Build VMware vSphere LAB VCP Home Lab by VMware Workstation

You will learn Virtualization Basics | How to install ESXi 7 | How to deploy vCenter Server 7 for VCP Course or EXAM
Build VMware vSphere LAB VCP Home Lab by VMware Workstation
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Build VMware vSphere LAB VCP Home Lab by VMware Workstation

What you’ll learn

Create a vSphere 7 home lab on a computer using VMware Workstation 15.5
Install and Configure VMware ESXi and vCenter Server
Create Virtual Machine

Build VMware vSphere LAB VCP Home Lab by VMware Workstation


Basics of VMware vSphere


This VMware lab setup for home course will walk you through the process of creating a VMware vSphere 7 lab on your home computer step-by-step. You’ll learn how to use VMware Workstation 15.5 or 16, and will create multiple virtual machines.System requirement for this course: I7 CPU and 32 GB memory and 200GB free spaceIn this course we’ll give you an overview of VMware, discussing how to setup VMware vSphere, including ESXi and vCenter. We’ll also talk about how you can start setting up and building your own VM’s!*** if you have any questions or need help you can contact me over my LinkedIn ***When you are done you will have a completely functional VMware vSphere LAB environment, complete with a domain controller, virtual NAS device, and multiple ESXi hosts. You will also have vCenter deployed and will be able to launch the vSphere Client and manage your environment.The vSphere lab setup for home course is about 2 hour in length, but if you are following along at home the process to completely build your Home Lab should take about four/five hours.Virtualization and cloud computing are the future of our IT infrastructure. It’s important for system administrators who want to succeed to have a strong foundation in virtualization technologies, particularly in the popular virtual environment VMware vSphere, including the ESXi hypervisor and vCenter Server. With VMware vSphere LAB, you can create virtual machines that bypass the need for additional expensive hardware and provide features not available on a physical system a perfect setup for exploring new technologies and setting up test environments. This course teaches the basics of installing, configuring, and maintaining VMware vSphere LAB, including installation of the ESXi hypervisor and vCenter Server. Following lab creation, this course introduces the core components of vSphere (ESXi and vCenter) and shows how to configure storage and networking.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Learning Path for vSphere 7

Lecture 2 Who’s the Intended Audience

Lecture 3 What is Virtual Machine and Hypervisor

Lecture 4 vCenter Role

Lecture 5 Don’t reject this video!!!

Section 2: Installation Files (direct link)

Lecture 6 Installation Files

Section 3: Install and Configure ESXi

Lecture 7 Virtualization System Requirements

Lecture 8 What do we need to start this course?

Lecture 9 Download VMware Workstation

Lecture 10 Install VMware Workstation

Lecture 11 Download ESXi and vCenter Server

Lecture 12 How to boot a VM from USB in VMware Workstation

Lecture 13 Configure ESXi part1

Lecture 14 Configure ESXi part2

Lecture 15 Connect to ESXi with browser

Lecture 16 ESXi Settings

Lecture 17 Create a Datastore in ESXi

Lecture 18 Upload a Windows ISO file to an ESXi

Lecture 19 Install a Virtual Machine in ESXi

Lecture 20 Connect to an ESXi with VMware Workstation

Section 4: Install & deploy vCenter Server & Configuration

Lecture 21 Why Do we need Active Directory

Lecture 22 Prepare Active Directory Windows 2019

Lecture 23 Create virtual machine template for VMware Workstation

Lecture 24 Install Active Directory Role

Lecture 25 Creating DNS Record for vCenter

Lecture 26 Deploy & install vCenter Appliance

Lecture 27 Adding ESXi to VC

Section 5: Bonus

Lecture 28 Bonus Lecture

Anyone preparing for the VMware Certified Professional or Foundation,Virtualization New User,Network Admin,University Student

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Created by: Ali M

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