Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python

Learn Basics to Advanced Django REST Framework by building IMDB API Clone (JWT, Token, Throttling, Pagination, Testing)
Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python
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Shubham Sarda


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Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python

What you’ll learn

Understand about REST API from Basics
In-depth Django Rest Framework knowledge through Official Documentation
Implement CRUD operations
Build IMDB API Clone
How to use Browsable API as well as Postman
Learn advanced concepts like Permissions, Throttling, Pagination
Work with Django Filter Backend (Filtering, Searching, Ordering)
Understand authentication in DRF including Token as well as JWT
Automated API Testing
Build the backend for your web and mobile apps

Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python


Basic Knowledge of Python and Django


Welcome to Django Rest Framework Masterclass, One single course to start your DRF journey as a beginner step-by-step. This course touches on each and every important topic through concept explanation, documentation, and implementation. The entire course is designed for beginners with one goal in mind, to build powerful REST APIs using Python and Django.Throughout the course, we will explore the most important Django Rest Framework topics step-by-step:1. API Basics2. Serializers- Serializers- ModelSerializer- HyperlinkedModelSerializer3. Function-Based4. Class-Based Views- APIView- Generic Views- Mixins- Concrete View Classes5. Viewsets and Routers6. Permissions- IsAuthenticated- IsAdminUser- IsAuthenticatedOrReadOnly- Custom Permission7. Authentications- BasicAuthentication- TokenAuthentication- JSON Web Token Authentication8. Throttling- AnonRateThrottle- UserRateThrottle- ScopedRateThrottle- Custom Throttles9. Django Filter Backend- Filtering- Searching- Ordering10. Pagination- Page Number- Limit Offset- Cursor11. Automated API Testing——————Why this course?Complete course is focused on the concept learning approach, you learn every concept through a logical and visual learning approach. Learn all important concepts in the simplest possible way with examples and real-life project. You just need basic Python and Django knowledge, we will cover everything step-by-step from scratch.——————After completing this course you will be ready to work as an Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will be ready to divide deep with future practice and hard level question of DRF. Enroll now, I will make sure you learn best about Django Rest Framework.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Welcome – Lets Get Started!

Section 2: Basic API Concepts – Theory

Lecture 3 Understanding API

Lecture 4 Understanding REST API

Section 3: API With Django

Lecture 5 Basic Django Setup

Lecture 6 Installation

Lecture 7 Models and Migrations

Lecture 8 Creating JSON Response – All Elements

Lecture 9 Creating JSON Response – Individual Elements

Lecture 10 Code Source – Github

Section 4: Django REST Framework

Lecture 11 DRF Introduction

Lecture 12 DRF Project Source Code – Github

Section 5: Views and Serializers

Lecture 13 Serializers – GET Request

Lecture 14 Serializers  – POST, PUT, DELETE Request

Lecture 15 Status Codes

Lecture 16 APIView Class

Lecture 17 Validation

Lecture 18 Serializer Fields and Core Arguments

Lecture 19 Model Serializer

Lecture 20 Custom Serializer Fields

Lecture 21 Updating Models

Lecture 22 Django Relationships

Lecture 23 Nested Serializers

Lecture 24 Serializer Relations

Lecture 25 HyperLinked Model Serializer

Lecture 26 Serializer Relations

Lecture 27 GenericAPIView and Mixins

Lecture 28 URL Structure

Lecture 29 Concrete View Classes

Lecture 30 Overwrite Queryset

Lecture 31 Viewsets and Routers

Lecture 32 ModelViewSets

Section 6: Postman and Project Update

Lecture 33 Postman

Lecture 34 User Model

Lecture 35 Temporary Login and Logout

Section 7: Permissions

Lecture 36 Introduction to Permissions

Lecture 37 Custom Permissions

Lecture 38 Custom Calculation

Section 8: Authentication

Lecture 39 Introduction to Authentications

Section 9: Basic Authentication

Lecture 40 Basic Authentication

Section 10: Token Authentication

Lecture 41 Token Authentication – Part 1

Lecture 42 Token Authentication – Part 2

Lecture 43 Token Authentication – Part 3 (Login)

Lecture 44 Token Authentication – Part 4 (Registration)

Lecture 45 Token Authentication – Part 5 (Registration)

Lecture 46 Token Authentication – Part 6 (Logout)

Section 11: Manual Testing Entire Project

Lecture 47 Manual Testing Entire Project – Part 1

Lecture 48 Manual Testing Entire Project – Part 2

Section 12: JWT Authentication

Lecture 49 JWT Authentication – Access Token and Refresh Token

Lecture 50 JWT Authentication – Login

Lecture 51 JWT Authentication – Registration

Section 13: Throttling

Lecture 52 Throttling Introduction

Lecture 53 Throttle Rate (Anon and User)

Lecture 54 Throttle Rate (Custom and Scope)

Section 14: Filtering, Searching, Ordering

Lecture 55 Filtering Introduction

Lecture 56 Filter, Search, Ordering

Lecture 57 Project Update

Section 15: Pagination

Lecture 58 Pagination Part 1 – PageNumber

Lecture 59 Pagination Part 2 – LimitOffset

Lecture 60 Pagination Part 2 – Cursor

Lecture 61 Browsable API Update

Section 16: Automated API Testing

Lecture 62 API Testing – Registration

Lecture 63 API Testing – Login and Logout

Lecture 64 API Testing – StreamPlatform

Lecture 65 API Testing – WatchList

Lecture 66 API Testing – ReviewTestCase

Lecture 67 API Testing – UserTestCase

Lecture 68 Test Driven Development – TDD

Lecture 69 Project Completed

Section 17: Project Code Source

Lecture 70 Project Code Source – Github

Section 18: Optional – Code Cleanup

Lecture 71 Optional – Code Cleanup

Lecture 72 Project Code Source – Github

Section 19: Thank You For Being Here!

Lecture 73 Thank You For Being Here!

Section 20: Bonus – What’s Next?

Lecture 74 Bonus – What’s Next?

Django Developers Who Want To Learn About API Building

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 58m | 8.21 GB
Created by: Shubham Sarda

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