Build A Dental Website With Python and Django

Learn Template Driven Web Development With Django and Python!
Build A Dental Website With Python and Django
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Build A Dental Website With Python and Django

What you’ll learn

Introductory Django
How to Build Template Driven Websites With Django
Download and Install Python
Install Django
How To Manage URL’s
How to Create Views/Pages
How to Use Templates
How To Build Any Basic Business Website

Build A Dental Website With Python and Django


No programming skills or special tools are necessary to take this course
You just need a computer with Internet access and a Web Browser


In this course you’ll learn to build websites with Python and Django by building out a cool and professional Dentist website! Why a Dental website?  Many coders want to become freelance web developers, and what better way to get gigs than by building websites for all the Dentists in your area! In this course you’ll learn to build websites fast using free HTML templates.  We’ll download a dental template for free and then customize it to suit our needs.  You’ll learn to…Install PythonInstall The Sublime Text Editor and Git Bash TerminalSet Up A Virtual EnvironmentInstall Django and Start Our ProjectRun the Django ServerStart a New Django AppUrls .pyBuild our First WebpageDownload the Dental TemplateCreate Static DIRSInstall the Dental TemplateAdd Static Tags to The TemplateTweak Our Static Tags (part 1)Tweak Our Static Tags (part 2)Tweak Our Static Tags (part 3)Building Django LinksTweak The HTML TemplateAdd Custom ImagesAdd A VideoContact PageChange The Contact Page MapBuild The Contact FormBuild The Contact Form (part 2)Send Email With DjangoSend Email With Django (part 2)Send Email With The Development Sendmail ServerCreate an Email Response PageVersion Control With GitGithub . comIntro To Heroku For WebhostingInstall The Heroku ToolbeltInstall Modules For HerokuSettings .py Heroku ChangesPush Our Code To HerokuAdd A Domain NameThis is a really fun course with a cool project! When we’re finished you’ll have a nice website to add to your portfolio!See you inside!-John Elder


Section 1: Install All The Web Development Tools

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 First Things First: How To Get Support Fast!

Lecture 3 Install Python

Lecture 4 Install The Sublime Text Editor and Git Bash Terminal

Lecture 5 Set Up A Virtual Environment

Lecture 6 Install Django and Start Our Project

Lecture 7 Run the Django Server

Lecture 8 Start a New Django App

Lecture 9 Files

Section 2: Build Our Dental Website

Lecture 10 Build our First Webpage

Lecture 11 Download the Dental Template

Lecture 12 Create The Static Directory

Lecture 13 Install the Dental Template

Lecture 14 Add Static Tags to The Template

Lecture 15 Tweak Our Static Tags (part 2)

Lecture 16 Tweak Our Static Tags (part 3)

Lecture 17 Building Django Links

Lecture 18 Tweak The HTML Template

Lecture 19 Add Custom Images

Lecture 20 Add A Video

Lecture 21 Contact Page

Lecture 22 Change The Contact Page Map

Lecture 23 Build The Contact Form

Lecture 24 Build The Contact Form (part 2)

Lecture 25 Send Email With Django

Lecture 26 Send Email With Django (part 2)

Lecture 27 Send Email With The Development Sendmail Server

Lecture 28 Create an Email Response Page

Section 3: Version Control And Web Hosting

Lecture 29 Version Control With Git

Lecture 30

Lecture 31 Intro To Heroku For Webhosting

Lecture 32 Install The Heroku Toolbelt

Lecture 33 Install Modules For Heroku

Lecture 34 Heroku Changes

Lecture 35 Push Our Code To Heroku

Lecture 36 Add A Domain Name

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 37 Bonus Lecture

This course is aimed towards absolute beginners who want to learn the to build Websites with Django and Python,Anyone wanting to learn to build web apps

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 14m | 3.59 GB
Created by: John Elder

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