Bonds Fixed Income Securities Structure Prices Markets

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Bonds Fixed Income Securities Structure Prices Markets
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Bonds Fixed Income Securities Structure Prices Markets

What you’ll learn

Understand the structure and mechanics of primary and secondary markets for fixed income securities.
Explain the similarities and differences between bonds and loans and the valuation issues of each
Describe the contract features of bonds, including day count conventions, risk, returns and yield calculation
Appreciate the nature and pricing of fixed income instruments and the yield curves
Summarize the characteristics of structured securities, including MBS, various ABS, and CDOs
Describe the characteristics and types of fixed income securities and how they are issued and traded.
Appreciate how interest rates impact the pricing of fixed income securities.
Discuss the role of market makers and other intermediaries in the trading of fixed income securities.

Bonds Fixed Income Securities Structure Prices Markets


Knowledge of the English language
A financial calculator is recommended for this course


This course will introduce you to the market for bonds and fixed income securities, provide you with a lot of details on the characteristics of fixed income securities in general, as well as discuss specific characteristics of specific sectors and products within the fixed income markets, including the players.  The program covers a wide variety of concepts relating to the analysis and validation of those bonds and fixed income securities.  This course consists of 24 lectures classified within three sections:  Introduction to Fixed Income SecuritiesBond Contract Features and Investment CharacteristicsTypes of Fixed Income SecuritiesThe following types of fixed income securities are introduced and discussed:  Government SecuritiesUS Treasury SecuritiesCorporate Fixed Income SecuritiesConvertible SecuritiesStructured SecuritiesMortgage Backed SecuritiesAsset Backed SecuritiesCredit Card and Auto Loan Asset Backed SecuritiesCollateralized Debt ObligationsAgency Securities & Regional/Local Government Debt SecuritiesMore about this course and StarweaverThis course is led by a seasoned capital markets industry practitioner and executive with many years of hands-on, in-the-trenches financial markets sales, trading and analysis work. It has been designed, produced and delivered by Starweaver. Starweaver is one of the most highly regarded, well-established training providers in the World, providing training courses to many of the leading financial institutions and technology companies, including:Ahli United Bank; Mashreqbank; American Express; ANZ Bank; ATT; Banco Votorantim; Bank of America; Bank of America Global Markets; Bank of America Private Bank; Barclay Bank; BMO Financial Group; BMO Financial Services; BNP Paribas; Boeing; Cigna; Citibank; Cognizant; Commerzbank; Credit Lyonnais/Calyon; Electrosonic; Farm Credit Administration; Fifth Third Bank; GENPACT; GEP Software; GLG Group; Hartford; HCL; HCL; Helaba; HSBC; HSBC Corporate Bank; HSBC India; HSBC Private Bank; Legal & General; National Australia Bank; Nomura Securities; PNC Financial Services Group; Quintiles; RAK Bank; Regions Bank; Royal Bank of Canada; Royal Bank of Scotland; Santander Corporate Bank; Tata Consultancy Services; Union Bank; ValueMomentum; Wells Fargo; Wells Fargo India Solutions; Westpac Corporate Bank; Wipro; and, many others.Starweaver has and continues to deliver 1000s of live in person and online education for organizational training programs for new hires and induction, as well as mid-career and senior level immersion and leadership courses.If you are looking for live streaming education or want to understand what courses might be best for you in technology or business, just google:starweaver journey builder starweaver[dot]comHappy learning.


Section 1: Introduction to Fixed Income Securities and Markets

Lecture 1 Introduction to Fixed Income Securities and Markets

Lecture 2 The Primary Market: Issuing Bonds to Borrow Funds

Lecture 3 Similarity of Bonds to Loans & Bond Valuation Issues

Section 2: Bond Contact Features and Investment Characteristics

Lecture 4 Bond Contact Features

Lecture 5 Bond Coupons, Accrued Interest and Bond Pricing Conventions

Lecture 6 Day Count Conventions & Bond Retirement

Lecture 7 Types of Risk

Lecture 8 Sources of Return & Bond Yields

Lecture 9 Bond Yields, Yield to Maturity and Rate of Return

Lecture 10 Yield Curves

Section 3: Types of Fixed Income Securities

Lecture 11 Yield Curves & Government Securities

Lecture 12 Government Bonds & US Treasury Securities

Lecture 13 Corporate Fixed Income Securities

Lecture 14 Credit Risk of Corporate Securities & Trust Indentures

Lecture 15 Secured and Unsecured Bonds

Lecture 16 Convertible Securities

Lecture 17 Preferred Stocks & Introduction to Structured Securities

Lecture 18 Asset Securitization & Introduction to Mortgage Backed Securities

Lecture 19 Mortgage Backed Securities

Lecture 20 CMOs & Introduction to Asset Backed Securities

Lecture 21 Credit Card and Auto Loan Asset Backed Securities

Lecture 22 Collateralized Debt Obligations

Lecture 23 CDOs and Money Market Instruments

Lecture 24 Agency Securities & Regional/Local Government Debt Securities

Section 4: Closing Remarks

Lecture 25 Take-aways

Analysts and associates in commercial, corporate and investment banking.,Relationship managers (0-5 years) in commercial, corporate and investment banking.

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