 80 Adding Entrance

Lecture 81 Importing AutoCAD to Revit

Lecture 82 Airport Plans

Lecture 83 Visibility Graphic Window

Lecture 84 AutoCAD Importing Tips

Lecture 85 Room Tool

Lecture 86 Area Tool

Lecture 87 Types of Skeleton

Lecture 88 Drawing Axis & Columns

Lecture 89 Main Beams

Lecture 90 Beam System

Lecture 91 Editing Beam System

Lecture 92 Brace

Lecture 93 Drawing Beams

Lecture 94 Drawing Slab

Lecture 95 Foundation Tips

Lecture 96 Drawing Truss

Lecture 97 Slanted Column

Lecture 98 Rebar Placement

Section 10: Link and Ceiling

Lecture 99 Explanation of the Link

Lecture 100 Editing Links

Lecture 101 Partitioning and Copy Monitor

Lecture 102 Stylizing the File Through the Link

Lecture 103 Integration of Different Disciplines

Lecture 104 Tips

Lecture 105 Drawing Stiffening and Joinery of the Walls

Lecture 106 Example

Lecture 107 Grid Head

Lecture 108 Level Head (Part 1)

Lecture 109 Level Head (Part 2)

Lecture 110 Editing Symbols

Lecture 111 Mullion

Lecture 112 Column Modeling

Lecture 113 Parametric Column

Lecture 114 Hexagonal Column

Lecture 115 Structural Framing

Lecture 116 Door Modeling

Lecture 117 Curtain Wall Door

Lecture 118 Curtain Panel

Lecture 119 Lampshade

Lecture 120 Parametric Table

Lecture 121 Parametric Column (Part 1)

Lecture 122 Parametric Column (Part 2)

Lecture 123 Parametric Column (Part 3)

Lecture 124 Stair Details

Lecture 125 Hosted Family

Lecture 126 Wall Light

Lecture 127 Fire Box

Lecture 128 Indian Toilet Bowl

Lecture 129 Chandelier

Lecture 130 Railing Details

Lecture 131 Example

Lecture 132 Example

Lecture 133 Example

Lecture 134 Spindle Railing

Lecture 135 Cane Railing

Lecture 136 Panel Railing

Lecture 137 Glass Railing

Lecture 138 Structural Railing

Lecture 139 Hosting

Lecture 140 Elemets Placement by Railing

Lecture 141 Schedule Window

Lecture 142 Schedule Options

Lecture 143 New Parameter (Part 1)

Lecture 144 New Parameter (Part 2)

Lecture 145 Conditional Formating & Outputting

Lecture 146 Elements Classify

Lecture 147 Example

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Created by: Amir Karami

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