Boost Your Shopify Sales With Retargeting Strategies

Generate more orders on your Shopify Store with retargeting methods and remarketing tactics.
Boost Your Shopify Sales With Retargeting Strategies
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Boost Your Shopify Sales With Retargeting Strategies

What you’ll learn

Inrease Shopify store sales
Product page adjustments and optimisation
Store traffic management
Traffix accuisition/retargeting
Email Retargeting
SMS retargeting
Notifications retargeting
Sales & Promotions Management

Boost Your Shopify Sales With Retargeting Strategies


Shopify basic knowledge


If you have a Shopify store, then you have to watch this course to make sure you are not missing on any sales, Most of your money is hidden in your retargeting methods, So in this course, I will share with you how I do my retargeting properly and how you can get more sales by implementing these tactics, I will teach you the following :Traffic managementHow to do your Email marketingHow to do your SMS marketingHow to do your Notifications marketingHow to do your PPC retargeting Not just theoretically, but I will show you how to setup each and every one of these retargeting channels to generate a better ROI.Don’t miss this course if you are not satisfied with how your store is doing, no matter what kind of business you are running, these methods will work if you are running a drop-shipping store, a POD store, a brand store or a brick and mortar business .Everything I am sharing with you has been tested and used by me personally throughout the past few years, and I have seen some dramatically big jumps in my store returns after focusing on my retargeting, so let me teach you how to do the same.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Retargeting Environment Setup

Lecture 2 Shopify Retargeting Required Apps

Lecture 3 Facebook & Instagram

Lecture 4 Tiktok

Lecture 5 SmsBump

Lecture 6 PushOwl

Lecture 7 Facebook Conversion Tracking Setup

Lecture 8 Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Section 3: Shopify Email Retargeting

Lecture 9 Shopify Email Retargeting

Section 4: SMS Bump

Lecture 10 SMS Retargeting (FLOWS)

Lecture 11 Creating Email & SMS Campaigns

Section 5: PushOwl

Lecture 12 PushOwl

Section 6: PPC Retargeting

Lecture 13 Facebook Retargeting

Lecture 14 Google Retargeting

Section 7: Pro Tips & Recap

Lecture 15 Pro Tips & Recap

Every Shopify Store Owner

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Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 860.41 MB
Created by: Adil Outlit

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