Branding Brand Management with Dekker Branding Strategy

Branding Guide MBA Level : Brand Management, Branding Strategy, Brand Building | #1 Branding Course from top MBA F100 XP
Branding Brand Management with Dekker Branding Strategy
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Dekker Fraser, MBA


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Branding Brand Management with Dekker Branding Strategy

What you’ll learn

MBA Level Branding
Brand Management
Branding Strategy
Brand Tactics
Luxury Brand Management
Fashion Branding
B2B Branding
B2C Branding
How to Grow Your Brand

Branding Brand Management with Dekker Branding Strategy


Moderate level of understanding of marketing and branding


Top MBAs are expensive, time-consuming, and extremely difficult to get into. My goal with this course is to give you an MBA level of understanding of branding and brand management. Learn from a former Global Brand Manager at Sony PlayStation who studied brand management at Philip Kotler’s Kellogg School of Management and has helped countless startups with their branding. If you sell marketing services, this gives you a sophisticated edge over other marketers. If you’re a marketing manager, this gives you a strategic understanding of the role of branding. If you’re a founder, this course will show you how to catapult your company to fame. This course focuses specifically on branding, brand marketing, and brand management. This is not a general course on marketing. I’ll lay out all the foundations of brand strategy and brand tactics, while exploring several case studies both from my hands-on experience as well as my research. This course is built on my personal experience developing and marketing brands, my academic experience, and branding research from myself and others. I’ll dispel commonly held myths about branding and give you a solid, reliable resource for understanding brands so you aren’t relying on flaky Internet resources. Case study on the luxury brand management & fashion marketing leader LacosteKey lessons in fast brand growth, such as the substantial role of influencer marketing & branding partnershipsMy hands-on experience in managing some of the top global brands across the USA, UK, Japan, and CanadaFMCG / CPG brand management considerationsB2B brand management driversBrand management lessons that apply to business-to-consumer and business-to-business (B2B) brandingHow to drive word-of-mouth for your brand using highly efficient branding tactics and strategiesHow to enhance key outcomes such as brand awareness, revenue, excess share of voice, reach, and frequency–both conceptually and through advertising channels such as Facebook and LinkedInHow to penetrate a new market quickly to build brand credibility and awarenessHow to leverage associations to establish a brand that doesn’t yet have credibilityHow to develop a comprehensive branding and brand marketing strategyKey branding sections:How Brands GrowBrand Management Lessons from LacosteBranding StrategyBranding TacticsMacro Business Perspective of BrandingRaising Brand Awareness B2B Branding Personal BrandingBranding success starts with this course, which serves as a branding guide and mini MBA in branding, brand management, brand marketing, branding strategy, branding success, big brand strategies, and business branding.


Section 1: Key Branding & Brand Management Lessons

Lecture 1 Introduction to Branding Course

Lecture 2 The Most Important Thing with Branding

Lecture 3 Building a Story Brand

Lecture 4 7 Rules for Brand Growth

Lecture 5 Brand design

Lecture 6 Brand design example

Lecture 7 Word of Mouth Brand Marketing

Lecture 8 Consequential Word of Mouth

Lecture 9 4 Brand Management Lessons from Bud Light

Lecture 10 Differentiation vs Distinctiveness

Lecture 11 RED Marketing

Lecture 12 Brand World

Section 2: Brand Management Lessons from Lacoste

Lecture 13 Introduction to Branding with Lacoste

Lecture 14 Key Influencers

Lecture 15 Assignment: Brand Partnerships

Lecture 16 Brand Collaborations

Lecture 17 Brands Vs Products

Lecture 18 Assignment

Lecture 19 Visual Identity Is More than a Logo

Lecture 20 How Does Your Brand Create Value?

