Blender bottle designs

Lookdev, Composition and ambiance
Blender bottle designs
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Blender bottle designs

What you’ll learn

Work with composition lighting and render for product presentation
Learn how to create low-poly 3D models and optimize them for mobile and web applications.
Discover how to create custom brushes and textures for Blender’s 2D painting tools.
Learn how to create stylized 3D models and environments using non-photorealistic rendering techniques.

Blender bottle designs


Basic knowledge of Blender


It’s time to move to the next level and develop with more quality. packshot course focused on lookdev, composition, rendering and ambiance of your products.We will study in theory and practice principles such as 3-point lighting, mapped lighting and the artistic setting for your packshots.You will learn to work in a much more artistic and efficient way with modeling and visualization of 3d products with the free blender software in version 3.0After the great success of the packshot volume 1 course where we worked on the modeling of 6 products focused more on the modeling part, this time we will focus on the visual and artistic part of our packshots.After this course you will be able to present your 3d models in a more artistic and professional way.We will approach the modeling of several products in the cosmetic segment and we will approach the gradient techniques with the color ramp and texture gradient nodes for the mapped lighting and we will talk about the quality and hardness of the light.We will also see the use of the displacement node to generate relief maps in the 3d model in a simple and professional wayAnd as if that weren’t enough, we’ll also cover uv mapping techniques for applying labels to your products.This course will be a strong watershed, as we are going in search of the next level – are you ready?Sign up now and start changing your work concept with packshot 3d right now.


Section 1: PROJECT 01 – Perfume Sauvage Dior

Lecture 1 collecting references

Lecture 2 product modeling

Lecture 3 Standard Three Point Lighting

Lecture 4 Creating Glass and Gradient Shaders

Lecture 5 Applying Labels with Mix Shaders

Lecture 6 Introduction to Environment and Landscape for packshot

Lecture 7 Working colors and textures for the environment

Lecture 8 Seeking harmony in the colors of the project

Lecture 9 Basic Rendering and Post Production

Section 2: PROJECT 02 -Hugo Boss Perfume

Lecture 10 Collecting the reference images

Lecture 11 product modeling

Lecture 12 LightingMapped with Gradient Texture

Lecture 13 Shaders

Lecture 14 Displacement map Label

Lecture 15 Creating Environment for presentation

Section 3: PROJECT -03 Wet Canister

Lecture 16 can modeling

Lecture 17 Distribution of Droplets with Geometry Nodes

Lecture 18 Shaders and Textures

Lecture 19 Landscape

Lecture 20 Analysis of the arts in the light of design principles

Section 4: EXTRA CLASSES – The Detergent

Lecture 21 modeling the bottle

Lecture 22 Applying the Label

Lecture 23 Course Materials and Completion

Designers, artists, the curious and anyone who wants to learn a new skill

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Udemy | English | 11h 46m | 13.82 GB
Created by: The Avenew Academy Bootcamp

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