Brazilian Music Expert

Learn all the brazilian music history 1500-Nowdays, most famous musicians, brazilians instruments and musical genres.
Brazilian Music Expert
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Clayton Gonçalves de Oliveira Filho


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Brazilian Music Expert

What you’ll learn

Knowledge about the Brazilian Music History, since beginning to nowdays
Knowledge about the brazilian music instruments
Knowledge about brazilian musical genres
Knowledge about of more than 500 of the most famous brazilian musicians

Brazilian Music Expert


The course have no pre-requirement, you will learn everything you need in the course
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The “Brazilian Music Expert” course is a comprehensive and engaging journey through the rich history of Brazilian music. Starting from the earliest roots of musical traditions, you will explore the evolution of Brazilian music from its indigenous and colonial influences to its current global popularity. With an emphasis on more than 500 of the most renowned Brazilian musicians, you’ll learn about their unique styles, techniques, and contributions to the world of music.The course also covers traditional Brazilian musical instruments and genres, including samba, bossa nova, MPB, and forró. You’ll discover how these forms of music have become iconic symbols of Brazilian culture and continue to inspire musicians and audiences around the world.Whether you’re a music lover, aspiring musician, or simply seeking a greater appreciation for the art of Brazilian music, this course has something for everyone. With an organized and enthusiastic approach, you’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of the rich history and vibrant culture of Brazilian music. So enroll now and start your journey to becoming a Brazilian Music Expert!Along the time, the course that is starting its first edition with 31 lessons can expanded, as more info is gathered in Brazil. Acquiring the course you will have life acess to all updates.Welcome to your brazilian music journey!


Section 1: Introdução

Lecture 1 Introdução

Section 2: Brazilian Music History

Lecture 2 Brazilian Music History Part 1 (1500 – 1800)

Lecture 3 Brazilian Music History Part 2 (1800 – 1900)

Lecture 4 Brazilian Music History Part 3 (1900 – 1920)

Lecture 5 Brazilian Music History Part 4 (1920 – 1930)

Lecture 6 Brazilian Music History Part 5 (1930 – 1940)

Lecture 7 Brazilian Music History Part 6 (1940 – 1950)

Lecture 8 Brazilian Music History Part 7 (1950 – 1960)

Lecture 9 Brazilian Music History Part 8 (1960 – 1970)

Lecture 10 Brazilian Music History Part 9 (1970 – 1980)

Lecture 11 Brazilian Music History Part 10 (1980 – 1990)

Lecture 12 Brazilian Music History Part 11 (1990 – 2000)

Lecture 13 Brazilian Music History Part 12 (2000 – 2010)

Lecture 14 Brazilian Music History Part 13 (2010 – Nowdays)

Section 3: Traditional Brazilian Music Instruments

Lecture 15 Traditional Brazilian Instruments

Section 4: Brazilian Music Genres

Lecture 16 Indigenous Music and Carimbó

Lecture 17 Samba

Lecture 18 Choro and Maxixe

Lecture 19 Moda de Viola, Sertanejo Raiz e Sertanejo Universitário

Lecture 20 Bossa Nova and MPB

Lecture 21 Brazilian Rock and Heavymetal

Lecture 22 Forró and Baião

Lecture 23 Brazilian Reggae

Lecture 24 Brazilian Rap

Lecture 25 Brazilian Gospel

Lecture 26 Electronic Brazilian Music

Lecture 27 Funk

Lecture 28 Pagode

Lecture 29 Axé

Lecture 30 Brega

Lecture 31 Frevo

Lecture 32 Brazilian Pop

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Udemy | English | 8h 1m | 7.35 GB
Created by: Clayton Gonçalves de Oliveira Filho

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