Blockchain For Kids

Fundamentals of blockchain, Smart contracts and Crypto currencies explained for kids
Blockchain For Kids
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Blockchain For Kids

What you’ll learn

Define the evolution of the internet from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, including the features and challenges of each.
Understand the basic concepts of blockchain technology, including their features and how they differ from databases
Explain the structure of a block, how blocks are connected, and how the hash is created
Understand the importance of consensus mechanisms in blockchain technology, including proof of work and proof of stake.
Define the concept of peer-to-peer networks and how they are utilised in blockchain technology.
Understand the role of smart contracts, cryptography, encryption, private and public keys in securing blockchain transactions.
Define different types of crypto assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs.
Understand the role of a crypto wallet and how to use it for storing and managing different types of crypto assets.
Create NFTs, Crypto wallets and understand how crypto trading is done
Explore the use cases and challenges of blockchain technology, as well as its current state and potential future developments in the world.

Blockchain For Kids


No prior experience or knowledge is needed
Should be 10 to 18 years old


In this blockchain course for kids, students will learn about the evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0, and the challenges and opportunities presented by each version. They will explore the basics of databases and how they relate to blockchain technology. They will gain an understanding of how blockchain works and the differences between blockchain and traditional databases.Students will also learn about the various components of a blockchain, including hashes, consensus mechanisms, and peer-to-peer networks. They will discover the different types of blockchain, including public, private, and consortium, and understand the role of smart contracts in executing agreements on the blockchain.In addition, the course will cover the basics of cryptography, including encryption, and private & public keys. Under crypto assets, students will learn about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether, and explore the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They will also discover how to use a crypto wallet and explore an NFT marketplace. Throughout the course, subject matters are explained with easy-to-understand examples, visual demonstrations and hands-on activities. Finally, the course will examine the current state of blockchain technology and its use cases and challenges in the world today. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of blockchain technology and its potential for changing the world.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Expectation Setting

Lecture 3 Introduction to Blockchain

Section 2: Pre Blockchain Era

Lecture 4 Introduction to Section 02

Lecture 5 Introduction to Web 1.0

Lecture 6 Features of Web 1.0

Lecture 7 Web 1.0 – Challenges

Lecture 8 Introduction to Web 2.0

Lecture 9 Features of Web 2.0

Lecture 10 Web 2.0 – Challenges Part 01

Lecture 11 Web 2.0 – Challenges Part 02

Lecture 12 Introduction to Web 3.0

Lecture 13 Features of Web 3.0

Lecture 14 End of Section 02

Section 3: What is Blockchain

Lecture 15 Introduction to Section 03

Lecture 16 What is a Database

Lecture 17 Features of a Database

Lecture 18 What is a Blockchain

Lecture 19 Blockchain from a Database Perspective

Lecture 20 Blockchain vs Database

Lecture 21 End of Section 03

Section 4: How Blockchain works

Lecture 22 Introduction to Section 04

Lecture 23 Adding New Data into a Blockchain

Lecture 24 Inside a Block

Lecture 25 Connection of Blocks

Lecture 26 Changing the Hash

Lecture 27 Consensus Mechanism

Lecture 28 Peer to Peer Network

Lecture 29 Proof of Work & Mining

Lecture 30 Proof of Stake

Lecture 31 Eliminate Trusted Third Parties

Lecture 32 Blockchain Demo Part 01

Lecture 33 Blockchain Demo Part 02

Lecture 34 Blockchain Types

Lecture 35 End of Section 04

Section 5: Smart Contracts and Encryption

Lecture 36 Introduction to Section 05

Lecture 37 Smart Contracts

Lecture 38 Smart Contracts Demo

Lecture 39 What is Encryption

Lecture 40 Encryption Demo

Lecture 41 Private key & Public key

Lecture 42 What is Cryptography

Lecture 43 End of Section 05

Section 6: Crypto Assets

Lecture 44 Introduction to Section 06

Lecture 45 Introduction to Crypto Assets

Lecture 46 Types of Crypto Assets

Lecture 47 Crypto Currencies Part 01

Lecture 48 Crypto Currencies Part 02

Lecture 49 What is Bitcoin

Lecture 50 What is Ethereum

Lecture 51 More about Crypto Currencies

Lecture 52 Unit of Measurement

Lecture 53 Cryptocurrency vs Crypto Tokens

Lecture 54 Crypto Tokens

Lecture 55 Non Fungible Assets (NFTs)

Lecture 56 NFT Creation Process

Lecture 57 Crypto Wallets

Lecture 58 Explore an NFT Marketplace

Lecture 59 Create Your Crypto Wallet

Lecture 60 Create Your First NFT Part 01

Lecture 61 Create Your First NFT Part 02

Lecture 62 What is a Crypto Exchange

Lecture 63 What is Crypto Trading

Lecture 64 Crypto Exchange Platform Demo Part 01

Lecture 65 Crypto Exchange Platform Demo Part 02

Lecture 66 Crypto Exchange Platform Demo Part 04

Lecture 67 Crypto Exchange Platform Demo Part 03

Lecture 68 Blockchain Transactions Demo

Lecture 69 End of Section 06

Section 7: Blockchain Use Cases, Limitations and more

Lecture 70 Introduction to Section 07

Lecture 71 Blockchain Use Case 01

Lecture 72 Blockchain Use Case 02

Lecture 73 Blockchain Use Case 03

Lecture 74 Blockchain Use Case 04

Lecture 75 Blockchain Use Case 05

Lecture 76 What is Artificial Intelligence

Lecture 77 Limitations of Blockchain

Lecture 78 What is Metaverse

Lecture 79 What is Internet of Things

Lecture 80 Final Lecture

This course is designed for students aged 10to 18 who are interested to explore blockchain and related concepts,Absolute beginners to blockchain technology are welcome to enroll in the course with an understanding this is a course specifically made for kids

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Created by: Meu Labs

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