Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations

Learn how blockchains, distributed ledgers, digital currencies, and decentralized finance will impact businesses.
Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations
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Igor Pejic


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Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations

What you’ll learn

Pinpoint application possibilities of blockchain and smart contracts within corporations
Use powerful decision diagrams to effectively apply blockchain technology to your business
Shorten your time-to-market by learning about the critical components of a blockchain launch
Learn from numerous real life case studies about the potential of blockchain technology
Recap the blockchain essentials, including consensus, tokens, DApps, and DAOs
A detailed walkthrough the most common smart contract platforms, in particular Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger
Prevent dangerous mistakes by considering legal aspects early on in your blockchain journey

Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations


Basic understanding of blockchain technology is recommended, but the key concepts of both areas are succinctly recapped in this course
The only absolute requirement is an interest in how technology will change business


Welcome to the Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations, where you will acquire the tools to build the blockchain strategy for your enterprise.By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize where and how blockchain and smart contracts can be applied within the corporate world. And you will confidently take strategic actions about the technology within your company.The course contains 8 key segments:Segment 1: Blockchain for business essentialsSegment 2: Smart contract platformsSegment 3: The legal frame enterprises have to considerSegment 4: Blockchain as a compliance-enablerSegment 5: Blockchain and auditingSegment 6: Challenges and roadblocks for corporate blockchainsSegment 7: Managing and controlling blockchainsSegment 8: Applying blockchain technology to your enterpriseThere are many extensive blockchain courses out there, so why choose the Blockchain Masterclass for Businesses and Corporations?1) Immerse yourself into the most effective learning experience you will find on the market. The value of a course is not measured by the hours spent on it, but by the insights gained and stored. Thanks to enlightening demos, quizzes, brain-teasers, and other interactive tasks the succinct and concentrated knowledge will shape your understanding of blockchain forever.2) Learn from a pundit, not just an instructor. Igor Pejic is a globally leading voice on technology and finance. His multiple award-winning book “Blockchain Babel” brought blockchain to the boardroom. And his keynotes and seminars continue to educate executives and experts of all industries. Be one of them! Igor’s predictions on market and technology are accurate time and again. He sees beyond the buzz and teaches what will really matter in the future. Take this course and stay ahead of the curve, permanently.3) Enable yourself to make far-reaching strategic decisions on blockchain technology. Sure, it is interesting to hear about twenty new crypto-coins, but does that really enable you to decide if and how to implement a blockchain? In this course you get applicable knowledge based on hard facts. It is impossible to know all projects in the crypto-space, but understanding the major mechanisms and dimensions enables you to quickly grasp their relevance.If you try the course and conclude you were overpromised, fair enough. You get a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee!Please note that the course does not teach you how to code, nor does it offer specific cryptocurrency investment advice. However, Blockchain Fundamentals is still a valuable asset to both investors and programmers. Obtaining a sober and analytic introduction to key concepts of blockchain is the decisive step to succeed in investing and solution-building.I look forward to boost your blockchain journey!Best,Igor Pejic


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course overview

Lecture 3 Blockchain’s impact on the economy

Lecture 4 Engagement activity: Blockchain‘s potential for businesses

Section 2: Blockchain for business essentials

Lecture 5 Blockchain technology – key concepts

Lecture 6 Consensus: Centralized vs. Decentralized blockchains

Lecture 7 Consensus – Permissionless & permissioned mechanisms

Lecture 8 Tokens

Lecture 9 Smart contracts

Lecture 10 DApps – Decentralized Apps

Lecture 11 DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Lecture 12 Quiz

Section 3: Smart contract platforms

Lecture 13 Ethereum

Lecture 14 The Eth2 update

Lecture 15 Case study: Fizzy

Lecture 16 DAO-Hack and Ethereum Classic

Lecture 17 Hyperledger

Lecture 18 Hyperledger Fabric

Lecture 19 R3 Corda

Lecture 20 Summary smart contract platforms

Lecture 21 Quiz

Section 4: The legal frame enterprises have to consider

Lecture 22 Regulating technology vs. its application

Lecture 23 Jurisdictions – which legal territory applies?

Lecture 24 Intellectual property considerations

Lecture 25 Case study: Bernstein

Lecture 26 Regulator roles and difficulties

Lecture 27 The legal persective on smart contracts

Lecture 28 Case study: legality of smart contracts in the USA

Lecture 29 Interactive excercise

Section 5: Blockchain as a compliance-enabler

Lecture 30 An increasingly demanding environment for companies

Lecture 31 Blockchain’s impact on corporate areas – an overview

Lecture 32 Identity management on the blockchain 1 – Pseudonymity vs anonymity

Lecture 33 Identity management on the blockchain 2 – Asymmetric cryptography

Lecture 34 Case study: Everledger

Lecture 35 Case study: BHP Billiton

Lecture 36 Quiz

Section 6: Blockchain and auditing

Lecture 37 Use case: Civic

Lecture 38 Use case: LogSentinel

Lecture 39 Some caveats with regards to auditing

Lecture 40 Blockchain-caused problems and what it means for you

Lecture 41 Mainstream players are also adding anonymity implementations

Section 7: Challenges and roadblocks for corporate blockchains

Lecture 42 Blockchain security

Lecture 43 Blockchain vulnerabilities

Lecture 44 On-chain security – Attack vendors

Lecture 45 Case study: Mt. Gox Hack

Lecture 46 Challenges blocking the road to mainstream

Section 8: Managing and controlling blockchains

Lecture 47 Interactive excercise

Lecture 48 Risk cartography for implementing blockchain

Lecture 49 Governance considerations

Lecture 50 Case study: TradeLens

Lecture 51 Auditing blockchains

Lecture 52 Blockchain control frameworks

Lecture 53 Quiz

Section 9: Applying blockchain technology

Lecture 54 Blockchain application decision tree

Lecture 55 Blockchains in your organization

Lecture 56 Interactive task – blockchain setups

Lecture 57 Open source blockchain

Lecture 58 Smart contracts in your organization

Lecture 59 5 Tips for Harnessing Blockchain for your Busines

Section 10: Next Steps

Lecture 60 Your view on blockchain’s impact on business

Lecture 61 Your next three steps

Lecture 62 Extra advice

Professionals and executives from IT, technology, payments, supply chain, government, health care, energy, and pretty much every other industry that can profit from the use of blockchain technology,Mangers, entrepreneurs, and students who want to build a career in and around the blockchain industry,Investors and consultants seeking to understand digital assets from the ground up,Everybody who wants to quickly learn about the essentials in blockchain and cryptocurrency

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Created by: Igor Pejic

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