Lecture 21 Assignment

Section 3: Brand Strategy / Branding Strategy

Lecture 22 Strategy

Lecture 23 Target market

Lecture 24 Personas

Lecture 25 Value proposition

Lecture 26 Customer value proposition

Lecture 27 Positioning, customer value, and campaign ideas

Lecture 28 4Ps

Lecture 29 Changing a brand

Section 4: Brand Tactics (Branding Tactics)

Lecture 30 Logo evolution example

Lecture 31 Brand sounds

Lecture 32 Brand sounds example

Lecture 33 Brand naming

Lecture 34 Motto / slogan

Lecture 35 Brand extensions

Lecture 36 Brand architecture

Lecture 37 Workbook 1 [Brand Strategy]

Lecture 38 Workbook 2 [Brand Tactics]

Lecture 39 Brand Tactics Assignment [Personal Branding]

Section 5: How Brands Grow

Lecture 40 Notes from Byron Sharp

Lecture 41 How Brands Grow Part 1

Lecture 42 Case Study: Airbnb

Lecture 43 Marketing Laws

Section 6: The Macro Level Business View of Brands & Branding

Lecture 44 Brands are not sustainable competitive advantages

Lecture 45 Branding is more important in some contexts than in others

Section 7: Raising Brand Awareness, Ad Recall & Purchase Intent

Lecture 46 Stages of Awareness

Lecture 47 Raising Awareness through Video

Lecture 48 Raising Brand Awareness with Facebook Advertising

Lecture 49 Awareness Campaign Example – B2B

Lecture 50 Reach & Frequency

Lecture 51 Brand KPI Benchmarks

Lecture 52 Ad Recall & Purchase Intent [Facebook Data]

Lecture 53 Repetition

Lecture 54 Brand Marketing Measurements & Mistakes

Lecture 55 A Million Impressions Campaign Example

Section 8: Important Branding Notes

Lecture 56 Influencer Video

Lecture 57 What Is a Brand Manager?

Lecture 58 Limitations of the 4Ps

Lecture 59 Marketing Small Vs. Large Companies

Lecture 60 Positioning

Lecture 61 Creative: Direct Response & Brand Marketing

Lecture 62 The consumer journey, go-to-market

Lecture 63 Research, metrics, and advertising

Section 9: B2B Branding

Lecture 64 Out of Market Buyers

Lecture 65 Mascots & Emotions in B2B Branding

Lecture 66 B2B Creative Branding

Lecture 67 Make Your B2B Brand FAMOUS

Lecture 68 Other Lessons from the B2B Institute

Lecture 69 B2B Branding for SAAS

Lecture 70 Brex Example

Section 10: Personal Branding

Lecture 71 Rule #1 of Personal Branding

Lecture 72 Assignment

Lecture 73 What LinkedIn Teaches Us about Branding

Lecture 74 More on Personal Branding

Lecture 75 Assignment

Lecture 76 Personal Branding 3

Lecture 77 Fashion Matters!

Lecture 78 Iconic Fashion for Building a Personal Brand

Lecture 79 Assignment

Lecture 80 When Branding Matters More

Lecture 81 Life Coach Case Study + Psychology & Influence

Lecture 82 Your Comprehensive Personal Branding Plan

Lecture 83 Personal Branding CASE STUDY

Lecture 84 Assignment

Lecture 85 Influencer Outreach

Lecture 86 Strong Point of View


Lecture 88 Being the Best Does Not Matter

Lecture 89 The FASTEST Way to Raise Your Brand Awareness


Lecture 91 How to Be More Likeable

Lecture 92 Shark Tank

Lecture 93 Assignment

Lecture 94 11 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand [Harvard Business Review]

Lecture 95 Professional Service Personal Branding

Lecture 96 Assignment

Lecture 97 Dan Lok

Lecture 98 Appendix

Lecture 99 New! LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads

Lecture 100 LinkedIn Thought leader Example

Lecture 101 Lessons from Grant Cardone

Section 11: Becoming Famous

Lecture 102 Reach 1

Lecture 103 Reach 2

Lecture 104 Reach 3

Lecture 105 Reach 4

Lecture 106 Reach 5

Lecture 107 Collaborators 1

Lecture 108 Collaborators 2

Lecture 109 Collaborators 3

Lecture 110 Collaborators 4

Lecture 111 Collaborators 5

Lecture 112 Hit Makers 1

Lecture 113 Hit Makers 2

Lecture 114 Blockbusters 1

Lecture 115 Blockbusters 2

Section 12: Lessons from One Million Followers

Lecture 116 One Million Followers A

Lecture 117 One Million Followers B

Lecture 118 One Million Followers C

Lecture 119 One Million Followers D

Section 13: Recommended Branding Resources – Video

Lecture 120 Resources

Lecture 121 Personal Branding & more

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Created by: Dekker Fraser, MBA

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