Blockchain applications in Food Safety Healthcare Pharma

Best course to learn about Blockchain Business Applications in Pharma, Food Safety, Healthcare and Insurance Industries
Blockchain applications in Food Safety Healthcare Pharma
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Roohi Bansal, PhD


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Blockchain applications in Food Safety Healthcare Pharma

What you’ll learn

What is Blockchain?
Blockchain Fundamentals: Explaining Blockchain for beginners
What is Cryptographic Hash?
What are Smart Contracts?
Blockchain Application in Pharma Supply Chain
Blockchain Application in keeping a check on the entry of counterfeit drugs
Blockchain Application in validating the authenticity and effectiveness of the medicines
Blockchain Technology for easy drug recalls
Blockchain Application in solving drug shortage problem in market
Blockchain Application in Food Supply Chain
Blockchain Application in identifying the source of contaminated and tampered food
Blockchain Technology to know the origin and quality of food you are consuming
Blockchain Technology to validate if the food is really organic or preservative free as the label says
Blockchain Technology and IOT to validate if a perishable food is fit for consumption
Blockchain Application in exchanging of medical history with healthcare providers
Blockchain Application in reducing treatment delays during emergencies
Blockchain Technology and Telemedicine
Blockchain Application for minimizing redundant diagnostic tests
Blockchain Application in Health Insurance
You will be able to have meaningful conversations about applications of Blockchain Technology with your peers

Blockchain applications in Food Safety Healthcare Pharma


All you need is passion and curiosity to learn about the disruptive Blockchain Technology and the practical Blockchain applications.
Zeal to know about industrial usecases of Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology has gained a lot of popularity recently. It is claimed to be a game changer by many of the industry experts and is even believed to rule the next decade. The invention of Blockchain technology can be compared to the invention of wheel, motor and internet that changed the world. All of you must have heard about various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc which are powered by Blockchain technology but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The applications of blockchain are far more diverse than what you can even imagine today. The course will make you understand how Blockchain can be a solution for today’s burning problems like: How to know that the medicines that you trust with your life  are authentic and not some cheap counterfeit?Or when it comes to buying organic food, how to validate if the food is really organic than to just trust what the label says?Though there are computers in nearly every medical facility and mobile phones in every pocket why do you still face difficulty in collecting, exchanging and sharing your medical history with your new doctor and how this can be solved?How to minimize the time for settling insurance claims?Here in this course you will learn how blockchain is going to revolutionize pharma, food and healthcare industries and we will also explore the possibilities that lies ahead in many of these multi billion industries. This course will explain Blockchain Technology in a way that even beginners can understand. And if you run a business, you will learn how you can use Blockchain Technology to build trust and transparency in your business ecosystem. This course is perfect for a person who is:1. A beginner and is looking to understand the latest buzz word Blockchain or 2. An expert and who wants to explore more about the practical business applications Of Blockchain Technology 3. A Blockchain Developer and  who is looking for potential business use cases of Blockchain Technology to build the next Google or Microsoft4. Looking for startup ideas in Blockchain TechnologyFurther with a  30 day return policy, there is nothing to lose for you here. If you feel the course is not worth your money, you can return it and get your money back. Though, we assure you that you will not be disappointed by your wise decision of buying this course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course!

Section 2: Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Lecture 2 What is Blockchain Technology?

Lecture 3 What are Smart Contracts?

Section 3: Blockchain Applications in Pharma Industry

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Challenges faced by Pharma Industry

Lecture 6 Counterfeit Drugs – The biggest challenge for Pharma Industry

Lecture 7 Blockchain – The Solution

Lecture 8 Blockchain Application 1: Easy Drug Recall

Lecture 9 Blockchain Application 2: Validate Authenticity of returned drugs

Lecture 10 Blockchain Application 3 – Check on the entry of counterfeit drugs

Lecture 11 Blockchain Application 4 – Avoiding Drug Shortage

Lecture 12 Advantages of Blockchain in Pharma Industry

Section 4: Blockchain Applications in Food Industry

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 Challenges in Food industry

Lecture 15 Blockchain – The Solution

Lecture 16 Blockchain Application 5 – Recording temperature during transportation

Lecture 17 Blockchain Application 6 – Quick traceback of the contaminated food

Lecture 18 Advantages of Blockchain in Food Industry

Section 5: Blockchain Applications in Electronic Health Records

Lecture 19 Challenges faced by Healthcare Industry

Lecture 20 Blockchain – The Solution

Lecture 21 Blockchain Application 7 – Reducing treatment delay during emergency cases

Lecture 22 Blockchain Application 8 – Facilitating Telemedicine

Lecture 23 Blockchain Application 9 – Better data integration of smart wearables

Lecture 24 Blockchain Application 10 – Getting compensated for your medical data

Section 6: Blockchain Applications in Health Insurance

Lecture 25 Challenges faced by Health Insurance Industry

Lecture 26 Blockchain – The Solution

Lecture 27 Blockchain Application 11 – Countering fraud and false claims

Lecture 28 Blockchain Application 12 – Better customer experience through smart contracts

Lecture 29 Blockchain Application 13 – Easy registration of new clients

Section 7: Blockchain Applications in Clinical Trials

Lecture 30 Clinical Trials

Section 8: Blockchain Applications in Genome Sequencing

Lecture 31 Genome Sequencing

Section 9: Blockchain Applications in Land Registration

Lecture 32 Land Registration

Section 10: What’s next?

Lecture 33 What’s Next?

Anyone who wants to understand how Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts work,Anyone who is interested in understanding applications and use cases of Blockchain Technology beyond Cryptocurrency,Anyone who is interested in starting their career in Blockchain,Professionals who want to understand how Blockchain is disrupting the Pharma, Food and Healthcare Industries,Startup Enthusiasts who are looking for Blockchain ideas and Blockchain use cases to start their own venture in this domain

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Created by: Roohi Bansal, PhD

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