Boolean Search for Recruitment Sourcing Human Resource

Boolean Search, Boolean Operators, Boolean String, Google Advanced Search, Xray Search for HR Professionals
Boolean Search for Recruitment Sourcing Human Resource
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Yogesh Sharma


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Boolean Search for Recruitment Sourcing Human Resource

What you’ll learn

You will be able to form Boolean String to search talent on Social Media, Professional networks and Google
You will learn Xray search to efficiently find talent on Job Portal, Linkedin, Online Talent communities & Google
You will learn advanced operators to search on Google & other social media channels
Social Recruiting
Boolean Search
Xray Search

Boolean Search for Recruitment Sourcing Human Resource


Recruitment Experience
Human Resource experience


Introduction:This program is designed for Human Resource Management ProfessionalsSourcing is no more a database search,  Today 80% of workforce across the world is available on Social Media, Open Internet, Talent communities, professional networks and Linkedin. Boolean Search for Recruitment & Sourcing is a first step to become future ready recruiter.  This will open hundreds of door to You as Recruiter to explore social and professional networks to find talent.  In this workshop you have 11 Lectures, divided into various practical live case and exercises.  Its important to learn each topic of this session, before you move on to Social Media RecruitmentWhat You’ll Learn?Boolean OperatorsBoolean LogicBoolean StringGoogle Advanced SearchAdvanced Operators XRAY SearchWho should attend this session?All Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Staffing and HR professionalsFreshers who wish to pursue career in HR and Talent AcquisitionRemember this is the beginning  and you can explore Social Recruiting, AI tools and other programs as next in series of this Module.  This module require you to practice it also with lectures and exercises. We recommend you to complete Module assessment, before you enroll for next program in Social Media Recruitment.  Recruit-On – The Talent Acquisition Training Academy, an initiative by ScaleOn to train and certify Talent Acquisition professionals,  This page is to share knowledge of advance recruiting strategies and also inform launch of new training programs in India.  Our lead Instructor is Yogesh Kumar Sharma, who has more than 17 year of experience in Talent Acquisition and have trained more than 3000 Recruiters and he has conducted 250+ workshops in last two years of his stint as Director – Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at ScaleOn Technologies Inc


Section 1: Message from your Coach : Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Lecture 1 Know your Instructor

Section 2: Boolean Search , Operators, Boolean String & Xray Search

Lecture 2 Introduction to Boolean Search

Lecture 3 Exercise: Can you find yourself on Google?

Lecture 4 Boolean Operators (Five Fundamental Operators)

Lecture 5 Boolean Operators ( AND, OR, NOT, “Inverted comma”, Parenthesis )

Lecture 6 Parenthesis and Boolean String

Lecture 7 Exercise: Boolean String and its logic

Lecture 8 Lets create a Boolean String of your life

Lecture 9 Google Advanced Search

Lecture 10 Google Advanced Search: Filetype Operator

Lecture 11 Google Advanced Search: Intitle, Inurl Operators

Lecture 12 Xray Search

Lecture 13 Xray Application on Talent Community

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Udemy | English | 1h 34m | 868.90 MB
Created by: Yogesh Sharma

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