Build a Forensic Virtual Machine

Learn how to build a virtual SIFT Workstation
Build a Forensic Virtual Machine
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Michael Leclair


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Build a Forensic Virtual Machine

What you’ll learn

Learn how to set-up Virtualbox for a Sift Workstation
Learn how to install Ubuntu on Virtualbox
Learn how to resolve common issues with Virtualbox
Learn how to install the Sift Workstation using the new CLI

Build a Forensic Virtual Machine


Mac or PC
VirtualBox Software (free)
Ubuntu v16.04 (free)
Sift Workstation (free)


Updated for the new SIFT CLI MethodThis class will teach you how to create a forensic virtual machine using freely available tools. Follow step-by-step instructions to set-up your virtual hardware, install Ubuntu Linux (version 16.04) and install the new SIFT Workstation.
The SIFT workstation is a pre-made computer forensic platform loaded with Linux-based forensic tools. Take advantage of one the best computer forensic platforms available and have it at the ready as a virtual machine for when you need it.


Section 1: Overview & Getting Started

Lecture 1 Welcome & Introduction

Section 2: Creating a Virtual Forensic Machine

Lecture 2 Setting up your Virtual Hardware

Lecture 3 Installing Ubuntu on Virtualbox

Lecture 4 Finishing the Ubuntu installation

Lecture 5 Guest Additions and Shared Folders

Lecture 6 Creating a SIFT Workstation

Computer Forensic Examiners,IT Professionals,Students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 0h 34m | 76.29 MB
Created by: Michael Leclair

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