Blogging Masterclass Learn How To Start Blogging Today

Learn Blogging, Content Writing, & How To Make Money As A Blogger. Learn Everything About Blogging & Get Started Today!
Blogging Masterclass Learn How To Start Blogging Today
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Blogging Masterclass Learn How To Start Blogging Today

What you’ll learn

Define What Blogging Is And Its Benefits
Learn How To Start A Blog And A Few Insights To Get Started
Identify And Establish Your Blogging Style
Understand The Importance Of Writing With Good Quality
Create A Well-Structured Article
Customise An Article Format Based On Example
Learn How To Use LinkedIn’s Blogging Feature
Overcome Impostor Syndrome As A Blogger
Get Acquainted With The More Technical Aspects Of Writing A Blog On LinkedIn
The Benefits Of Writing Your Own Blog Instead Of Getting Someone To Do It For You
Establish Your Own Blogging Voice And Identity By Sticking To Your Own Writing

Blogging Masterclass Learn How To Start Blogging Today


We start this course from the very basics of identifying the topic, niche, keywords and go to how and where to write.


Need – Anyone who wants to learn how to share his thoughts, ideas, experiences, and opinions with the world through blogging.Value – The complete guide and tools to help anyone find their topic and learn how to write, publish, promote, grow and monetise their blog.Features – The course includes assignment that will help you publish your first blog right away and get you going on your journey of blogging.What do we teach in this course -What is Blogging? Why you should write a Blog?The advantages of writing a BlogThe keys to be a successful bloggerHow to find topic for your blog?The tools to create content and publish consistentlyThe tools to find content ideasThe writing structure of a blogExplore LinkedIn Blogging and its featuresHow to present and increase the visual appeal of your blog?How to market your blog?Learn the ways to make money from your blogThis is just a brief list of all the content we have packaged in this amazing blogging course for you.Just like all our courses we constantly update this course to ensure you get the best tools and tips to help you start, publish and grow your blog.The course will help you get going in your blogging journey, it does not matter if you know how to create a website, or confused what to write about, or just hesitating in taking the first step, we will help you overcome all these obstacles and start blogging NOW!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – What Is Blogging? Why Blog? What Are The Advantages Of Blogging?

Lecture 2 Introduction To Blogging – Peter Alkema

Lecture 3 How To Find Your Blog Topic

Lecture 4 Introduce Yourself

Lecture 5 Let Us Celebrate Learning Together!

Lecture 6 Impact Of ChatGPT On the Blogging Industry

Section 2: Content Strategy

Lecture 7 Consistency

Lecture 8 Content Research

Lecture 9 Types Of Blogs

Lecture 10 Congratulations On Completing 25% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 3: Writing a blog

Lecture 11 Quality of writing

Lecture 12 Structure

Section 4: LinkedIn Blogging

Lecture 13 LinkedIn Blogging Intro

Lecture 14 Getting Your Blog Started Now, Getting It Done

Lecture 15 Writing Yourself Or Hiring A Freelancer

Lecture 16 Congratulations On Completing 50% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 5: Demo

Lecture 17 LinkedIn Articles Demo Peter

Lecture 18 Demo

Lecture 19 Demo

Lecture 20 LinkedIn Article Writing Demo

Lecture 21 New Feature – Schedule Your Blog Article

Lecture 22 Congratulations On Completing 75% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 6: Start Your Blog Now! Learn LinkedIn Blogging And Write Your Article (Assignment)

Section 7: Monetization

Lecture 23 Monetization

Section 8: Extra Insights >> Live Blogging Webinar Q&A With Peter & Salil

Lecture 24 Where can one learn about SEO (beginer frienfly)

Lecture 25 Why should people blog and how can you get going?

Lecture 26 What makes a blog different from the rest of the social media platforms?

Lecture 27 What worth does a blog add to a company and can you monitise a blog?

Lecture 28 Learn the Content strategy for a blog

Lecture 29 Insights on how do you get started the quickest on bloging

Section 9: Extra Insights >> Live Blogging Webinar Q&A With Peter & Salil

Lecture 30 Optional >> Live Blogging Webinar Q&A With Peter & Salil [Full Version]

This course is for anyone who wants to share their thoughts, experience, ideas and opinion with the world

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Udemy | English | 3h 50m | 4.11 GB
Created by: Salil Dhawan

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