Build an SAP Hybris Clustered Landscape

Building a Productive Landscape with SAP Hybris
Build an SAP Hybris Clustered Landscape
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Build an SAP Hybris Clustered Landscape

What you’ll learn

You will have an advanced understanding of how to set up and administrate an SAP Hybris landscape in production environments.
You will be able to perform a load test and conduct performance analysis on an SAP Hybris landscape.
You will understand the use of Wily Introscope and Dynatrace in the context of SAP Hybris monitoring.
You will be able to confidently talk about and present upon the basics of SAP Hybris landscape creation.

Build an SAP Hybris Clustered Landscape


You should have a basic understanding of SAP Hybris. It is recommended to take our free Introduction to SAP Hybris course on Udemy prior to taking this course.
You should be comfortable using terminal commands in Linux or similar. Advanced knowledge is not required as all steps are throughly explained.
You should have a basic understanding of networking in the context of computers.
SAP Hybris is a licensed product, as such if you wish to create your own landscape using the suite you will need a license for and access to the SAP Software Download Center.
This course can be completed without access to the SAP Hybris codebase


Creating a simple SAP Hybris Commerce landscape can be difficult for even the most seasoned SAP Systems Administrator. This course uses Google Cloud Platform to create a fully production ready SAP Hybris landscape from scratch. You will be taught everything from basic landscape design to implementing a performance and load test on the new environment.
You will create a two tier Hybris landscape with a cluster operated Master and Slave Hybris nodes. These will be linked to standalone Apache Solr instances all underlined with a MySQL back end.
Delivered by experienced SAP Hybris Engineers, the course assumes no prior knowledge of landscape design or SAP Hybris. We will teach you the basics of landscape design, SAP Hybris environment requirements and finish with the advanced best practice parameters and GoLive checklist to get you ready for your next implementation. As bonus content, we introduce you to the SAP recommended Wily Introscope to monitor the new landscape and create a load test with Apache JMeter, step by step.
Course Topics:
Landscape Overview – A complete picture of the landscape and implementation on Google Cloud Platform.Instance Set Up & Installation – Learn the skills to deploy and instrument the SAP Hybris and Apache Solr products.Monitor & Test – Create & conduct a basic load test with Apache JMeter and learn how to instrument the installation with Wily Introscope.Tune & Run – Configure the landscape for optimum performance with hints, tips and tricks from SAP Hybris Engineers.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Project Overview

Lecture 3 Project Lesson Plan

Lecture 4 Google Cloud Set Up

Lecture 5 MySQL Database & Apache Solr Installation

Lecture 6 SAP Hybris Configuration –

Lecture 7 SAP Hybris Configuration – Solr Impex

Lecture 8 SAP Hybris Installation

Lecture 9 SAP Hybris Cluster Configuration

Lecture 10 Wily Introscope – Installation & Configuration

Lecture 11 Dynatrace Implementation

Lecture 12 SAP Hybris Load & Performance Test with Apache JMeter

Lecture 13 SAP Hybris Go Live Checklist

Lecture 14 Bonus Lecture: SAP Hybris MasterClass

This course is designed for System Administrators & Developers, both new and established, in the SAP Hybris realm.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 39m | 942.43 MB
Created by: Colin Longworth

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