Brewing Kombucha with a Conscious Mind with FREE eBook

Zero Waste Brewing
Brewing Kombucha with a Conscious Mind with FREE eBook
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Brewing Kombucha with a Conscious Mind with FREE eBook

What you’ll learn

What is kombucha? And a brief history
How to buy zero waste and seasonal ingredients
How to brew kombucha: first and second ferment (carbonation)
Flavouring and carbonation techniques

Brewing Kombucha with a Conscious Mind with FREE eBook


No experience needed


Become a Home BrewerYou will learn the simple way to consciously brew your kombucha at home with a step by step video guide. From the first ferment, to the bottling / carbonation.You will also learn a brief history on fermentation and kombucha. We touch on the importance of probiotics and the power to heal your gut. We will also guide you through where to get your SCOBY and what to look out for to make sure its in good health.What’s included?4 VideoseBook: Brewing Kombucha with a Conscious MindMethod and RecipeBeing a part of a private Facebook community with brewers from all over the worldPersonal tips and tricksLive frequently asked questions WHAT IS KOMBUCHA?Kombucha is a fermented sweat tea. Within the fermentation of this tea many beneficial bacteria’s are formed.And so, Kombucha contains natural probiotics and antioxidants.Probiotics are essentially the good bacteria we put in to our bodies.These probiotics and antioxidants in Kombucha promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits.These include benefits for weight loss, digestive health, immune function and disease protection.HOW IS IT MADE?Fermentation is one of the most antique methods of food preservation, essential to ensure the life and safety of food.And during the fermentation process of kombucha many chemical reactions occur converting sugar and tea to several beneficial acids, vitamins and enzymes.Our brewery is done in a small scale allowing us to fully monitor each bottle and batch.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 First Ferment

Lecture 3 Second Ferment: Bottling and Carbonation

Lecture 4 Final Results

Lecture 5 FAQ’s

Lecture 6 Tea Bag Sewing Pattern

Beginners, intermediate and pros looking to switch to zero waste and conscious brewing

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Created by: Olivia Figueiredo

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