Build Kids Amazon KDP Book with AI Earn More Passive Money

Create Amazing Children’s Books for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing with ChatGPT, Midjourney, SudoWrite, BlueWillow, etc
Build Kids Amazon KDP Book with AI Earn More Passive Money
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Build Kids Amazon KDP Book with AI Earn More Passive Money

What you’ll learn

Creating New Amazon KDP Account, Undertanding Amazon KDP Dashboard, Reports, Payment Structure and Best Practises.
How To Identify Your Personal and Financial Goals via Creating Children’s Amazon KDP Books With Help of AI Tools ChatGPT, Midjourney, BlueWillow and Sudowrite
How To Select The Right Size & Layout For Amazon KDP Book. Formating Interior & Making Cover With Canva/ Kittl/ Affinity
Outline Story Based on Own Ideas, Niche Research, Keyword Research, Category Research and Analytics.
How to Use Research to Create Kid’s Stories for Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, Kobo with ChatGPT and Sudowrite
Creating Appropriate Illustrations with Use of Proper Prompts in Midjourney, BlueWillow and Playground AI
Undertand How To Use ChatGPT for Amazon KDP Kid’s/Children Books
Understand How to Use Midjourney, BlueWillow and Playground AI. Undertand What are the current strengths of these AI.
How to Write Description and Hook.
How to Publish the Book on Amazon KDP platform.
Introduction to Promotion Methods Available on Amazon KDP

Build Kids Amazon KDP Book with AI Earn More Passive Money


Intention to Earn More Income
Intention to Create Storybooks Children and Parents Will Love
Tablet or Computer with Internet Access
Intention to Learn More


Are you interested in starting an online business selling on Amazon, but unsure where to begin? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful self-published author, but don’t know how to write or design a book? Are you interested in creating a profitable online business by writing children’s books and selling them on Amazon? Do you want to learn how to utilize the power of artificial intelligence to make the process easier and more efficient? Do you want to work from anywhere? Save on rent or become a digital nomad?Then this course is perfect for you! Look no further than our course “Build Kids Amazon KDP Book with AI & Earn More Passive Money”!In this course, you will learn how to create high-quality children’s books using AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, SudoWrite, BlueWillow, and more. You will also learn how to publish your books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).Whether you’re an experienced writer looking to explore a new source of income, or a complete beginner who has never written a book before, this course is designed for you.Whether you’re a freelance writer, blogger, storyteller, or just someone who loves creative writing, this course will teach you everything you need to know to start your own home business and earn passive income.With step-by-step guidance and practical exercises, you will gain the confidence and skills you need to write, publish, and sell high-quality KDP kids’ books on a daily basis.Earn more passive income and achieve financial freedom.*Multiple Printable Resources given so that you can have quick go to material. ** All course related questions will be answered in 24 hours.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 10 Step Plan

Lecture 3 What will you learn in this course?

Lecture 4 What is passive income?

Lecture 5 Who is it for?

Lecture 6 What is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) ?

Lecture 7 What are the benefits of publishing with KDP?

Lecture 8 What other other platforms are there to publish?


Lecture 9 Personal Goals.

Lecture 10 Financial Goals.

Lecture 11 Your Goals

Section 3: Creating KDP Account

Lecture 12 What are the initial steps?

Lecture 13 What details do you need?

Lecture 14 What to do for payments if you are not a US citizen?

Section 4: Let Us Learn More About Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform

Lecture 15 KDP Dashboard

Lecture 16 Amazon KDP Book Formats

Lecture 17 Amazon KDP Trim Sizes

Lecture 18 Commonly used book size for kids books on Amazon KDP

Lecture 19 Types of Children’s Books We Can Make on KDP

Section 5: Who is Your Reader & Buyer?

Lecture 20 Who is your reader?

Lecture 21 Who is your Buyer?

Section 6: Our Best Friends

Lecture 22 Our Best friends : Apps for keywords

Section 7: Best Seller Rank

Lecture 23 What is Best Seller Rank? BSR

Lecture 24 How to understand BSR and earning portential?

Section 8: Niche and Keywords.

Lecture 25 How to carry out keyword research?

Section 9: Categories

Lecture 26 How to select the right category?

Section 10: Two ways to fit your story

Lecture 27 When you have a story in mind

Lecture 28 When you will make up a story according to the niche.

Section 11: How to write a story with the help of AI?

Lecture 29 What is ChatGPT

Lecture 30 How to make an account in ChatGPT?

Lecture 31 What is Sudowrite?

Lecture 32 How to make an account in SudoWrite?

Lecture 33 Let us write a story

Lecture 34 Plagiarism check

Lecture 35 Tone Check

Lecture 36 Cohesiveness check

Lecture 37 Check whether it fits your reader and buyer persona

Section 12: Creating Discord Account

Lecture 38 How to create a Discord Account?

Lecture 39 How to join the discord servers?

Lecture 40 How to invite the bots to DM and basic working of prompt for AI art generators

Section 13: Create illustrations / art for your book.

Lecture 41 What are different art styles used in children’s books?

Lecture 42 Create art using AI art generators

Lecture 43 How to enhance the images?

Section 14: Book Layout

Lecture 44 Parts of the interior of the book.

Lecture 45 Understanding the number of pages.

Lecture 46 Different layout of childrens books.

Lecture 47 Selection of book size : Book size Calculators

Section 15: Book Cover

Lecture 48 Differences in eBook Cover and Print Cover.

Lecture 49 Create account in canva & create a cover

Lecture 50 How to create an account in Kittl & text styles

Section 16: Ready to Publish

Lecture 51 How to create a hook? Create a hook with ChatGPT

Lecture 52 How to create a description? Create description with ChatGPT

Lecture 53 Title and Subtitle for the book. Create title and subtitle with ChatGPT

Lecture 54 Copyright with ChatGPT

Lecture 55 Interior pekaboo

Lecture 56 Final book interior and cover to upload for paperback

Lecture 57 Uploading files for Paperback and Pricing

Lecture 58 Publish Paperback & Setup eBook

Lecture 59 How to make a KPF format for picture ebooks

Lecture 60 Make eBook Cover & Publish eBook

Section 17: Improve your listing

Lecture 61 What happens after publishing?

Lecture 62 Various ways of promotions available on Amazon KDP

Lecture 63 Brief introduction to A+ content

Beginners to Utilizing Amazon KDP platform to generate Passive Income,Starting Their Journey To Earning Passive Income,Who Want To Tell Their Stories But Never Had the Support of Writing Services and Money to Hire Professional Illustrators,Understand Innumerable Opportunities That AI Has Brought In At Your Finger Tips,Earn Better Lifestyle via Earning More Money. Have More Freedom To Do Things That You Love

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Udemy | English | 4h 33m | 2.94 GB
Created by: Apurva C

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