Build a Successful 2023 Solar Energy OffGrid PV Business

Become Solar Energy Engineer
Build a Successful 2023 Solar Energy OffGrid PV Business
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Build a Successful 2023 Solar Energy OffGrid PV Business

What you’ll learn

PV system overview
Difference between Amps, Volts and Watts?
Describe PV array configuration
How to build your own combiner box (Real Experience)
Full Knowledge about the types of solar energy components in the market.
Design the full PV Solar System
Sizing and selecting the right component for your Solar Energy project.
The effects of temperature and wind loading
Sun Peak Hour (SPH)

Build a Successful 2023 Solar Energy OffGrid PV Business


No previous knowledge of the Solar Energy system required.


In this course, you will learn from scratch how to become a master of Solar Energy PV Off-Grid System. What is the difference about this course compared with what is already there, is that I provide a real-life experience that would make the learning process more profound with exciting flavor. This is where the power of the Solar Energy PV Off-Grid system will be unleashed. Enroll Now and let’s start the success journey !!An off-grid solar system is designed for the power needs of mid- to large-size homes. Unlike grid-tied solar systems, off-grid systems have no connection to the utility grid, and must make all the electricity necessary to power your home.Off-grid solar systems operate from the stored energy in a battery bank. Solar panels generate power to charge the battery bank. Your off-grid solar system must be sized properly to meet your daily power needs and replace the stored energy pulled from the battery bank.Off-grid living is appealing for many reasons. Maybe your utility company is unreliable, or power from the utility company in your area is too expensive. Regardless of your reason(s) for going off-grid, the first step is to determine how much power you will need to produce and store.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Off-Grid Backbone

Lecture 2 What is an Off-Grid System and How Does It Work.

Lecture 3 Pros and Cons Of an Off-Grid System

Lecture 4 Electrical Power Concept

Lecture 5 Peak Sun Hour (PSH)

Section 3: Components Of Solar Off-Grid System

Lecture 6 Solar Cells

Lecture 7 The 3 Basic Types Of Solar Panels

Lecture 8 Shading and Shadows on Solar Panels

Lecture 9 Temperature and Wind Loading

Lecture 10 Types of Solar Panel Array Amounting

Lecture 11 How to Read Solar Panel Specification

Lecture 12 Combiner Box Real Experience Part 1

Lecture 13 Combiner Box Diagram Part 2

Lecture 14 Combiner Box Real Experience Part 3

Lecture 15 Charge Controller Part 1

Lecture 16 Charge Controller Part 2 ( Real Life Experience)

Lecture 17 Batteries Specifications

Lecture 18 Batteries Types

Lecture 19 Power Inverter

Lecture 20 Be Aware – This Is Vital

Section 4: Design & Sizing of Stand-alone Solar Power Systems

Lecture 21 System Sizing

Lecture 22 Sizing of the System Wiring

Lecture 23 Sizing of the Solar Array

Lecture 24 Sizing of the Battery Bank

Lecture 25 Sizing of the Charge Controller

Lecture 26 Sizing of the Inverter

People who have no experience with Solar Energy Off-Grid PV system.,This course is perfect for people who want to build a business from the solar energy system.,People who want to learn how actually the Solar Energy PV system works.

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Udemy | English | 1h 20m | 899.39 MB
Created by: Mohamed Lamaachi

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