Bootstrap 3 Introduction Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast

Bootstrap 3: Learn bootstrap basic features, classes, grids, javascript. Create responsive websites quickly.
Bootstrap 3 Introduction Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast
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Bootstrap 3 Introduction Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast

What you’ll learn

How to implement bootstrap to any project
Start using bootstrap into any project
How to use bootstrap to quickly create responsive layouts
How to use Javascript easily using bootstrap
How to implement all the bootstrap styles
How to use the GRID system (important)
How to customize bootstrap into small abstractions of codes (Plugins)
Building responsive sites and apps fast will help you make more money

Bootstrap 3 Introduction Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast


A code Editor is needed- But I show how to get one in a lecture
To practice you need a Desktop or a Laptop


Want to be able to create responsive websites or applications fast and easily? Then you need to Bootstrap. This Course is an introduction to Bootstrap Basic Features and How to Use it. This course will have you up and running with bootstrap in minutes and will provide you with the knowledge to keep learning more about the framework yourself as you use it. On this crash course you will learn everything you need, to get started using bootstrap. Even though the title states that it is for developers, anybody with some HTML and CSS experience can take this course. Most videos are short and straight to the point without wasting time in non-valuable material. If you are looking to learn how to implement bootstrap and start using it right away, this is the course for you. Building responsive websites is the key for making a great a income in web development. The number of mobile users is growing every second and the market is huge. Prepare yourself for this growing market by getting started with bootstrap. Bootstrap is the most popular framework for building responsive websites, and applications. Bootstrap makes it easy to add responsiveness to website and apps. There are thousands of pre-built styles and functions that can be used in your apps or pages within seconds of installing the framework. Who is this course for? For new developers who want to start the right path with web development For professionals developers who need to update their skills For anybody with basic HTML and CSS who wants to make their sites responsive What will you learn? Yo will find out what bootstrap really is How to install bootstrap How to use bootstrap How to use all the classes How to to use Javascript within the framework The Famous Grid System How to structure your markup for solid responsive foundation What are the best code editors to use How to customize the framework to get what you need (plugins) and lots more……


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome (Important)

Lecture 2 Editors, Video Quality and Udemy Interface Walk Through

Lecture 3 What is Bootstrap?

Lecture 4 Course Exercises – Reference Files

Lecture 5 Editors, Video Quality and Udemy Interface Walk Through

Lecture 6 Installing and Using Bootstrap

Lecture 7 Form Example

Lecture 8 Rows and Cells (Structure)

Lecture 9 The Grid System

Lecture 10 Activating Javascript (Slider Example)

Lecture 11 Where to Find What you Need?

Lecture 12 Conclusion

Lecture 13 New Student Page Walk Through (Optional)

Section 2: Bonuses

Lecture 14 Building a Small Portfolio (BONUS)

Lecture 15 Bootstrap LightBox Video and Photo Gallery

Lecture 16 Slider with Video and Picture Pop Up

This is course is meant for students who know the basics of HTML and CSS.,New or Professional developers looking for a quick Intro to bootstrap should watch this course,Anybody with a little HTML and CSS background looking to make their websites responsive should take this course,Any freelancer looking to make responsive websites FAST should take this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 2.03 GB
Created by: Edwin Diaz

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