Build Microservices with Spring Boot REST MySQL

MicroServices: Learn and create application from scratch to get exposure to industrial real time applications
Build Microservices with Spring Boot REST MySQL
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Build Microservices with Spring Boot REST MySQL

What you’ll learn

Develop a Real World Microservices application with Spring Boot, REST & MySQL
Students have landed jobs with the skills from this course. Spring boot developers are in high demand.
You can type the code along with me while watching the videos. I explain every bit of code to help you learn.
Microservices is a must skill nowadays for every developer. So, with this course you will learn Microservices practically.

Build Microservices with Spring Boot REST MySQL


Basic Java knowledge is required
Basic Spring knowledge is required
Basic SQL knowledge is helpful
Basic REST knowledge is helpful


As we all know MicroServices is a scorching topic these days and there are a lot of job openings in this field too and so does the competition. You will see a lot of courses on Udemy where everyone has nicely explained what MicroServices is and how it helps a developer, which may help you crack the technical interview while job hunting.But, after you get into the organization, you have to be ready to code which you will only gain after doing a lot of practicals on MicroServices. So, here I am with one of the best real-time applications to get you ready to have some exposure to the real technical world.In this course, we are going to create 4 MicroServices applications from scratch using Spring Boot, REST, and MySQL. All these microservices will be communicating with each other.Movie MicroServiceGenre MicroServiceAPI GatewayService DiscoveryHere, we will have two main microservices which will impersonate a very basic example of IMDB app/website. Movie MicroServiceGenre MicroServiceThese two services will have their own database and both these microservices will be communicating with each other to get the data.This course will really help you to gain exposure to what real-time applications look like.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Demo of the application that we are going to create in this course

Lecture 2 What are we going to cover in this course?

Section 2: Prerequisite Installation

Lecture 3 Download and Install Java

Lecture 4 Download and Install MySQL WorkBench

Lecture 5 Download and Install Eclipse IDE

Lecture 6 Download and Install Postman

Section 3: Brief about Microservices Architecture

Lecture 7 What is Microservices Architecture?

Lecture 8 What is Monolithic Architecture?

Lecture 9 Demonstration of Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture

Lecture 10 Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture

Section 4: Project Use Case

Lecture 11 Use case of the Project/Application

Section 5: API Gateway

Lecture 12 What is API Gateway?

Lecture 13 [Theory] What is API Gateway?

Section 6: Service Discovery

Lecture 14 What is Service Discovery?

Lecture 15 [Theory] What is Service Discovery?

Section 7: Database and Tables Creation

Lecture 16 Create Databases and Tables for Movie and Genre Micro Services

Lecture 17 Add Data to Tables

Section 8: Movie MicroService Project

Lecture 18 Generate Project and Import it to Eclipse

Lecture 19 Create Movie POJO Class

Lecture 20 Update Application Properties

Lecture 21 DAO Layer and its implementation

Lecture 22 Service Layer and its implementation

Lecture 23 Controller Class Implementation

Lecture 24 Run Movie MicroService Application

Section 9: Genre MicroService Project

Lecture 25 Generate Project and Import it to Eclipse

Lecture 26 Create Genre and Movie POJO classes

Lecture 27 DAO Layer and its implementation

Lecture 28 Service Layer and its implementation

Lecture 29 Controller Class Implementation

Lecture 30 Application Properties Changes

Lecture 31 Run Genre MicroService Application

Section 10: API Gateway Project

Lecture 32 Create API Gateway MicroService Project

Section 11: Service Discovery Project

Lecture 33 Create Service Discovery Service

Lecture 34 Make Our Services Live

Section 12: Communication between MicroServices

Lecture 35 Communication between Genre and Movie MicroService

Section 13: Summary

Lecture 36 Summary of the Project

Section 14: Conclusion

Lecture 37 What can we do now in this project?

Lecture 38 Congratulations!!

Lecture 39 Project Repository Link

The course is appropriate for all Java developers: beginners to advanced

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 1m | 1.06 GB
Created by: Prashant Sharma

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