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21 Proven Ways to Create Compelling Content and Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye
Blog Post Ideas
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Blog Post Ideas

What you’ll learn

Always be able to come up with great blog post ideas.
Develop habits and systems for generating and capturing your brilliant ideas.
Say adios to writer’s block.

Blog Post Ideas


To get the most benefit from this course, students should have a blog or some medium for publishing their work, and a basic knowledge of writing.


Never run out of blog post ideas again!
A blogger’s job is never done. To be successful, you need to churn out compelling, useful, and unique posts week after week.
But just when a deadline is staring you in the face, it hits: writer’s block. It threatens to take away your blogging momentum—and your blog traffic and income along with it.
What can you do when you’ve run out of things to say?
Kickstart Your Writing With the Blog Post Ideas in This Course.
Adopt the habits and systems to capture your ideasDevelop the mindset for consistent creativityDiscover untapped sources of inspiration in your life Generate compelling posts from media and industry trendsEstablish yourself as an authority in your fieldTap into the power of vulnerability and transparency in your writing
The 21 ideas in this course are seeds for blog posts that will grab attention, drive engagement, and make you an unstoppable blogger.
Many people think that in order to write and post great content consistently, you have to be some kind of creative genius with a continuous flow of inspiration.  But the truth is, anyone can learn and apply the concepts in this course to strategically set themselves up for consistent and high-quality writing.
The action-focused ideas in this course have been compiled by three blogging aces who’ve published hundreds of posts between them on websites such as The Huffington Post, Copyblogger, WIRED, and Inc.
Content and Overview
With 25 concise lessons running around 90 minutes total, this course is designed to get you generating brilliant ideas fast.
We start with the basics of habits, tools, and systems for capturing your ideas. Then we present the 21 ideas for guest posting, divided into five categories, where you’ll learn how to:
Cultivate a prolific mindUse other people’s content—ethically Get inspired by traditional and new media Expose the good, the bad, and the ugly Share life experiences
By the end of this course, you will be able to access an endless supply of creative and compelling ideas for blog posts that will boost your traffic, influence, and bottom line.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction- Welcome

Lecture 2 Introduction- Capture the Magic

Lecture 3 Introduction- Choose Your Weapon

Section 2: Master the Mindset

Lecture 4 Blog Post Idea 1 — Organized Creativity

Lecture 5 Blog Post Idea 2 — Get Out Of Your Head

Lecture 6 Blog Post Idea 3 — Get Out Of Your House

Lecture 7 Blog Post Idea 4 — Get Out Of Your Country

Lecture 8 Blog Interview: Vanessa Van Edwards

Section 3: Great Artists Steal

Lecture 9 Blog Post Idea 5 — Ask the Audience

Lecture 10 Blog Post Idea 6 — That’s What Friends Are For

Lecture 11 Blog Post Idea 7 — Interview for Success

Lecture 12 Blog Post Idea 8 — Gracious Guest Posts

Lecture 13 Blog Post Idea 9 — Curious Curation

Lecture 14 Blog Interview: Matthew Turner

Section 4: Alert the Media

Lecture 15 Blog Post Idea 10 — Mass Media

Lecture 16 Blog Post Idea 11 — Mixed Media

Lecture 17 Blog Post Idea 12 — Media Darlings

Lecture 18 Blog Post Idea 13 — Media Disruption

Lecture 19 Blog Interview: Nate Cooper

Section 5: Analysis Paralysis

Lecture 20 Blog Post Idea 14 — Best Case Scenario

Lecture 21 Blog Post Idea 15 — Worst Case Scenario

Lecture 22 Blog Post Idea 16 — So Predictable

Lecture 23 Blog Post Idea 17 — Upon Further Review

Lecture 24 Blog Post Idea 18 — How’d You Do That?

Lecture 25 Blog Interview: Scott Ginsberg

Section 6: That’s Life

Lecture 26 Blog Post Idea 19 — Success!

Lecture 27 Blog Post Idea 20 — #Fail

Lecture 28 Blog Post Idea 21 — What’s Your Story?

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 29 Conclusion

Lecture 30 Links to all Resources

Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture: Printable Infographic Cheatsheet PLUS Additional Resources

This course is for you if you’re a blogger and freelance writer, who needs to turn out great work consistently. It’s designed specifically to help you avoid the frustration of writer’s block.,Although the focus is on ideas for blog posts, many of the ideas will be helpful for any creative professional who must produce quality work on a regular schedule, whether you’re a writer, video editor, graphic designer, etc.,This course is NOT for you if you’re looking for help to improve your writing skill, or with the technical side of setting up a blog.

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