Build awesome web apps using Angular

Learn Angular from scratch. Your confidence level rises from 0 to 80% just in 5 hours.
Build awesome web apps using Angular
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Vinod Kumar Kayartaya


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Build awesome web apps using Angular

What you’ll learn

Create powerful web applications using Angular
Create Angular components, pipes, directives
Understand injectable services
Build and deploy an Angular application on the cloud platform

Build awesome web apps using Angular


Very basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
NO prior knowledge of Angular JS 1 or Angular 2/4/5/6 or TypeScript is required


The Angular framework is used to create scalable, enterprise, and performant client-side web applications. It provides an ecosystem for development of client-side web applications. The ecosystem for development may include external tools or libraries as well. The ecosystem process includes project bootstrapping, development operations/tools, testing, and build support.One of the best features of Angular framework is that it is quite flexible when it comes to usage of external libraries apart from the scalability it provides. With Angular framework adoption being high, performance management of the application is community driven indirectly driving better job opportunities. The Angular Certification Training aims at covering all these new concepts around Enterprise Application Development.All the best!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to this course

Lecture 2 What you are expected to know

Lecture 3 Required software setup

Lecture 4 How to use the examples?

Lecture 5 What is Angular?

Section 2: Creating a new Angular app

Lecture 6 Creating our first app using Angular CLI

Lecture 7 Creating an Angular app from the scratch

Section 3: Introducing Components

Lecture 8 Overview of an Angular Component

Lecture 9 Using Angular CLI to generate new component

Lecture 10 Demo – Click Counter app

Section 4: Angular directives

Lecture 11 Overview

Lecture 12 Demo – ngForOf, ngIf, ngStyle and ngClass

Lecture 13 Assignment – Change the background color of a block

Lecture 14 Demo – ngSwitch

Lecture 15 Demo – Custom directive

Section 5: Creating the Phonebook App

Lecture 16 Creating the basic structure of our Phonebook App

Lecture 17 Creating the ContactDetailsComponent to show a contact information

Section 6: Pipes for transforming model data

Lecture 18 Introduction to pipes and creating a custom pipe

Lecture 19 Creating a custom pipe to display the age from birth date

Lecture 20 Assignment – Create custom pipes for padding a string with some characters

Section 7: The service layer in Angular

Lecture 21 Creating the ContactsService injectable class

Lecture 22 Setting up the /contacts REST endpoint

Lecture 23 Consuming the REST endpoint in our service

Lecture 24 Writing CRUD operations in the ContactsService injectable

Lecture 25 Displaying the list of all contacts using NgForOf directive

Section 8: Routing and SPA (Single Page Applications)

Lecture 26 Route configuration and changing views

Lecture 27 Accessing the route parameters in ContactListComponent

Lecture 28 Deleting a contact

Section 9: Working with forms in Angular

Lecture 29 Template-driven vs Model-driven (Reactive) forms

Lecture 30 Working with a template-driven form for adding new contacts

Lecture 31 Validating user inputs in a template-driven form

Lecture 32 Editing a contact using reactive form

Lecture 33 Validating user inputs in a reactive form

Section 10: Miscellaneous

Lecture 34 Integrating jQuery (for pagination on scroll)

Lecture 35 Using SweetAlert for beautiful dialog boxes

Lecture 36 Building and deploying

Section 11: Advanced topics

Lecture 37 JIT and AOT Compilation

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 38 Thank you

Lecture 39 Bonus lecture

Beginner to intermediate JavaScript and Web developers,Developers migrating from old Angular JS 1.x to all new Angular

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 3.61 GB
Created by: Vinod Kumar Kayartaya

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