Build A Blog in 30 Days

Avoid Writer’s Block and Create a Blog You Are Proud of In As Little As 30 Days.
Build A Blog in 30 Days
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Build A Blog in 30 Days

What you’ll learn

How to build a blog in 30 days.
How you can record “blog post ideas” whenever and wherever you are.
Sorting out hosting a domain name and installing WordPress
Setting up WordPress so it will take care of the technical stuff, while you can concentrate on writing blog posts.
The important pages that all websites need, and how to create them.
How to avoid writer’s block and come up with an unlimited number of blog post ideas.
How to use the Gutenberg Editor to craft your blog posts.
The importance of your inner circle.
Using social media to increase your exposure.
Options for making money from your blog.
How and where to promote your blog.
Ideas to expand you blog in the future.

Build A Blog in 30 Days


How to use a computer.
An internet connection.
A working knowledge of WordPress is useful, though the course does cover everything you need to know if you are a complete beginner.


Having your own blog can be an exciting and rewarding journey.  But for many people, the technical aspects of setting it all up and maintaining the blog becomes an obstacle, so they never start.  For other bloggers, it’s writer’s block that kicks in and makes updating the blog a chore.If you want to create a blog or want to kick start an existing blog, this course is for you.  We’ll cover:Why you need to be using a particular type of WordPress.What to look for when choosing a domain name.How to buy web hosting and get your domain set up with your host.How to set WordPress up so that it is ready to start accepting your blog post.  We’ll configure WordPress so that it takes care of the technical stuff, while you can focus on the creative side of writing your blog.The two types of homepage you can have on your blog, and how to set these up.The essential web pages your site needs, and how to create them easily.Why and how to keep “blog-related” notes as you go about your daily lives.The power of social media in getting your blog noticed.  WordPress themes and plugins.My own techniques for coming up with an unlimited number of blog post ideas. This includes my own methods for using two types of keyword research to come up with blog post ideas and the actual titles.How to create and publish a blog post in WordPress.Using categories and tags effectively, to improve your reader’s experience.30 days of content ideas.The options for making money from your blog.How to promote your blog with the resources you have available to you.By the end of this course, you can have a blog you are proud of, in as little as 30 days.  The good news is that after 30 days, blogging will be a habit and your blog can go from strength to strength.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Keeping Notes

Lecture 3 Why

Section 2: Domain & Hosting

Lecture 4 Buying a Domain

Lecture 5 Getting Web Hosting

Section 3: Setting Everything Up

Lecture 6 Twitter

Lecture 7 Setting Up Structure

Lecture 8 Homepage Options

Lecture 9 Static Page

Lecture 10 Choosing a Theme

Lecture 11 Widgets

Section 4: Content Creation

Lecture 12 Let’s Talk About Content

Lecture 13 9 Sites for Content Ideas

Lecture 14 80 Ideas for Blog Posts

Lecture 15 Keyword Research

Lecture 16 Demo Session

Lecture 17 Creating Content

Lecture 18 Tags & Categories

Section 5: Gutenberg Editor

Lecture 19 Important Note on Gutenberg

Lecture 20 Gutenberg Overview

Lecture 21 Interface

Lecture 22 Anatomy of a Block

Lecture 23 Adding Blocks to Build a Post

Lecture 24 Group Block

Lecture 25 Inserting Images & Wrap

Lecture 26 Cover Block

Lecture 27 Columns

Lecture 28 Reusable Blocks

Lecture 29 Finding More Blocks

Section 6: Let’s Write!

Lecture 30 Create Your First Blog Post

Lecture 31 Tweet It!

Lecture 32 You’re Inner Circle

Lecture 33 30 Days of Content

Section 7: Other Pages

Lecture 34 Other Pages

Lecture 35 About Us

Lecture 36 Contact

Lecture 37 Legal Pages

Section 8: Blog Monetization

Lecture 38 Monetization

Lecture 39 Google Adsense

Lecture 40 Affiliate Programs

Lecture 41 Affiliate Disclaimer

Section 9: Blog Promotion

Lecture 42 Promotions of Your Blog

Lecture 43 Social Media Channels

Lecture 44 Sharing Plugins

Lecture 45 Social Channel Links

Lecture 46 Setting Up a Gravatar

Lecture 47 Comment on Other Blogs

Lecture 48 Collaborate With Other Sites

Lecture 49 Reply to Comments

Lecture 50 Future Plans

Lecture 51 Autoresponder Service

Section 10: Resources

Lecture 52 Bonus lecture

Anyone wishing to build a successful blog.,Anyone that suffers writers block.,Anyone wishing to monetise their blog.,Anyone needing the motivation to get their blog up and running.,Anyone that needs a responsive instructor. I am here to help answer your questions and offer advise where I can. I want to see your success.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 43m | 2.40 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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