Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots

Learn how to implement an AI-powered bot on Salesforce from start to finish
Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots
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Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots

What you’ll learn

Build and deploy an Einstein Bot on the Salesforce platform
Understand the fundamental concepts of building a NLP-powered chatbot
Create basic dialog flows using declarative no-code configuration
Learn how to extend out-of-the-box functions using simple Apex classes
Use best practices for managing and optimizing your Bot
Deploy your Bot on to your website or community

Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots


Basic Knowledge of Salesforce and Service Cloud


This course will teach you how to build chatbots directly on the Salesforce Platform using Einstein Bots. The Einstein Bot Builder provides a very easy to use graphical interface to create a full-fledged bot in a matter of just a few hours. This course focuses on setting up a basic chatbot to meet the needs of a small business looking to increase deflection and self-service in the contact center.You will learn the following:How to set up and prepare your org for Einstein BotsHow to teach your bot to answer basic customer FAQsAdd Natural Language Processing (NLP) to have your bot deeply understand what your users are sayingIncorporate Flows and Apex Code to execute custom business logic within SalesforceStrategies to maintain and optimize your bot as it scalesAnd much more…You do not need to know how to write Apex for this course, as it is focused on using no-code declarative solutions to get your bot off the ground. With Einstein Bots, you can tap into all of the existing objects and data you have in your org without any third party integrations. It’s time to take your contact center into the 21st century with Einstein Bots!This course uses a free developer edition org to develop in. Your company’s org may require additional licensing to enable Einstein Bots within your production org. Contact your Salesforce AE for more information on licensing terms.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Setting Up Your Org

Lecture 2 Signing Up For a Developer Edition Org

Lecture 3 Enabling Chat in your org

Lecture 4 Enabling Einstein Features in your org

Lecture 5 Enable Einstein Bots in your org

Lecture 6 Set Up Omni-Channel Routing

Lecture 7 Create an Omni-Channel Queue

Lecture 8 Create a Chat Button

Lecture 9 Create a Site for your Bot

Lecture 10 Create a Chat Deployment

Lecture 11 Create an Embedded Service

Section 3: Getting Started with the Bot Builder

Lecture 12 Creating your first Bot

Lecture 13 Note about Summer ’22 updates to the Einstein Bot Builder

Lecture 14 Intro Walkthrough: Dialogs

Lecture 15 Intro Walkthrough: Bot Overview

Lecture 16 Intro Walkthrough: Entities and Variables

Lecture 17 Intro Walkthrough: Performance and Model Management

Lecture 18 Identifying Bot Intents and Use Cases

Section 4: Add Customer FAQs to your Bot

Lecture 19 Creating your first FAQ responses

Lecture 20 Adding FAQs to the main menu

Section 5: Use NLP to understand your users

Lecture 21 Add “Exact Match” NLP to the Bot

Lecture 22 Create an Intent Set for Einstein ML NLP

Lecture 23 Use Intent Sets for Deeper Understanding

Section 6: Use Flows inside your Bot

Lecture 24 Setting up Case creation dialogs

Lecture 25 Creating a Flow to insert Cases

Lecture 26 Invoke a Flow from the Bot

Lecture 27 Understanding Einstein Bot Permissions

Section 7: Advanced Topic: Use Apex Code with your Bot

Lecture 28 Get your Bot ready to use Apex

Lecture 29 Writing an InvocableMethod Apex Class

Lecture 30 Call the Apex Class from your Bot

Lecture 31 Testing and Troubleshooting your Bot

Section 8: Deploying your Einstein Bot

Lecture 32 Adding your Bot to a Community (Digital Experience Site)

Lecture 33 Embedding your Bot on an External Website

Section 9: Maintain and Optimize your Bot

Lecture 34 Optimize your Language Model

Lecture 35 Tips for Salesforce Component Deployments

Lecture 36 Bonus Lecture: Transfer to Live Agents

Lecture 37 Bonus Lecture: Use Knowledge Article Answers

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 38 Thank you

Salesforce Developers looking to implement Einstein Bots in their org,SFDC Admins who want to understand Einstein Bots’ features and ROI,Contact Center professionals who want to achieve greater efficiency and higher customer satisfaction using a chatbot on Salesforce

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 46m | 892.35 MB
Created by: Mike Curry

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